Sports Marketer Resume Skills: Definition and Examples

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published November 9, 2022

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Sports marketers promote sports teams, events, players, and many other related products and services. Working in the sports entertainment industry as a marketer requires a unique set of skills, which employers expect to see on a prospective candidate's resume. Having a better knowledge of these skills can help you distinguish yourself as a candidate and learn what further training might benefit you. In this article, we look at some of the best sports marketer skills to list on your resume, and explore some examples of how to highlight these skills in a cover letter or interview.

What are sports marketer resume skills?

Sports marketer resume skills are the different abilities and areas of competency that someone in the sports marketing industry can benefit from including on their resume. While there's overlap with other similar marketing positions, sports marketer skills have their own unique area of focus. You can provide further context to these skills in other steps in the hiring process and elaborate on how they've served you by providing real-world examples.

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Examples of sports marketer resume skills

Here are some examples of the most important sports marketing skills that hiring managers are looking for:


Communication is an essential skill for success in any marketing role. Sports marketers usually work as part of a team, requiring frequent high-quality communication to meet deadlines and do great work. Daily communication responsibilities for a sports marketer can include sending and responding to emails, presenting and pitching to clients and internal decision makers, and writing copy for promotional materials.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing skills include knowledge of social platforms, including their audiences and how to reach them. With social media skills, it's important to look at the specifications for each job posting, as companies may focus on different services. A large part of social media marketing is creating and monitoring ad campaigns, so it's a good idea to review the different advertising options for each major social media platform.

Sports IQ

The best sports marketers are sports fans themselves. Having a background as an athlete or a sports fan gives you a more intimate understanding of your product and its audience. Strong operating knowledge of the sports entertainment industry may put you at an advantage in an interview scenario.

Time management

Sports marketing often involves strict deadlines and includes projects with concrete deadlines. This means that strong time management is essential. This can involve smart scheduling practices, time requirement estimation, and personal protocols for managing your time more generally. Hiring managers want to know that you're capable of working on projects within tight time constraints and can deliver on tasks that require a fast turnaround.


Reaching a brand's audience can require a creative approach. Good sports marketers can come up with creative solutions to help distinguish their products. If you haven't yet had a job in marketing, it can be a good idea to practise by creating speculative marketing projects to meet specific marketing goals. In an interview setting, it's a good idea to have a few prepared examples of when you were able to use your creative thinking to solve a business problem or meet a certain result.


Strong copywriting is an essential skill for most marketing positions. Copywriting is a common task for sports marketers that comprises the writing of promotional, professional or advertising copy. Sports marketers use their copywriting skills when writing social media posts and advertisements or updating web content.

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How to improve your sports marketer skills

Here are some tips that you can use to see a measurable improvement in your sports marketing skills:

1. Use online resources

There are a wide variety of sports marketing resources available for free on the internet. Video hosting sites often have advertising-funded tutorials and lectures on sports marketing that you can watch for free. There are also podcasts and blogs that focus entirely on sports marketing and management.

2. Develop your writing

Learning to communicate effectively through writing is a great way to improve your capabilities as a marketer. Like any skill, this is a result of training and practise. If you're serious about improving your writing ability, you might want to consider taking a course or workshop in non-fiction writing or copywriting. Improving your writing can be an ongoing process, but even incremental improvements can greatly improve your job application.

3. Learn about social media marketing

Sports marketing initiatives often use social media as their medium of choice. Each social media platform has its own specificities, the understanding of which can make you a more competitive candidate. Learning about new social media platforms and features can help you reach new audience members.

4. Employ time management strategies

There are many different time-management strategies that you can employ to improve your productivity as a sports marketer. Many people use a task management protocol or Scrum board to track their tasks to completion. You can also analyze your own use of time to discover areas of improvement and tasks that you might be able to eliminate or delegate.

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Sports marketer skills in the workplace

Here are a few tips for improving your sports marketer skills in the workplace:

  • Ask for feedback. Feedback from coworkers can be an extremely valuable asset. The people you work with have the most exposure to your behaviours, professional habits, and general competencies.

  • Volunteer for tasks. Exploring new tasks that are outside of your daily experience is a great way to expand your current skill set. Volunteering to help with new tasks can also be an opportunity to learn from other professionals if you're assisting them.

  • Find a mentor. A professional mentor can provide advice regarding major decisions or when dealing with challenges. They can guide you throughout your career and may provide several learning opportunities that can help you advance in your professional life.

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How to highlight sports marketer skills

When finding a job in sports marketing, how you chose to highlight your skills is almost as important as the skills themselves. Here are some examples of how you can highlight your skills during the application process:

Sports marketing skills for your resume and cover letter

It can be a good idea to look at some sports marketing job posts to get a sense of what hiring managers are looking for. Once you have a good understanding of the skills you need, you can build your resume skills section with those abilities that overlap with your experience. It's best only to include skills that you're confident that you've mastered and can talk about at length in an interview setting.

Example: "I have two years of experience managing the social media marketing for the Drumville Bravehawks, where I had ownership of the SEO and paid search performance initiatives. During the 2018–2019 season, we doubled our attendance and saw a 45% increase in social engagement."

Sports marketing skills in an interview

An interview is your opportunity to elaborate and provide context for the skills you listed on your resume. When preparing for your interview, it's a good idea to select a few examples that demonstrate your mastery of each skill. You can also research some common questions you can expect to hear, and prepare answers in advance to build your confidence.

Example: "What's your most valuable skill as a sports marketer?"

"I think that time management is one of the most valuable skills any sports marketer can have. In my current position, I use a collaborative calendar that both my superiors and clients can see. This makes it easy for people to book meetings, and I can easily get a sense of the amount of time I can dedicate to certain tasks."

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