How to Write an Effective Sales Resume (With Tips and Examples)

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Updated July 27, 2022

Published June 21, 2021

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Sales are the driving force behind the revenue generation of every rising business or organization. A good salesperson is persuasive, personable, and driven. When applying for a sales position, you need to craft a resume that effectively expresses these values to make you stand out from your competition. In this article, we look at examples of sales resumes for several positions and explore which skills you need to include.

Who is a salesperson?

Salespersons are in charge of communicating the advantages of a company's goods and services to increase sales. Sales representatives function as the point of interaction between a company and its existing or prospective clients. Their duties include finding and advising potential buyers, answering questions about the products or services, and negotiating sales.

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What are a salesperson's duties and responsibilities?

A salesperson has a wide range of duties which include:

  • Offering, advertising, and marketing products/services to current and potential consumers using convincing arguments

  • Creating, growing, and sustaining healthy markets and consumer partnerships

  • Satisfying the interests of current customers and conducting cost-benefits and needs review

  • Meeting revenue goals and outcomes on time

  • Resolving customer issues as soon as possible to maintain customer loyalty and brand reputation

  • Coordinating sales efforts with team members and other divisions as needed

  • Reporting on customer demands, challenges, desires, and competitive practices

  • Identifying the opportunity for new goods and services

Skills to include in a sales resume

Salespeople have a distinct set of skills that enable them to connect businesses with clients and complete transactions. If you're looking for a sales job, here are some of the most important qualities employers look for in a candidate:


A salesperson must be self-assured to meet and communicate with strangers, partake in conversations, and negotiate deals. You need to show your potential employer that you're confident in your experience, skills, and abilities as a salesperson. They'll want to see if you can convince anyone to believe in and purchase the products you're selling.

Communication skills

Efficient verbal and written communication skills are essential in sales. Clear and professional communication means that colleagues, clients, and vendors all grasp the standards and priorities. It will also help to strengthen a good consumer attitude and improve repeat sales and referrals.

Computer literacy

You'll need basic skills for using sales software and digital communication. List any qualifications you have, such as data entry, Microsoft Excel proficiency, or familiarity with point-of-sale software. Many jobs have adopted computer-based operations, so it's best if you develop the relevant skills set. It'll give you an edge over other candidates.

Proficiency in other languages

Being able to communicate in a second or third language is a valuable resource for sales roles. You don't have to be a fluent speaker of each language, but should be able to communicate clearly. This skill especially applies to salespeople working in high tourism areas or areas with a lot of language diversity, like Toronto or Montreal. Mention it on your resume to answer basic questions and have a large enough vocabulary to make transactions in another language. For example, the ability to speak French gives you an advantage and opportunity to communicate with customers in Quebec more easily.


Patience is an important customer service skill. A salesperson often assists consumers in making decisions, resolving problems, answering questions, and negotiating. These customer experiences require flexibility and empathy on the salesperson's behalf. These skills help complete the transaction and sustain a good relationship with returning and future buyers.

Key sales facts to include in your sales resume

Include key sales facts in your resume because they show off your work experience and technical skill set. Although the sales industry is expansive and diverse, there are a few key elements that any outstanding sales resume should include prominently. They include:

  1. The kinds of goods you've sold

  2. Where you've sold and the territories you've managed

  3. The kinds of clients you've sold to in the past

  4. The types of professionals you've collaborated with

  5. The sizes of deals you've secured, including quantitative figures like percentages

  6. Average sales time length

  7. Achievements, like consistently meeting or exceeding sales targets

Tips for writing the best sales resume

Here are a few great tips to help you write the best resume possible:

  1. Keep it concise: Make your resume one page in length with legible font size, and provide only the most current and relevant job-related material.

  2. Be professional: Throughout your resume, use a professional tone and vocabulary. Make sure the email address you use is suitable for the job.

  3. Include only relevant skills: If you're using a template to help write your skills section, restrict the list to the 10 most relevant skills to the specific job you're applying for.

  4. Customize your profile: Create your profile segment about the job description's basic requirements. Customize this segment for each position you apply for.

  5. Using keywords: Add sales-related keywords throughout your resume, including the experience, skills, and achievements sections. You can add keywords such as teamwork, people-oriented, patient, and self-motivated.

  6. Revise frequently: Make sure your resume is up to date and make updates for each application. For each job you apply for, stress different credentials and skills.

  7. Maintain consistency: Keep your resume's formatting tidy, accessible, and clear across pages. Hold the same heading and font if you're adding a cover letter.

Sales resume template

The details you highlight on your sales resume can vary depending on the position you're applying for, your specific style, and your qualifications. Modify this resume template by rearranging or removing parts to fit your needs:

[Your name]
[Street address]
[email address]
[Telephone number]


[A brief introduction describing your professional style, technical knowledge, and soft skills. This segment is a direct reference to the job description provided by the employer.]


[Most recent work experience]

[City, Province/Territory] [Recent work description, company name]

[Beginning—end date or present working place]

[Accomplishment, achievement, contribution to workplace, primary duty]

[Second most recent work experience]

[City, Province/Territory] [Recent work description, company name]

[Beginning—end date or present working place]

[Accomplishment, achievement, contribution to workplace, primary duty]

[Third most recent work experience]

[City, Province/Territory] [Recent work description, company name]

[Beginning–end date or present working place]

[Accomplishment, achievement, contribution to workplace, primary duty]


  • Relevant technical skills

  • Hard skills

  • Transferable soft skills

Educational history

[Most recent degree or professional certificate obtained/highest degree qualification]

[Institution], [Province/Territory]

[Beginning date-ending date or present]

[Second most recent degree or professional certificate obtained/highest degree qualification]

[Institution], [Province/Territory]

[Beginning date-ending date or present]


[Your volunteer position, the name of the NGO] [Province/Territory]

[Beginning date–ending date or present]

[Accomplishment, achievement, contribution to volunteering organization, primary duty]


[Relevant membership status relating to sales, if any]

Sales resume example

Sally Hemsworth
White Denning Way, 3452 Drive, Alberta, Canada


Pharmaceutical sales representative with over four years of experience in pharmaceutical and prescription sales as well as overseeing company, technical, and corporate client accounts. Per year, I exceeded our revenue targets by over 15%. I am a strong sales rep with negotiating experience and comprehensive product awareness.


Maple Leaf Pharmacy, Toronto, Canada
August 2017—October 2020
Head of pharmaceutical sales

Contribution and primary duties

  • I was in charge of sales to pharmaceutical customer accounts for 15 organizations with annual sales of one and a half million dollars

  • I assessed client requirements based on existing priorities, supply and demand, and seasonal factors

  • I collaborated with the sales and marketing team heads to decide the right goods to sell to each market

  • In three years, I established customer relationships with over 150 resident doctors and dental practices in the region

Key achievements

  • Per year, I exceeded our revenue targets by more than 15%

  • Consistently met sales quotas for five consecutive quarters

Bomco pharma, Alberta, Canada
May 2015—July 2017
Assistant pharmaceutical sales representative

Contribution and Primary duties

  • Assisted the head of sales with their duties

  • Delivered pitches to potential and existing customers

  • Reviewed sales success for the sales division and generated main reports for weekly, annual, and quarterly meetings

Key Achievements

  • Created a more efficient system and increased productivity by 20%

  • Generated over $250,000 sales

Clinnex Pharmaceuticals, Alberta, Canada
January 2014—April 2015

Primary duties and responsibilities

  • Supported the sales team by scheduling meetings and answering sales calls

  • Shadowed sales associates

  • Answered customer questions

  • Sourced new leads through cold calling


  • Business management and administrative skills

  • Ability to sustain favourable relationships and customer relations

  • Interpersonal skills and communication skills

  • Solid team leader and delegator

  • Fluent in French and English, c**onversational Spanish


  • Masters of Business Administration and Marketing
    University of Toronto—Toronto, Canada
    July 2018—May 2020

  • Bachelors of Business Administration
    University of Alberta—Alberta, Canada
    July 2009—July 2013


  • Member, Canadian Professional Sales Association (CPSA)
    July 2017—present


Council for Continuing Pharmaceutical Education

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