Communications Security Establishment
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About Communications Security Establishment

Communications Security Establishment (CSE) is Canada's national cryptologic agency. Unique within Canada's security and intelligence community, we employ code-makers, codebreakers, and secure system creators to provide the Government of Canada with foreign signals intelligence (SIGINT), as well as cyber security services (Canadian Center for Cyber – 
L’édifice Edward-Drake, OttawaL’édifice Edward-Drake, OttawaL’édifice Edward-Drake, OttawaL’édifice Edward-Drake, Ottawa
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Help Keep Canada Safe

Cyber Threats

Cyber threats — including foreign states, hacktivists, criminals, enthusiasts, and terrorists — continually probe government systems, looking for vulnerabilities in order to gain access to a computer. The Communications Security Establishment (CSE) works to detect those attempts, block them and repair any damage. We make sure the government’s networks are among the most secure in the world. It is CSE's responsibility to safeguard Canada by collecting foreign signals intelligence, and by protecting the information of greatest importance to Canada. We have some of the most powerful computing technology in the country to do so. But the threat environment is constantly evolving. To continue protecting Canada and Canadians, we need your help. We strongly encourage applicants from across the country to apply now.

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