How to Write Store Manager Resumes (With Template)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published May 25, 2022

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A retail store manager oversees the daily operations of a retail business or store. If you're looking to get a new job as a store manager, you can consider preparing a professional resume. Learning how to create an effective store manager's resume can increase your chances of getting noticed by potential hiring managers.

In this article, we discuss why you might consider writing store manager resumes, explain how to create a professional one, describe the skills store managers require, provide a resume template, and give an example of a professional resume for store managers.

Why consider writing store manager resumes?

You can consider writing professional store manager resumes to describe your managing experiences, skills, and qualifications. Hiring managers in the retail industry typically seek versatile candidates with a broad range of transferable skills and experiences that can benefit their company. You can tailor your resume to highlight these features and impress potential employers. Your resume can also provide detailed information about your knowledge and understanding of the industry.

How to write a professional resume for store managers

Here's a list of steps you can take to create your professional resume for a store manager position:

1. Create a layout and header

Consider choosing a standard layout or format for your resume to ensure it's easy to read and understand. If a hiring manager can browse through your resume effectively, it can increase your chances for an interview. Create a header at the top of your resume with your name, city and province or territory, phone number, and email address. Ensure all the information is correct, as that's how hiring managers can contact you.

2. Write your summary statement

Your professional summary statement contains three to four sentences concisely explaining your skills, qualifications, career aspirations, and most notable achievements. It describes your professional values and personal goals. You can convey your value to a potential employer with an engaging summary statement. It helps recruiters better understand your interests and personality to see how you can fit in their company.

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3. Present your work experience

In a work experiences section, list all your relevant work experience as a store manager, starting with the most recent position. Outline the company names, location, and employment duration. You can create three or four bullet points to describe your duties and responsibilities for each role. Use strong action verbs when describing these details. Consider including tasks or accomplishments that showcase your unique abilities and contributions to each role.

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4. Outline your education

Next, you can outline your educational qualifications starting from the most recent credential. Include all degrees you earned with the respective area of study, especially if they're in the management or marketing field. You can note any honours or distinctions you received from each school. If you hold other degrees higher than a bachelor's, you can consider excluding your high school information.

5. Share relevant skills

You can include your hard and soft skills on your resume to help increase your chances of impressing a hiring manager. Hard skills are the qualities you learn through training or education, such as marketing and management. In comparison, soft skills are qualities that depict how you interact with others, such as your communication skills. Store managers apply both skills at work to motivate employees, increase profits, reduce costs, and achieve high customer satisfaction ratings.

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6. Mention your certifications

Next, you can include your relevant certifications. Sharing any unique qualifications or credentials can influence your role as a store manager and make you a more appealing candidate to hiring managers. Examples of certifications in the retail store management field include certified retail sales associate, certified first-level manager, and certified retail personnel.

7. Include supporting information

You can conclude your resume with any relevant information that can support your application. Consider listing your honours and awards that relate to the company or role. You can also mention the languages you speak, your hobbies and interests, and other professional achievements. Mentioning organizations and community service platforms you're affiliated with can also help the increase effectiveness of your resume.

What skills do store managers use?

Here's a list of skills that store managers typically use in their roles:


This is important in every aspect of retail management, especially for the store manager. Communication is the ability to exchange information with others. It involves not only spoken words but also body language, facial expressions, and tone of voice to convey a message. An effective store manager can communicate their points effectively when working with employees, customers, or higher-ranking officials in the company.


A truly successful store manager can lead and motivate others on a team. As the manager, you're responsible for training sales associates and inspiring them to increase their sales numbers. Consider using constructive criticism when advising or correcting employees. This can inspire them to perform to the best of their abilities. Store managers use their leadership skills to encourage their associates and sustain employee engagement. They also set goals to keep them focused on the company's long-term success. They live by example to motivate employees to achieve the company's goals.

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A store manager finds ways to improve the rules and procedures of the company to remain organized and effective as an organization. Organizational skills are important for store managers to track their daily activities without getting overwhelmed. A well-organized store can better handle emergencies or unpredictable situations. Store managers stay organized by streamlining procedures, hiring the best sales associates, training them effectively, and reducing costs for the company.


Management skills are important to direct people and resources effectively. Store managers can do this by assessing every employee's strengths and weaknesses, and providing assistance and training where needed. They also handle conflicts in the company and maximize employee's strengths.

Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand and manage your emotions positively. Store managers demonstrate high emotional intelligence by being aware of their feelings and positively influencing their employees' emotions. They can use this skill to communicate effectively, empathize with their employees, overcome challenges, and resolve conflicts at work.

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Template for a store manager's professional resume

Here's a template you can use to create your professional resume:

[Full name]
[City and province or territory]
[Phone number]
[E-mail address]

Summary statement
[Short description of about three to four sentences or bullet points about your professional experience, goals, and most notable achievements.]

Professional experience
[Job title]
[Company name, location, employment duration]

  • [Task description, responsibilities, and accomplishments]

  • [Task description, responsibilities, and accomplishments]

  • [Task description, responsibilities, and accomplishments]

[Job title]
[Company name, location, employment duration]

  • [Task description, responsibilities, and accomplishments]

  • [Task description, responsibilities, and accomplishments]

  • [Task description, responsibilities, and accomplishments]

Degree, area of study
[School, location, graduation year]
[Relevant accomplishments]
Secondary school diploma
[School, location, graduation year]
[Relevant accomplishments]

[Certification title]
[School, date received]
Certification title
[School, date received]

Skills and abilities

  • [Skill 1]

  • [Skill 2]

  • [Skill 3]

  • [Skill 4]

Example of a professional resume for store managers

Here's an example of the resume of an experienced store manager:

Jamie Smith
Toronto, Ontario

Summary statement
A goal-oriented and creative retail store manager with over five years of experience in managing high-volume retail stores and establishing e-commerce for small businesses. Proven track record of increasing customer traffic through social media marketing, increasing online sales by 70%. Solid background in customer service, inventory organization, and employee relations. Committed to creating an environment that's conducive to achieving increased sales and customer satisfaction.

Professional work experience
Store manager
Mattress Alas Store, Toronto, Ontario, 2020-2022

  • Established an e-commerce sales revenue stream with 70% increased profits through social media and other notable online sales platforms

  • Hired, trained, and developed employees for various positions in the store

  • Created schedules to save 15% on operating costs without reducing employees' pay

  • Developed incentive programs to reward top performers

Assistant store manager
Glates Factory Store, Toronto, Ontario, 2017-2020

  • Supported the district manager in conducting weekly meetings, delivering quality reviews, and setting store goals

  • Assisted with shift scheduling and bank deposits

  • Implemented innovative promotions to drive store revenue

  • Executed bi-annual inventory overhauls for three years

Bachelor of Science, Retail Management
Brod University, Toronto, Ontario, 2016

  • First class honours

Winter Branch Secondary School, Toronto, Ontario, 2012

  • Valedictorian (Class of 2012)

Sales Associate Professional Certificate
Lokken College, 2017

Retail Personnel Certificate
Brod University, 2015


  • Inventory management

  • Marketing and advertising

  • Employee development

  • Recruiting and hiring

  • Communication

  • Leadership

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