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Why did you leave your job at Concentrix?

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  • They discriminated against my female black friend because of a competition brand she worked for prior called SP data concentric is evil and discriminatory

  • Made an online comment suggesting something might be inappropriate about a race. (Note: this race is part of my family) Made further reply that yes it's a horrible idea, not one that I condone, but historically it's happened before. Someone didn't like this idea, looked online hard enough (face it, was embarrassed to work for this company) to find one business site that had my name/employer. Contacted with this, they immediately erased had my work-at-home computer and fired me. There was no, let's bring you in and have a discussion. You're fired. This happened to male worker I knew who didn't do what a female co-worker wanted, so she pulled the harassment card out and had him fired. ...later they rehired him. They want to be seen as an upstanding and unprejudiced employer, but truth being told, they are ethically corrupt and only do it because they do a wonderful job of exploiting any marginalized group for their own profits. There a pile of great people of different races, religions, gender-orientation, etc that have been underpaid for what they're worth for years there.

  • Depressing workplace, malevolent and lazy management, terrible training, abusive calls ALL day with no time to decompress. You need to constantly report to people where you are. They track you throughout the building. The communication is terrible and the breaks are a joke.

  • Management = Small minds / big rules

  • I left because I was spiralling into depression working at this awful place. I was being yelled at on the phone and criticized to my face every day. I was on terrible hours that I couldn’t change. I couldn’t even take a sick day unless I went against the employers no and got into a load of it.

  • No option for day shifts without doctors drama, no culture, pulled 15 minute break to UNpaid after minimum wage went up, pulled sick days this year, did not pay me correctly a lot, and they add extra hours all the time without our consent. No culture. Very boring environment that goes without saying, depressing, and facility not maintained and computers die all the time and they are never fixed..NF.

  • Many reasons, to list a few;

    Undertrained with high skill expectations: can be a technical support advisor in 4 weeks while learning nothing about it, the only real requirement is you past a mid-term and exam with an 80%

    Shift Bids: They get you to fill out your availability but discard it entirely unless you have basically the best marks in your building, vacation works the same way you have to bid on every week if the year by giving it a number of when you most want to least and they decide afterwards what you will get, also if something really important comes up and you ask to take even just 1 vacation day off or to take the day you most likely will be told no

    Bathroom Breaks: You have to record the time you leave your desk and the time you return to use the bathroom and e-mail that information to 2 separate people, and you only get payed for 15 minutes of bathroom time.tbh this is one of the ones that boggled my mind

    Submitting your own punches/Schedules: For some reason they make you check and submit your own time cards and if there is changes you are expected to see them and if you don’t it could lead to a warning

    Family issues: If something happens where you have family issues that keep you out any more then 3 days or even if you just get really sick you will get a verbal warning more then 4 days written etc...

    Stressful people/No time to decompress: You can take as long as you want on calls where I am but you have 20s between when one ends and another begins, you are also expected to log all the information from your call which can even be for 2+ hours in 60s

    Home Time: If you are at the end of the day and you finish up your call even 1 minute before your shift ends, it is expected that you make yourself available for another call even if it keeps you an hour past when the center itself closes.

    Not a good experience for me and I will not be going back again.

  • Worst place I have ever worked!!! Niagara’s locations really needs to look at who they have has TL’s Certain ones are verbally abusing to their team members . Terrible place

  • HORRID workplace

  • I left because there is no respect for employees, if they did not add the 2 dollar/h for bilingual, they miss hours on payroll. 2 in 6 TL are great but they don't read email unless it's an exception. Pay is too low for the task we have to do( we have to be yelled at by a customer) Not really clean, there are dust everywhere and disgusting washrooms. No advancement in salary, No paid vacation.

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  1. Why did you leave your job at Concentrix?