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Janitor salary in Canada

How much does a Janitor make in Canada?

Average base salary


The average salary for a janitor is $48,147 per year in Canada. 2.6k salaries reported, updated at January 26, 2023

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Top companies for Janitors in Canada

  1. City of Burnaby
    53 reviews26 salaries reported
    $65,570per year
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Highest paying cities for Janitors near Canada

  1. Victoria, BC
    $56,416 per year
    65 salaries reported
  2. Kelowna, BC
    $53,067 per year
    18 salaries reported
  3. Vancouver, BC
    $52,566 per year
    70 salaries reported
  1. Calgary, AB
    $52,436 per year
    40 salaries reported
  2. Edmonton, AB
    $52,006 per year
    99 salaries reported
  3. Fort McMurray, AB
    $50,953 per year
    10 salaries reported
  1. Toronto, ON
    $48,348 per year
    28 salaries reported
  2. Elkford, BC
    $47,788 per year
    31 salaries reported
  3. Windsor, ON
    $46,066 per year
    26 salaries reported
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Where can a Janitor earn more?

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How much do similar professions get paid in Canada?


10,742 job openings

Average $18.09 per hour

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