How To Write a Security Guard Resume With Tips and Examples

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Published September 7, 2021

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Before sending your application for a security guard role, you typically need to prepare your resume. A resume helps you showcase your educational background, skill set, and work experience to potential employers. By learning how to craft a compelling security resume, you can improve your likelihood of receiving an interview invitation and progressing to the next stage in the hiring process. In this article, we explain what a security guard resume is, describe important elements to include in one, list the steps to writing a resume, and provide sample resumes to help guide you in writing your own.

What is a security guard resume?

A security guard resume is a document that outlines your qualifications and work history. It's typically the first written material that recruiters and hiring managers read before deciding whether to continue with your application. As potential employers may review resumes from multiple candidates, it's important to write an interesting and attention-grabbing resume that will help you stand out.

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How to write a resume for a security guard position

Whether you're a static or patrol security guard, follow these steps to create your resume:

1. Choose a resume type

Here are the primary resume types to consider:

  • Chronological resume: These resumes focus on your work history and place your most recent positions in order. Consider creating a chronological resume if you have consistent work experience as a security guard.

  • Functional resume: These resumes focus on your skills and include your skills section above your experience section. Consider creating a functional resume if you're applying for an entry-level role or re-entering the workforce after time away.

You may also use a combination resume. These resumes emphasize both your work experience and skill set, and you may list either section first. Consider combination resumes if you have only a few gaps in your employment history.

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2. Write your contact details

Regardless of the resume type you choose, start by including your name and contact details at the top. Having your name in larger fonts makes it easier for hiring managers to remember you. Your contact details, such as your phone number, email, and address, enable the hiring manager to reach you.

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3. Include your resume summary

A resume summary, or resume objective, is a brief description of your skills, experience, and qualities that make you a promising candidate. Before writing your resume objective, review the job description and identify keywords you could use to attract the hiring manager's attention. Consider using the following resume adjectives when writing a security guard resume summary:

  • Hard-working

  • Enthusiastic

  • Dedicated

  • Observant

  • Detail-oriented

  • Advanced

  • Proactive

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4. Outline your skill set and work experience

Include your relevant hard and soft skills to show you're an excellent candidate for the position. Working as a security guard requires abilities like:

  • Computer literacy

  • Knowledge of security standards and safety protocols

  • Physical fitness and strength

  • Knowledge of CCTV systems

  • Attention to detail

  • Observation skills

  • Teamwork skills

  • Analytical skills

  • Communication skills

Describe your work experience, including your previous positions, how long you worked there, and the duties you performed. Consider using bullet points to keep this section brief. You can also write any notable achievements while working at your previous job using numbers. Here are examples of how to outline achievements on your resume:

  • Reduced security breaches by 75%

  • Decreased the crime rate in the organization by 43%

  • Defused approximately 15 tense situations using conflict resolution skills

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5. Describe your academic background

Highlight your education by writing the name of the school you attended, the qualifications earned, and the period you were in school. Start with the most recent qualification. You may also include relevant activities you performed in each school or achievements, such as your academic awards.

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6. Include your licenses and certifications

When applying for certain security guard roles, you may need to show you have the required certifications and licenses. For example, if the position requires you to use a firearm, consider highlighting your firearms license from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), if you have one. Outlining relevant licenses and certifications can also show your dedication as a security guard.

7. End with any additional relevant information

Finally, state any supporting information that can help your application. For example, you may describe your interests and hobbies if they relate to the position. You can also discuss your volunteer experiences that are relevant to work as a security guard.

Tips for writing your resume

Follow these tips to create your resume:

Format your resume

Choose a professional font, such as Times New Roman, Calibri, and Georgia to write your resume. Consider using 10- to 12-point fonts for the main content and 16- to 18-point fonts for headings to make your resume easier to read. You can also use bold or italics to emphasize specific areas, such as headings and previous positions. Formatting your resume professionally encourages the hiring manager to continue reading.

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Prioritize your potential employer's needs

While you're encouraged to showcase your qualifications, focus on describing what value you can bring to the company if hired. For example, discuss previous positions that you feel prepares you for the security guard position. Doing this helps to show that you can contribute to the company's security objectives.

Be brief and honest

Ensure your resume accurately describes your abilities and work history. Doing this can help you earn the hiring manager's trust. Aim to keep your resume on one page or two pages at most. It enables the hiring manager to review it quickly.

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Proofread and edit your resume

Before you send your resume, ensure you review it to correct spelling and grammatical errors. You may give it to a friend, career coach, or mentor to read and provide feedback. Proofreading and editing your resume can help to show you have excellent written communication skills and leave a lasting impression on hiring managers.

Security guard resume examples

Here are examples to guide you when writing security guard resumes:

Entry-level example

This is an example of a functional resume for an entry-level security guard:

John Doe
Miramichi, NB

Vigilant security guard with one year of work experience, ensuring property safety by closely monitoring closed-circuit TV (CCTV) cameras and alarm systems. My goal is to apply my excellent observation and surveillance skills to enforce policies and regulations that ensure the safety of others.


Skilled at clearing all personnel entering and exiting premises buildings and collaborating with law enforcement and medical personnel whenever necessary.

Security camera monitoring
Skilled at monitoring CCTV surveillance systems to prevent theft and other security breaches.

Report writing
Trained in generating security reports with descriptive details for clients while ensuring 100% accuracy of documents for legal use.

Physical fitness
Physical stamina and alertness to respond to security breaches and emergencies.

Goode Company, May 2021—August 2021
Security Guard: Ensured the safety of clients and their property as a static security guard during 10-hour shifts


Community High School, September 2015—June 2019
High school diploma

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Experienced example

Here is a chronological resume for a more experienced security guard:

Jane Doe
Ottawa, ON


Perceptive security guard with over 10 years of experience safeguarding private clients. Minimize security threats using sound judgement, observation skills, and de-escalation techniques.

Professional history

PSG Inc., Patrol Security Guard
July 2014—present

  • Work with law enforcement and emergency medical personnel to protect the public during sporting events and music festivals that can host up to 100k attendants

  • Maintain physical fitness to patrol arenas and large venues during adverse weather conditions

  • Prevent disruptions to festivals and events using de-escalation techniques and reporting security threats to authorities

Oak Tree Security, Patrol Security Guard
May 2010—June 2014

  • Cleared individuals entering and exiting client's 10-storey building

  • Accompanied guests to destinations that posed security threats

  • Monitored 20-camera surveillance systems to identify potential security threats and security breaches

  • Patrolled client premises in the company vehicle

Educational history

Community College

September 2008August 2009
Diploma in law and security

Community High School
September 2015—August 2019
High school diploma

Skills and abilities

Report writing skills, video surveillance monitoring skills, observation skills, decision-making skills, written and verbal communication skills, firearms expertise

Licences and certifications

Firearms licence from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP)

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