Abilities Neurological Rehabilitation
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About Abilities Neurological Rehabilitation

Working as a therapist with children and adults with neurological challenges is hard stuff but it can also be very rewarding. I think a lot of us joined this field because we wanted to help. We are trained in the art and science of our profession, but often the business of what we do can get in the way of working the way we want to practice. Practicing – 

You went into this profession to help people...

but the current healthcare system can sometimes get in the way. Public facilities can offer great security, but rigid rules and massive workloads makes it difficult to work the way you want. Private practice can offer autonomy, but going it on your own can be tough. You didn’t go into healthcare to be chasing for payments, especially in tough financial times. We offer a better way - the support of a multidisciplinary team with the flexibility and autonomy of private practice.

Who We Are:

We are Abilities – a team of speech language pathologists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, clinical assistants, and administration on a mission. We are on a mission to become the most admired neurorehabilitation company in British Columbia, by creating both an outstanding staff and client experience. Founded in 2007, we are a neurological rehabilitation centre at 4 locations, and now we’ve expanded to add a Virtual Clinic. Over the past twelve years we’ve helped thousands of adults and children with neurological challenges. Together, we discover the potential in each other and our clients.

What is it REALLY like?

Ever wanted to know what it is REALLY like at Abilities? Listen to our founder and some of our clients to learn more.

Our Core Values

Respect & Value People; Find a Better Way; Create a Client Directed Experience Abilities is a diverse team with expertise in a variety of disciplines. Each person that comes to Abilities, whether staff, client, or caregiver, has something to share and contribute.

A Better Approach to Rehabilitation

Client Directed

We believe in a client directed experience. We listen to our client’s challenges, and let their goals guide our plan for treatment. We once created a mock airplane interior for a client that was planning a big trip, and wanted to practice walking to his seat.


Everything we do is informed by our study of neuroplasticity—the brain’s amazing ability to grow, adapt and learn. This reality is what makes us hopeful, motivated and relentless in our treatment. We never settle. We’re constantly testing new treatments, learning new techniques and finding new systems and environments to overcome our client’s challenges.

Team Based

We collaborate, we share information and learnings, and we support each other. We’ve learned that no one person has all the answers, and so we have developed a culture of collaboration and mentorship. Everyone, no matter how long they’ve been in their respective field, can learn or share something new with the rest of the team.

Why Join Our Team

We are committed to finding the best fit – for you and for us. Not only do we look at your qualifications, but also your positive attitude, your desire to develop and grow, and your commitment to impacting the lives of our clients. The Perks: Build Your Dream Caseload When you join Abilities, you’ll be part of a culture built on respect – we recognize the unique talents and interests of everyone on the team. Passionate about working with a particular demographic or diagnosis? We want to help you build that dream caseload. Flexibility on Hours Not everyone wants to work Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm At Abilities we recognize that everyone’s work-life balance is different, and we want to build a schedule that works not only for Abilities and our clients, but for you too. Above Industry Compensation Abilities has a variety of compensation packages to meet every need, including full-time salaried positions. Mentorship Mentorship is part of our on-boarding process and is an ongoing endeavor. We want to support you in building your dream caseload and becoming part of our team. Ongoing Continuing Education Abilities conducts regular in-services for all staff, on a variety of subjects. We also support you in furthering your own education.