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301 questions about working at Canada Post

301 questions
  • I find it very discouraging in the fact that there is very little job advancement opportunities in the smaller communities for rural route drivers.

    Answered 17 February 2021
  • The management at this job made me suicidal with aggressive and dishonest behavior and abusive attitudes. I tried to make complaints through the official channels and ended up being prevented from working for over 4 months while they string me along. When returning to work I received a review journaling all the abuse I had dealt with, but with me as the guilty party. I can't count the times that it made me sick how they treat people here. They don't pay you enough for the behaviour of your superiors, no matter how much they smile and pretend to be your friends.

    Answered 24 February 2020
  • The interview was very relax.**I applied for postal clerk**First the person talks about the job and what they expect from you.Some questions asked were: -Why would you want to work at post canada?-Are you bilingual?-Are you able to read and write well?-Do you have experience in a warehouse?-What are some safety measures to take while in a warehouse?-What would you do if the supervisor was in back of you telling you to go faster? -Give me a scenario where you took charge when the managers were not around-Do you own steel toe boots?-Are you able to lift 50lbs?-What are your availabilities* we talked for a bit but the questions are very easy. After the interview, I had to go get my fingerprints scaned and sign some papersGood luck! :)

    Answered 12 November 2020
  • Bullying and harrassment from both fellow employees and management. Union works in snail mode which I believe is why it continues as bad as it is. Management knows it takes years for the union to get stuff to arbitration and they use that to their advantage. I was a union rep and became vice president of a local in Hope's to make a difference but made little difference. The high ups need to get the paper work done and in front of an arbitrator. The only good thing about being the vice president I sat in on Consultations with management and stop.some of their lies about the office I worked in. I sat there fighting for a position they gave to a junior employee while they pretended they knew nothing. Very infuriating. Mana9is a real piece of work they plays employees against each other.

    Answered 5 December 2019
  • I just completed my training.3 nights in class computer e learning in a windowless room at the back of a depot for 8 hours each night with a sarcastic trainer that obviously did not care about us, then a 'tour day' starting at 7:45a.m. of 8 hours riding along with a letter carrier that wasn't thrilled to have to take someone along on their route slowing them down, then 3 more nights of e learning..followed by 5 days of 'on the job' training where you are paired with a letter carrier who, if you are lucky, won't be angry at you for slowing them down while trying to learn what to do at depot and on the street. After working for 5 days,you are back at the classroom for 8 hours to do a 40 question exam and then the sortation test (sorting 120 letters into a sortation case)where you are allowed ONE mistake..or guess what? You are fired. People were fired.If you pass, you then have 8hours of Human Rights training followed the next day by 8 more hours of training with the union rep.We were supposed to then have 5 days of 'onboarding'..which is shifts out on the street delivering on your own..but guess what?It was taken away from us because it was deemed that we might be taking hours away from current employees. So now we are 'on call'..sitting at home every day waiting for a call to work.Have never worked with a company where everyone was so miserable and unwelcoming to new recruits. Definitely felt like everyone is out for themselves.

    Answered 7 November 2019
  • For any interview, dress for 2 levels higher than the position you are applying for.

    Answered 22 September 2018
  • Toxic corrupt management good for relatives and friends merit is non existant would not advised loved ones to work there recommend to my enemies and failed politicians.

    Answered 20 October 2020
  • Yes they do require extensive background checks.

    Answered 8 January 2019
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