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Have to work your way up - expect to work <8hrs a week initially
Sales Associate and Cashier (Former Employee) –  BC8 May 2019
- Sometimes worked 0 hours a week, but cannot plan to do anything else as call-outs occur every morning with no planning ahead. Camping trip with friends? No. Sister’s wedding weekend? No.

- Impossible to plan any sort of life around work. You are expected to earmark all your time for them. Perfect for retiree maybe, but don’t expect to make much money here. The hourly rate is tempting but the hours just aren’t there, I was misled about how much I could expect to be working. In retrospect, I should have taken a lesser rate of pay at another job with guaranteed hours.

- Dealing with alcoholics is emotionally draining especially when they come in to grind you down daily.

- Astonishingly disorganized inventory and stocking system. Back rooms can be a nightmare and overstocking of product is a huge ergonomic health risk. Expect to injure your back. Stores I worked at ordered so much product it was impossible to do proper lifting in coolers and back room. Stock overflowed on to floor and often got buried. Extremely irritating especially when asked to look for something that inventory said we had. Needle in a haystack type situation.

- Most coworkers were pleasant, but due to union environment, some really nasty pieces of work were allowed to keep their jobs, and working alongside these unpleasant individuals made work a real displeasure.

- Some pressure to up-sell, internal company magazine constantly pressuring employees to push their peak performance higher aka selling more of a known carcinogen to the public. It’s booze, it sells itself, it’s toxic. This
  more... wore on my conscience.

- Managers were friendly, maybe a bit fake.

- Store is air conditioned.

- fair and balanced in its division of duties, everyone did a little bit of everything.

- Most coworkers were kind, happy people. Lifers could be super sour/abrasive.

- If you can handle working a what is essentially a part time job for 4-5 years to rack up the hours (some 1800 hours) to become a full-time employee, it may be a good job with good benefits. Expect to set aside all of your time for them with little in return other than a slightly higher than average hourly rate of pay, and extremely spotty shifts for many years.

Take away: Working your way up is not worth it, I would not recommend this job to a friend. Find a job at a normal liquor store that isn’t government, you get treated pretty terribly here as an employee. Scheduling benefits employer only, no benefits but paying into union from day 1.
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Company does not care for it's employees.
Sales Associate (Current Employee) –  Vancouver, BC22 November 2018
My main issue with the company is that it takes 1827 hours within a 33 week pay period to get your benefits. My family lives in away from me and with that and pursuing my passion I have still not been able to get the benefits (which I am told are great) after over 2 years of working there. Due to this however I have gained multiple injuries that the company will not help me cover, and I can't continue to work there in the amount of pain I am in. I was on the phone with HR and asked if they could help me at all and they said they couldn't until I get my benefits.
Good benefits (I hear), decent pay.
Management is incompetent, company puts itself before it's employees' well being.
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Job Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Job Culture
Everything You Need To Know In One Post
Sales Associate (Former Employee) –  In and around Vancouver9 August 2018
So I read a lot of positive and negative reviews on here but no one really added any details so i'm going to tell you EVERYTHING you need to know about working at a BC Liquor Store retail location. I've never worked at head office or the warehouse so I can't really comment on that.

The Pro.
- Good hourly wage for a retail job. 2018 seasonal rates start at $17 hour, auxiliary starts close to $18 an hour, regulars (guaranteed 35 hours a week) get top pay of around $22 hour with everyone working afternoons/nights getting a $1 more.
- After you pass your 210 hours probation period (assuming you're not seasonal) you're in the union and you get all of those benefits.
- Benefits - You get medical and dental assuming you work close to full time within the last 18 months, regular raises of about .50 a year, you get all your breaks and you're pretty much impossible to fire.
- They will train you. Something they do pretty well is they are willing to train their employees. If you want to learn more about wine or learn management duties they do a good job here. You might has to ask about these opportunities though.
- No stress job. If you're a non management employee the job is stress free.
- No education needed. If you're a hard worker and willing to learn you can SLOWLY move up.
- You work close to home.
- Flexible hours, if you're a auxiliary with seniority you basically control what days and hours you work.
- Double time, The liquor store is open everyday except Christmas so if you work a holiday you get paid double plus a lieu day.
- 35 hour work
  more... weeks but you probably lose about $5000 a year because of it
- Government Pension. I think you can enroll in the Public Service Pension Plan once you work around 2000 hours. You can search for more information online if you're interested.

- Although you have a good hourly wage regular's TOP yearly salary is around $46,000 a year, Supervisors and Produce Consultants Top out around $48,000 a year, Assistant managements push a little over $52,000 a year and Store Manager is $58,000 a year based on 2018 rates.
- You do okay if you're in one of those top 2 positions but after taxes and paying into the pension fund you're the working poor. I've worked in stores in and around Vancouver and I can tell you a high % of regulars work 2nd jobs. It's impossible to live in Vancouver or the Fraser Valley on those wages and if you have a family or kids to support forget about it. Even if you're single and not living at home I don't think you could save enough to even buy a apartment. On the plus side though if you live in Port Hardy or 100 Mile House or one of these small communities you are likely a top earner.
- Seniority is non transferable. You CAN'T work in Vancouver to build seniority and then move away.
- Outside of working in a Vancouver store (where you will probably get full time hours within 6 months) it can take years just to get 35 hours regularly. Lots of hours available during Christmas and the Summer and then nothing during the slow periods. You are always on call during the first few years.
- Advancing within the company is very difficult. Outside of working in a Vancouver store it can take years just to become a regular. Advancing to a supervisor or "PC" roll you're going to need to put in a few more year and jump through a lot of hoops. I would be guessing their is a lot of competition for assistant manager or anything above that.
- The higher you move up the more likely they are to move you from store to store. You can be moved to any store within 30 km and managers get moved around every few years.
- I've seen people who want to advance into a higher roll get stuck wherever their at for YEARS.
- Once you take a mgnt position I think their is a lot of pressure to perform and hit sale targets. A lot of mgnt work extra unpaid time.
- It's a dull job. It's mentally not stimulating.
- Rotating hours. Regulars could work morning one week and then nights the next.
- Expect to work weekends.
- Some employees are lazy and others have to pick up the slack. It's hard to stay stimulated putting wine on the shelf while struggling month to month so I don't fault them but it does make it harder on everyone else.
- Managers are 50% okay and 50% terrible. Some are lazy and never leave customer service.
- You will drink more..
- No staff discounts
- You work with the public.
- There's no overtime.

Advice to everyone
- I actually think this is a good part time job if you're going to school or need the extra income. Saturdays are always needed and you can take time off whenever as long as you give them notice.
- Besides that i'd highly recommend everyone else get another job. Go out and get your class 1 driver license (probably takes about 3 months) and you'll be earning more then most people who work here. Most trade jobs start you out at the same starting wage, will pay for your school if they like you and you'll end up earning 50% more then you would here within 2 years. Even 100% depending on what trade you take.
- If you're over the age of 45 then this is probably a good job to take and hack it out until.
- This job is easier for younger and taller people

Advice to head office
- They strongly need to find a way to get employees and mangers excited. Spirits at the stores i've been too are extremely low. Find a way to reward employees. It'll pay off in getting more out of them.
- Continually retrain your managers.
- They need to find a way to keep good auxiliaries and lose lazy employees. Most people can't live working on call for the first few years and leave.
- Since you're ultimately trying to increase sale you need to incentives your "sales associates"
- It crazy to think it's 2018 and a company this big has NO social media presence. They should be on instagram, facebook, youtube etc. Their product consultant's are hugely knowledgeable and could easily give a lot of value. They have the network to promote it, it would educate customers, promote produces and increase sales.
I'm sure there's more but i'm ending this here.
listed above
listed above
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Job Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Job Culture
Good place to work
Sales Associate (Former Employee) –  Langley, BC8 August 2017
Good place to work. Very encouraging and will take the time to train you. Because I have a young child the hours of operation does not work for me and also the infrequent shifts do not pay the bills.
pot lucks
retail hours
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Job Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Job Culture
Good pay, good pension 75% sick pay,extended health benefits...extremely easy work!
Cashier/Customer Service (Former Employee) –  Vancouver, BC14 March 2015
The most enjoyable part of the job was counting lots of money & meeting many, many people. The work is all very easy and you get two 15 minute breaks and a half an hour for lunch. Dental is 100%. Medical is covered and an extended health plan for glasses etc. The pension is A1! If you are sick you get 75% of your pay! If you are sick more than 3 days you just have to bring in a medical note. The co-workers are just as good and bad as any other place of work. The management is heartless. They gave me trouble when I had emergency calls to meet my injured mother at the hospital! I worked with a girl who had a 5 and a half hour cancer operation...she didn't even get a card from them! I brought her flowers a few times and she died a year later.
Medical, extended medical, 75% pay if you are sick, pension, high wages, job security!
Heartless management that gives people grief, in times of grief!
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