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What’s the worst part about working for Carea Community Health Centre?

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The worst part about working at Carea is dealing with the bitterness and negativity from the people I work with. Comments are heard throughout the halls about the people running this smear campaign. Not trying to hide the fact that I am hiding at all. This is being written by someone who is absolutely not in management or leadership. It is being written by a front line worker who really believes that if people think it is that bad at Carea, they should leave because they are no doubt adding to the negativity and toxicity. I would think it prudent for the people who hate working at Carea to ask themselves why they stay. Think of what you are doing to your mind and body coming to a place you hate so much day in and day out! Why don't the people writing the "nasty vitriol' turn that high powered perception on themselves? This is how "smart" and unaware the people spreading the negativity are.
Do yourselves and everyone at Carea who likes their job a favour and recognize how counter productive your statements are and just leave.

The worst part about working for Carea Community Health Centre is the nasty vitriol of the 'leadership' directed towards the honest, hard-working employees of the company. Even though it was been said, "This is not a masquerade ball," this has not stopped 'leadership' from donning the mask of the fictional happy employee to criticize the REAL employees of this place who are far from happy - and continuing to tell us to "LEAVE". This is a miserable place to work, and they are angry at everyone else because they cannot admit that they are the cause for the misery of this place - that would be too real and too honest for them to handle. They couldn't handle being honest with themselves if the honest truth hit them smack in the face - and the proof is right here. So they keep their masks on instead. And the masquerade continues.

When you read the disclaimer, "I am not a Manager and I am not a Director," you can be sure that it is! Yep, that's how smart they are - they can't even hide their hiding! Who's playing "keyboard warrior" now?

I have worked at Carea f\or a few years now. I really have been encouraged by my Manager and Director to grow my skills....the worst part about working here? The people I work with not taking responsibility for their negative attitudes and not realizing that it might be time for them to move onto their next challenge and ruining things for the rest of us who like it here with THEIR toxicity and spouting union propaganda. Our 'union' that continues to underwhelm! I am not a manager and I am not a director.
Please, if you are as talented as you think you are, LEAVE. You should have no trouble finding another job to spread your bitter, rotten attitude at.

This is a good place to be and it is on the way to being a great place to be. Stop being selfish and ruining things for the people you work with. That is shameful and pathetic.

The worst part about working here is being told by the leadership that if we don't enjoy our toxic working conditions, then we should LEAVE. According to them, if you're unhappy at Carea, then it must be YOUR fault for being unhappy because you need to change your attitude. In other words, they demand that you put a smile on your face while you swallow their toxicity!! They spread the negativity and then blame us for speaking out against it. This is a company that does not listen to their employees, does not respond effectively to feedback, and does not even try to collaboratively make this a better place to work. They turn the tables and blame those they have made sick from their toxicity for being sick. Talk about blaming the victim! Shame!!

The worst part about working at Carea? The people I work with that are bitter, jaded and that don't want to be part of the solution. I am not referring to leadership or managers. No matter what anyone tries to do to make things better, it is never enough and the same people complain all the time without presenting any solutions. The most toxic thing about working here is my colleagues that are unionized. And since I am included under the 'union' I feel like it is more than fair for me to write this.
I am not in leadership nor am I a manager and I want the people to know that are spreading the negativity that you need to take a look at yourself and what you bring to the table. The few are ruining it for the rest of us. Think about your colleagues, the people you sit in the lunchroom with, the people you smoke with. What impact are you having on us? Please, if you don't want to be here, instead of holding a grudge and being bitter, leave!

The worst part about working here is catching Careavirus.

The worst part about working for North Korea is the dictator-style 'leadership.'

Where do I start?? I would say management and the culture. Management doesn’t listen, doesn’t care, and doesn’t know what it means to take care of staff. Culture is very negative, staff morale is very low.

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