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Looking to build good quality websites? Look no further
Web Developer (Former Employee) –  Burlington, ON18 January 2017
Cubicle Fugitive was an awesome employer to work for. Had I not been a Junior Developer looking to try out as many different technologies as possible, I likely would have stayed there. They have an awesome team of designers and developers, very understanding of any limitations you may have and help you work through them and improve upon them. They foster a great work environment, and part of me kind of wishes I had never left.
Great team environment and team building events.
For me it just came down to my own aspirations. I have nothing negative to say about these guys.
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Job Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Job Culture
Potential to be so much more!
Senior Web Designer (Former Employee) –  Burlington, Ontario31 March 2014
I was torn writing this review because the owners are quite nice however I feel that in the best interest of other members in the design community I felt it necessary to inform them of my impression/views of how I feel this company operates so you know what your getting into.

So let's begin...

The owners are nice, warm and friendly... however this is also their downfall which I feel blinds them from making the right decisions when it comes to inner office conflict.

You see, the owners staff consists of friends they've had for a long time and I was the first outsider they hired so I know for a fact they will know who wrote this review.

When an issue arose between one of their friends/employee who was acting less than professional towards me, I felt as though the owner made excuses for his behavior (which she openly admitted to me she knew there was a problem with his attitude), and rather than addressing the issue and trying to work it out... they fired me instead.

I've never been fired from anywhere in my life because I am a terribly hard worker and have a strong work ethic, so this came as a complete shock to me. However the professional that I am didn't make a scene, handed in my keys, and left. What else could I do or say. It was completely awkward! I did however appreciate that they did this in an empty office and not in front of anyone.

Then to add salt to the wound, not only did they fire me with no explanation, they said "If you ever need a reference we would be more than happy to be one for you." Are you kidding me? Um, no thanks!

I would say
  more... only 1 of their employees was actually a superstar in my opinion who had so much ambition to excel in her field and she will. She was professional, friendly, and didn't participate in the inappropriate gossip which circulated in the office. She genuinely tried to make me feel part of their team and we occasionally went for lunch together. She always made the effort to include me. More so than anyone else.

My first few days after being hired consisted of listening to them making fun of other people who have applied for their job... wow that's not professional at all.

On occasion, I had to listen to inappropriate teasing from one member of their team (I won't go into details) to another (mind you they are friends and I guess this is how they always joke) however I would have preferred them keeping that out of the workplace. Eventually I think the owner caught on that this was unacceptable because the behavior stopped after a while.

Another issue I ran into was how they promote work life balance. Well I learned... not so much! It may seem like it at first that their schedule they present you is glamorous. I know because I thought so too. You work in the office for 3 days and work at home for 2. That was awesome considering I was traveling back and forth from Toronto.

Without trying to get into too much detail because its a long story; one of the work from home days was switched by another employee due to weather. I wasn't able to make the switch due to a prior engagement (work life balance right... wrong!) I ended up being harassed by emails until 12:30am in the morning and more emails were waiting when I woke up. Not cool! When other members needed flexibility they got it, when I needed flexibility I was denied. Work Live Balance = Zero!

In their job description they state they are looking for people that can get along with other people... what they should be looking for is people who are able to get a long with people who have no interest in getting along with you.

I had 1 major issue with one of their employees with who during my interview seemed uninterested in anything I had to say. He was withdrawn, hardly spoke, and although is an excellent Graphic Designer, he lacks the basic principals behind web design. He designs based on feelings, and what he knows for print, however if you try to educate him on anything that has to do with web and UI/UX design you will be told your wrong. I should have listened to my red flags during the interview.

So professionals... beware!

Everything you've learned about the web, throw it out the window because none of it will matter here.

I felt completely frustrated working here because there were too many hands in the pot making decisions. You can expect to spend more time trying to please everyone since there is no communication what so ever! This has really got to change.

For a company that represents the types of clients that they do, I am shocked that they have the kinds of problems that they have. I would have never for a minute guessed it would be like it was. I definitely expected more from this company and would have never took the job knowing that there was this much chaos!

Now that my cons are out, I will end on a positive note.

The owners took me out for a company lunch to welcome me to the team. I felt that this was an extremely nice thing to do. They really took the time to ask questions and try to get to know me. No other company I've worked for had done this so I thought that this was pretty special and a great way to welcome someone to their team. I felt like I wasn't a number, but a person they were adding to their family.

During Christmas they took the me and the rest of their team and treated us out to lunch at the Keg and a movie. Then to add more to the spirit of Christmas, they gave me a really nice Christmas bonus. Again something that was not expected considering I was only there a few months at this time. It was extremely generous and really made me want to try and work the issues I was having, however it didn't quite work out that way.

This is why I was torn to write this review. They can be really nice, and I feel that their hearts are always in the right place. However I also feel that their hearts get in the way of doing what's right by their business. I know they are dedicated to their friends but when running a company you need to focus on that first and friends second. Especially when you hire professionals outside your social circle.

My future outlook for this company is really dependent on how they adjust to the growing pains of expansion. If successful, they have the drive and determination to succeed. However they really need help in the PR/HR area, project management, behavior management ( such as how they deal with inner office conflict resolution ). If they can over come their weaknesses, this company does have that long term potential to be a force to be reckoned with. The owners know their clients and know them well. They are a wealth of information, have the work ethic required to be a major player. Despite our professional differences, I really hope this company succeeds.
Management is ok, most employees are good, modern equiptment, clean office, very close net unit
Poor communication, Favortism, Unorganized, lacks long term directives.
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