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About Canadian Nuclear Laboratories

CNL is Canada’s premier nuclear science and technology organization, and a world leader in developing nuclear technology for peaceful and innovative applications. Using our unique expertise, we are restoring and protecting the environment, we are advancing clean energy technology, and our medical breakthroughs continue to improve the health of people – 

Vision 2030: Welcome to the new CNL

For 75 years, Atomic Energy of Canada Limited, and now Canadian Nuclear Laboratories, have been at the forefront of nuclear innovation in energy, health, the environment, and safety and security. Our scientists invented the CANDU reactor, which now provides six out of ten homes in Ontario--and one in ten homes across Canada--with carbon free energy. Our researchers were pioneers in nuclear medicine--leaders in Cobalt-60 and Moly-99 radioisotopes, both crucial in our collective effort to save lives and fight cancer. We’ve changed the lives of millions of people around the world. The innovations contemplated today by others started at the Chalk River Laboratories. Where others dream, we have gone. And we will do it again.

A Leader in Clean Energy

To build a clean energy future here in Canada, we have to pursue scientific progress today. Science to develop energy that is free of greenhouse gases. Science to protect our environment from pollutants and other harmful emissions. And science to make clean energy technologies work better together, from nuclear energy and hydrogen to solar and wind power.

Restoring and Protecting Canada's Environment

During our 75 years, AECL and now Canadian Nuclear Laboratories have developed some of the world’s most advanced waste management technologies and practices. And now our talented engineers, researchers and operators are putting them to good use – tackling some of the world’s most pressing environmental challenges.

Contributing to the Health of Canadians

For 75 years, Canadian Nuclear Laboratories has been at the forefront of innovation in nuclear medicine, radiopharmaceuticals, and low dose radiation research. In the 1950’s we launched the medical isotope industry that revolutionized the way we treat modern diseases. We lead the world in the produtin of Cobalt-60 and Molydenum-99 — both crucial radiopharmaceuticals in our collective effort to save lives, fight disease and beat cancer. Together, we’ve changed the lives of millions of people around the world. And now, we are about to do it again.

Revitalizing the Chalk River Laboratories campus

As we look to the challenges of the future – challenges like climate change, global health, cybersecurity, and energy independence - it is clear that science and innovation are needed now more than ever. Canadian Nuclear Laboratories is transforming to meet these challenges.