What to Include on a Social Media Coordinator Resume

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published June 17, 2022

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When hiring for open social media coordinator positions, organizations typically prefer hiring candidates who can effectively plan, implement, and monitor strategies to improve their online presence. You can draft a resume that displays your abilities to enhance an organization's marketing efforts, increase sales, and promote brand awareness. Learning how to create this resume can help you demonstrate your competencies to a hiring manager and increase your employment chances. In this article, we discuss what to include on a social media coordinator resume, describe the duties of a social media coordinator, share a job description, and provide a resume example.

What to include on a social media coordinator resume

A social media coordinator resume can help you highlight your skills and demonstrate your expertise. Here are sections you can have on your resume:


The header usually appears at the top of the resume's page and contains your personal and contact information. You can include your full name, telephone number, e-mail address, city, and province or territory. It's often advisable to include accurate information in your header, as it's a means for hiring managers to contact you for further hiring discussions. You can maintain professionalism by using an e-mail address that contains a variation of your name. If you have a portfolio with relevant coursework, you may provide a link in your header.

Resume profile

A resume profile summarizes your resume content. You can use a professional summary or an objective statement. If you're an entry-level social media coordinator, you may consider including an objective statement as it focuses on your career aspirations and goals rather than work experience. If you have experience working in the social media field, you can include a professional summary to highlight your most significant accomplishments and expertise.

When drafting your resume profile, you can enlighten the hiring manager on the achievements you aim to accomplish at the company and how you intend to fulfil its missions and core values. This can help keep this section engaging and compel a hiring manager to continue reading the resume.

Educational background

This section contains information on your qualifications that make you fit for the social media coordinator position. You can list your program type, earned licence or qualification, institution name, and graduation year. This section can help you impress a hiring manager as it provides an opportunity to include minor degrees, project work, and related coursework. You can list your educational details in reverse chronological order, starting with the most recent qualification.

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Work experience

This section enables you to discuss your experience in creating social media marketing strategies. You can discuss your accomplishments in each role rather than your assigned duties. This may increase your success chances as the company is looking to hire candidates who can make an impact. You can create a bullet list of your duties and quantify your accomplishments using numbers. If you're entry level, you can discuss previous internships or volunteer work that helped you develop your skills. When drafting this section, you can write the company's name, your previous position, and employment duration.


The section can contain both hard and soft skills. Soft skills are personal and social skills that allow you to communicate effectively at work, such as creativity and leadership skills. You can develop hard skills through training and practice. Examples of social media coordinator hard skills are search engine optimization (SEO) and data analytics. You can validate your skill by giving examples of how you used them in completing tasks under your work experience section. It's possible to take online courses on social media management to improve your skills.

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Additional sections

These extra sections may be an advantage when a hiring manager wants to choose between candidates with similar backgrounds and qualifications. You can discuss your hobbies and interests, language proficiencies, and social media certifications you possess. By doing this, you can highlight extra information that makes you more suitable for the role.

What are the responsibilities of a social media coordinator?

The hiring company generally wants a social media coordinator that can help increase sales by creating awareness for the brand. They want an efficient team player that can develop strategic plans to help achieve the company's missions. The following are the duties of a social media coordinator:

Developing strategies

Social media coordinators work toward achieving strategic goals such as generating traffic, launching new products, or creating awareness for an event. These set goals determine the strategies to implement. For example, if a brand launches a new product, a social media coordinator can collaborate with an influencer. They can create short videos or content to promote the new product. This strategy can help increase customer engagement levels.

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Creating content

Engaging with customers through different digital channels is a social media coordinator's responsibility. They help businesses manage their social media accounts and build a brand voice by creating content that appeals to existing and potential clients. These professionals may reply to customer reviews and feedback and provide answers to customers' enquiries. They schedule posts regularly after determining optimal and strategic days to share content.

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Measuring performance

Social media coordinators measure the effectiveness of their strategies to help ensure the proper utilization of resources. They use various tools to track metrics and platform insights. With this, they can determine effective channels or strategies with high engagement. Measuring their strategies' performance aids decision-making, such as using paid ads to increase efficiency or implementing better strategies to improve performance.

Social media coordinator job description

A social media coordinator's duties can vary depending on the hiring organization and the size and operations of the digital marketing team. You can draft an effective resume by reviewing a job description and using strategic keywords from the description. It can help you create your skills and work experience section to reflect the requirements in the job description. Several organizations require their social media coordinators to perform daily duties, such as:

  • maintaining a strong online presence for the brand

  • implementing effective online marketing strategies through social media channels

  • defining key performance indicators (KPI) specifically for social media channels

  • measuring social media campaign's success

  • keeping updates on the latest social media technologies and practices

  • communicating with the industry's influencers and experts to create a strong network

  • determining audience preferences and current market trends

  • communicating with customers and prospects through various online channels

  • creating engaging content using images, text, and videos

  • overseeing the brand's social media layout

  • developing effective posting schedules

  • generating awareness for the brand by designing posts to sustain audiences' curiosity

  • promoting new products using effective ad campaigns

  • creating reports on customer feedback and online reviews

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Sample resume for a social media coordinator role

Here's a resume example to guide you on how to list your previous responsibilities, skills, and qualifications on your resume:

Mary James
Toronto, Ontario
(823) 416-7330

Professional summary
A competent social media coordinator with over four years of professional experience, knowledgeable in implementing effective online marketing campaigns using various social media channels. In my previous position, I held a record of increasing customer engagement by 30% in one month and creating a strong online presence for the brand using several digital and online tools to measure social media KPIs. Seeking opportunities to use my creativity, analytical, and technical skills to promote brand awareness, increase sales, and help the company advance its mission.

Work experience
Social media coordinator
The Light Beverage Company, Toronto, Ontario, July 2019 - January 2022

  • managed over five social media channels and increased brand awareness by 10% every month

  • created awareness for a tasting event that had over 1500 participants by designing effective content that appealed to different customer sub-groups

  • used customer segmentation to create an effective e-mail marketing campaign and increased click rate by over 50%

  • increased engagement rate by 50% in one month by collaborating with over 15 industry influencers and experts

  • trained colleagues on effective use of SEO optimization and data analytics tool

  • oversaw the design of social media layouts and web design to ensure optimum user experience

  • implemented over five social marketing strategies by researching current industry trends and preferences

  • managed the online marketing campaign for the launch of the company's new beverage drinks

Social media intern
Good Clothes Company, Toronto, Ontario, January 2017 - April 2017

  • created social media posting schedules to increase customer engagement levels

  • monitored posts on over three social media channels and engaged with customers by answering their inquiries

  • compiled daily reports on data analytics and engagements for different social media channels

  • assisted the social media coordinator in developing engaging content for various social media channels

BA in marketing
Rainbow University, Toronto, Ontario, 2017

  • Dean's honour list 2016 - 2017

  • minor in communication


  • data analytics

  • customer service

  • SEO skills

  • digital marketing

  • strategic planning

  • content creation

  • tactics and execution

  • time management

  • project management

Certifications and awards

  • employee of the year, 2021

  • certification in digital marketing, 2020

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