How to Write a Sales Engineer Resume (With Examples)

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Published April 9, 2022

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Sales engineers use a balance of sales and technical expertise to assist companies in purchasing complicated technology items. It's critical to develop an excellent resume throughout the application process that highlights your unique qualities and explains how you can assist a company in selling its goods. Learning about the process to follow when writing a resume for a sales engineer position can help you make sure you include relevant information about your qualifications.

In this article, we explore what you can put in a sales engineer resume, share some steps to take when writing yours, offer tips for creating an effective one, list some essential sales engineer skills, and provide a template and example to guide you in how to format yours.

What can you highlight in a sales engineer resume?

Employers often request to see a sales engineer resume from candidates who possess a highly specialized skill set related to the product they sell. The following are some common aspects that many employers look for in a resume:

  • Expertise with technical or scientific products

  • Advanced technical and computer skills

  • Excellent knowledge of the engineering sales process

  • Education or extensive experience in engineering or business development

You can also review the job description to learn more about specific qualifications the employer wants.

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How to write a sales engineering resume

To write your resume for a sales engineer position, follow these steps:

1. Read the job description

When creating a resume for a sales engineer position, begin by reading the job description for the available position. This enables you to determine the kind of applicant the company needs. Take note of any keywords or qualities they mention that you may include into your resume.

2. Share your contact information

Your entire name is to be in the heading of your resume. Provide your phone number and email address here so that the company may contact you with inquiries or to arrange an interview. Ensure that the email you include is professional. Having an email address that contains all or part of your name, such as "" or "," is beneficial.

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3. Write a professional summary

A professional summary assists the recruiting manager in learning about you. Briefly summarize your history and achievements in sales engineering in a few sentences. This communicates to the company why it's important for them to hire you and may persuade them to explore your resume further.

4. Include your professional experience

Try to create a section highlighting previous sales engineer responsibilities. This area may vary according to the company and its product and services, making it critical to customize each job application. Consider including details about your work duties and accomplishments in the jobs you've specified.

5. Create an education section

After that, give details about your academic credentials. List the degree type, the granting institution, the location, and the year you graduated beginning with your most recent or highest degree. If you graduated within the last five years, you may mention academic distinctions or affiliations, such as graduating with honours or belonging to your school's engineering club.

6. List your skills

Sales engineers often need a combination of sales and technical talents, and also soft skills. Include six to twelve of your most relevant talents on your resume. Consider incorporating the following abilities on your sales engineering resume:

  • Lead generation

  • Account management

  • Specific engineering knowledge, like hardware or network engineering

  • Presentation and technical demonstration

  • Technical skills in areas like software as a service or computer-aided design

  • Communication

  • Customer service

7. Review your resume

Once you've completed your resume, reread it to verify that it's brief and easy to read. When reviewing, check for typical grammar issues, such as missing punctuation. Additionally, you may have a colleague read it to provide you with a unique perspective and critical input.

Essential sales engineer skills

Here are some skills essential for sales engineers:

Technical skills

Technical abilities are a critical skill set to have as a sales engineer. You may learn many of the technical skills necessary to succeed in your job while obtaining your bachelor's degree. For example, engineering concepts, computer abilities, data analysis skills, mechanical skills, and other hard skill sets may often be essential to accomplish your work effectively.


Creativity is the capacity to think differently about a job or an issue, or the capacity to utilize one's imagination to develop new ideas. Creativity allows you to overcome difficult challenges or devise novel approaches to assignments. Additionally, your imagination is a valuable asset as a sales engineer.

Developing new methods to approach potential clients, adopting sales techniques to expand your firm's market reach, and generally thinking of inventive ways to help your company develop are all examples of how your creativity may be useful in the role.

Persuasion skills

This ability comprises the capacity to influence others' ideas and actions by explaining the worth and benefit of embracing the change. It entails listening to and reacting to customers' problems in a manner that both eases and promotes the sale. This ability enables sales engineers to negotiate arrangements that benefit both the organization and the client.

Interpersonal skills

Sales engineers regularly work with other professionals, meet with clients, and present information to executives, making interpersonal communication and connection-making skills critical. Additionally, interpersonal skills cover characteristics that help you to develop connections with people, comprehend other viewpoints, and successfully traverse social and professional contexts.

Communication skills

This talent encompasses the capacity to explain ideas effectively and succinctly in both spoken and writing form. Additionally, it entails listening carefully to others to comprehend their wants, replies, and reactions. Sales engineers apply this ability to determine their customers' demands, explain the product's worth, and modify their approach in response to customer feedback.

Customer service skills

Customer service abilities are necessary for sales engineers. Because these individuals are skilled at selling technical and industrial items to corporations and other organizations, it's critical that you build your skills to bargain, convince, and influence prospective customers to purchase your company's products. Possessing a great customer service skill set also entails the capacity to develop significant client connections.

Leadership skills

Many sales engineers are leaders in companies and are sometimes in charge of many sales procedures. As your career progresses, you may receive promotions to positions of leadership where you may supervise a team of salespeople or technical specialists. As a result, it's critical to cultivate your abilities to influence and drive people and to also lead operations and take responsibility.

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Tips for creating an effective sales engineer resume

Use the following advice to help you create an effective sales engineering resume:

  • Try reverse chronological order: Reverse chronological order lists your most recent experience first, giving employers an idea of how you've progressed in the field.

  • Include keywords: When writing your sales engineering resume, use industry keywords to help you pass applicant tracking systems.

  • Pair it with a cover letter: To help support your resume, consider including a cover letter that encourages further discussion about your qualifications and how you can apply them to the organization.

  • Quantify your achievement: In the work experience section of your resume, provide numbers to describe your accomplishments, such as I**ncreased sales by 10%.

Sales engineering resume template

Here's a template for a sales engineering resume:

[Your name]
[Email address]
[Phone number]

Professional summary
[One to two sentences describing your experience and achievements in the sales engineering field]

Work experience
[Job title]
[Company name], [location]
[Dates of employment]
[Job duty or achievement]
[Job duty or achievement]
[Job duty or achievement]

[Job title]
[Company name], [location]
[Dates of employment]
[Job duty or achievement]
[Job duty or achievement]
[Job duty or achievement]

[Type of degree], [area of study]
[University or college name], [location]
[Graduation date]

[Relevant skill]
[Relevant skill]
[Relevant skill]
[Relevant skill]
[Relevant skill]
[Relevant skill]

Sales engineering resume example

Here is an example of a sales engineering resume:

Alexander Peterson

Professional summary
Dedicated and competent sales engineer with a bachelor's degree in computer science and a track record of sales success. Exceeds sales quota on a consistent basis and contributes to over 15% higher client acquisition rates.

Work experience
Sales engineer
Long-wave Enterprises, Wheatley, ONT
July 2020—present

  • Build strong relationships with potential customers and stakeholders

  • Deliver performance updates at quarterly business meetings

  • Cold call 20 new accounts daily

  • Develop relationships with key players to create potential lead generations for the organization

Sales engineer
Hinter Retail, Oshawa, ONT
September 2018—July 2020

  • Improved customer acquisition rates by 19% using pricing strategies

  • Responded to customer questions about product availability and prices

  • Created and presented a technical solution to a reputable boutique to increase sales revenue by $15,000 over the duration of two years

Bachelor of Science in computer science
Ontario Tech University, Oshawa, ONT
May 2018


  • Account management

  • Lead generation

  • Problem-solving

  • Multitasking

  • Negotiation

  • Sales calls

  • Organization

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