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We are looking for men and women of action who are stimulated by challenges and the opportunity to surpass themselves. Join a responsible and innovative company. Apply now and #Revealyourpotential in one of our 90 units.

Our Values

At Cascades, our core values, shared by the great family of Cascadeurs and lived on a daily basis, make us a source of possibilities.

Our Sustainable DNA

Cascades’ mission is to “contribute to the well-being of people, communities and the planet.”

To manifest this commitment and continuously improve, the company created a sustainable development plan with ten ambitious goals for 2016–2020.

Empowered Employees

Cascades pays particular attention to nurturing its most valuable asset: its people.

Find out how Cascades’ values and practices meet the personal and professional expectations of its employees.

Life at Cascades

Working for Cascades means achieving your potential in a people-centred company that has demonstrated its commitment for over half a century.

Learn more about our company, which each day undertakes to provide sustainable and innovative solutions that create value.

We Are Cascades

Cascades is first and foremost a story about family: the one we have written with our 12,000 Cascaders.

Through these heartfelt testimonials, learn about Cascades’ values, philosophy and unique management model, which make it a people-centred company with a rich past and a bright future.

About Cascades

Source of possibilities since 1964.
At Cascades, we believe that everyone can make a difference and contribute to the well-being of people, our communities and our planet by introducing sustainable, innovative solutions that create value. Our role is to reveal the full potential of materials, people and ideas.

We employ 12,000 employees, who work
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404, Marie-Victorin Blvd.
Kingsey Falls, Québec,
Canada J0A 1B0
$1bn to $5bn (CAD)
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