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Interviewing at Canada Revenue Agency

See what people said about the interview process at Canada Revenue Agency.

Interview experience

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Interview difficulty

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Interview process length

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More than one month

Interview process at Canada Revenue Agency

Overall experience

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Interview process length
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About a month
About two weeks
About a week
About a day or two
Most reported steps
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What candidates say about the interview process at Canada Revenue Agency

  • Assessment tests, speed and accuracy are key
    Shared on 15 December 2021
  • Long et beaucoup trop d'étape à faire
    Shared on 20 February 2018 - Agente de projets - Ottawa, ON
  • Test Math, French and English Test specific to the JobPhone interview and actual interview
    Shared on 17 October 2017 - Auditrice - Examinatrice - Summerside, PE
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Interview questions at Canada Revenue Agency

Commonly asked questions, as reported by candidates

  • American Sign Language and help staff members
    Shared on 24 November 2023 - Human Resources Assistant - Edmonton, AB
  • Tell me about yourself.What made you apply for CRA.
    Shared on 18 September 2023 - Collections Contact Officer - Kitchener, ON
  • The korn ferry test was hardIt’s impossible to even give examples
    Shared on 26 July 2023 - Tax services agent - St. John's, NL

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The first interview at Canada Revenue Agency

How candidates got an interview
  • Other33%
  • Other online job site23%
  • Through Indeed10%
  • Recruiter contacted me9%
  • Employee referral9%

How candidates received their first interview at Canada Revenue Agency

  • Through applying at Front Street Office after referral from EI Office
    Shared on 5 January 2023 - Taxpayer Services; TSO Director's office CAS coordinator - South Western Ontario
  • I was sent a letter for an interview.
    Shared on 11 September 2020 - Administrative Assistant - Edmonton, AB
  • Was manager at Bob-Lo Island and met the head of Windsor Customs from being the appointed Liaison Officer for Customs with the Company.
    Shared on 8 January 2019 - Senior Customs Liaison Officer HQ, Customs Officer - Windsor and Ottawa Ontario

Common questions about interviewing at Canada Revenue Agency

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