Our Mission

Amity's mission is to inspire all of its students to master the English language. This mission is achieved by appreciating the differences in age, unique learning styles, and individuality of our students. Amity schools are distinguished by their dedicated teaching staff, which focuses on building students' conversational skill and confidence in speaking through a comprehensive curriculum and a student-centered approach.

Our schools are built in a modern and colorful design to attract young students and their families. Amity continually revises its curriculum, textbooks, and materials to ensure our high standards for education are met. Native English Teachers use a dynamic teaching methodology, which combines visual, audio, and kinesthetic principles to develop the students’ language skills. Teachers sing, dance and play educational activities in the classroom so that learning is fun!

Teacher Support

Amity’s future has been guided by President Takato Yamasaki for over 20 years. His vision of making English accessible to children in a fun and exciting way, has established Amity as the premier opportunity for private English education. He encourages teachers to set their goals high and to be at their best.

The Head Office staff members are all former classroom teachers and understand the challenges of living and working in Japan. Amity’s network of Area Assistants, Trainers, and Japanese staff provide support and guidance to Native English Teachers throughout the contract.

Teaching at Amity

A quick overview of what it takes to be successful at teaching English in Japan with Amity.

Amity i Lesson TV Commercial

A quick look at teachers utilizing smart board technology in an Amity classroom.

About Amity Corporation

Amity Corporation began as the children’s division of AEON Corporation founded in 1973. It very quickly grew as an industry leader providing high quality English education to children in Japan. In 1994, Amity began independent operations by opening its own branch schools and by creating its own curriculum. Today, Amity welcomes over 24,000 students – more... 

  • Amity Corporation photo: Interactive tablets are great for one-on-one lessons.
  • Amity Corporation photo: Our elementary school students are taught on interactive boards using i Lessons.
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