How to Compose a Sales Manager Resume (With Example)

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Updated September 13, 2022 | Published September 29, 2021

Updated September 13, 2022

Published September 29, 2021

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The growth of a business depends on how effective and reliable the sales manager is at selling its products and services. For that reason, employers want to hire competent and dependable salespeople to steward their businesses. Having a well-curated sales resume effectively presents your track record and is effective when applying for a sales manager's job. In this article, we learn how to write a sales manager resume, discover tips for writing a good manager resume, and provide both a template and an example.

How to write a sales manager resume

Follow the following steps when writing a sales manager resume for a job position:

1. Input your contact information

This section of a resume provides a potential employer with information on how to contact you. If interested in hiring you, the company manager can either call or email you. Write your name, surname, and formal email address clearly and in bold. Also, include a mailing address if the employer mentions it in the job description.

2. Write a resume objective

A resume objective is the first section that hiring managers look at while reviewing a resume. It summarizes your experience and achievements in related sales jobs. In one or two sentences, demonstrate why you are the perfect fit for the job you are applying for at the company. Alternatively, without in-depth experience in the sales field, you can use this section to highlight how you can employ your skills and abilities to add value to the company or organization. You can also mention your career goals that apply to the job position. A resume summary may look like this:

“Proven sales professional who previously managed a conversion rate increase of 36% in B2B products. Seeking to apply my analytical, planning, and customer-bonding skills to grow a competent sales team at company ABC. “

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3. Add your work experience

Specify the most recent jobs that provided your sales and managerial experience. If there are statistics that highlight your contribution or impact, write them down in bold to stand out from other applicants. Alternatively, you can add links to your professional profile on job board platforms or a previous company site that shows your track record. In reverse-chronological order, list down your highest levels of education in sales and marketing.

Ensure to mention the specific academic qualification, institution and year that you completed. If there are any relevant leadership roles that you took part in during your education (such as treasurer of a club), highlight them in this section of your resume. Emphasize the impact or results of your role on the job by including action verbs such as:

  • achieve

  • expanded

  • ranked

  • increased

  • fostered

  • improved

  • established

  • introduced

  • list your academic qualifications and achievements

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4. Add your skills

Carefully go through a job description and understand the requirements put forward by an employer. While writing the resume for that job, tailor your skillset to meet the recruiter's requirements for that specific position. Also, if you have earned any certificates from workshops or vocational training programs that apply to the job you are applying for, you can mention them. Some skills and qualifications that are necessary for a sales manager position are:

  • coaching skills

  • powerful analytical and evaluation skills

  • strong delegation skills

  • strategic planning skills

  • good communication skills

  • ability to remain calm during pressure

  • relationship-building skills

Tips for writing an interesting manager resume

As a sales manager, you implement sales strategies to meet targets, train new salespeople, designate territories, and assign duties that steer towards retaining and expanding the customer base of a company. They also participate in the hiring and firing process of employees on their team. Use the following tips to come up with a presentable resume:

Use keywords

In cases of exceedingly high applications, employers place resumes through an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to remove unqualified applicants. These software programs detect the major requirements mentioned in a job description to determine the resumes that pass. It's important to go through the job description carefully and understand what the hiring manager requires. Ensure you mention those specific requirements in your resume.

Use a template

The structure and format of your resume determine whether a hiring manager can go through it. Before writing your resume, find an appealing and easily readable template to guide you. The commonly used formats are reverse-chronological, functional and combination. For an easier reading experience, consider reverse-chronological order as the most appropriate format.

Customize your resume

Tailor a resume for specific jobs. Customizing your resume allows you to address the recruiter's requirements for that specific job, significantly increasing the chances of being hired. If you are applying for various jobs at once, write a resume for each. Customizing your resume automatically allows you to pass through ATS machines.

Use a professional font

Hiring managers have only a short time to review hundreds, or sometimes thousands, of applicant resumes. It's crucial to present yourself professionally by using a basic, formal font such as Times New Roman or Arial. Keep the size of your font comfortably readable, between 10 and 12. Ensure you leave adequate white space on your resume. Too little or extraneous white space diminishes your chances of getting hired because it does not portray you as presentable.

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Include the most relevant information only

Employers have limited time to go through multiple resumes, so filling up your resume with too much information cannot help. Although your experience or education might be extensive, it's important to keep your resume as short as possible. Include the most relevant and recent information that addresses the job requirements more than personal achievements. One page is enough for your resume.

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Use simple and active language

Use active language to address your past achievements when composing a sales manager resume. Make use of powerful words such as performed, attained, completed, expanded, and ranked, among others. Also, use simple language that the hiring manager may not struggle to understand. You can run your resume through editing tools to simplify complex terms and phrases.

Proofread and edit

Before sending your resume, go through it thoroughly to remove any grammar, tense, or spelling errors. Use online editing programs and tools to proofread your resume or find someone you trust to do it for you. Alternatively, you can carefully read your resume out loud and get rid of perceptible errors.

Resume template

Follow the guide of the sales resume template below to come up with an attractive resume for your next job application:


[City, province]

[Phone number]

[Email address]

[Career objective: One or two lines]

[Work experience]

  • [Company name]

  • [Job title]

  • [Working years]

  • [Roles]

  • [Results]

[Education: Start with the most recent academic qualification.

  • [High school]

  • [Possible graduation date]

  • [Grade point average or letter grade]

  • [Any courses relevant to the role]

[Skills: Reflect what the potential employer highlighted in the job description]

  • [Skill]

  • [Skill]

  • [Skill]

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Resume example

The following is an example of a sales resume template:

Personal details

Gerard Maurice

Toronto, Ontario

Phone number: 555-4444-2234

Email address:

Career objective

Competent sales professional profound in setting sales records and expanding business territories. With a proven ability to lead sales teams magnificently, I am seeking a sales manager position at your company, ABC, to employ my skills as a dependable negotiator and deal closer.

Work Experience

XYZ Company-Toronto

Job title: Sales manager

Period: January 2015 to present


  • Recruited sales representatives

  • Managed sales territories

  • Oversaw complex negotiations and deals

  • Supervised the sales team

  • Organize and train sales employees

Impact and results

  • Improved territory sales from $2.3 million to $5.7 million within two years, breaking quota records in 2016 and 2018 by 11% and 17% respectively.

  • Fostered a reliable network of buyers from Montreal to the Halifax Region

  • Ranked in the Top 25 Sales Managers in 2016

  • Established a strong commitment to customer satisfaction

XXX Company-Vancouver

Job title: Sales representative

Period: June 2014-December 2014


  • Served customers by answering their queries and selling them

  • Obtained and signed orders

  • Organized day-to-day work schedule


  • Recognized as a superior performer in making sales


Riverdale School of Business-Bachelor of Science in Marketing

Year of graduation: 2012

Montreal Business School-Bachelor of Science in Business Management

Year of graduation: 2010


  • Persuasion skills

  • Good communication skills

  • Creative-thinking

  • Analytical skills

  • Strategic planning skills

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