Complete Merchandising Solutions
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About Complete Merchandising Solutions

Complete Merchandising Solutions is a leading national merchandising company that specializes in merchandising live goods / plants. The CMS team currently services big box retailers by merchandising plants in their indoor and outdoor garden centres. The CMS team is highly aware of the power of merchandising and it’s correlation to impulse buying and – 

Employment at CMS

CMS offers a wide range of opportunities ranging from seasonal, part-time and full-time positions.

Benefits of Working at CMS

- Flexible schedule - Stay active - Learn about merchandising - Travel time and mileage compensated between stores - Opportunities for growth

Love Where you Work!

"I consider this one of my dream jobs. I get to play with plants and help people plan their gardens."

CMS Merchandising

By ensuring our plant displays are clean and tidy, we ensure plants live to their full potential, and get the nutrients they need. The CMS team is highly aware of the power of merchandising and its correlation to sales. The team uses this knowledge to accomplish their goal of maximizing client's sales potential. To executive this, we use hands-on, innovative visual merchandising techniques to create clean, attractive and desirable displays.