How To Write a Clear Objective for a Sales Associate Resume

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August 17, 2021

A sales associate is responsible for assisting and closing the purchasing needs of a customer, and to stand out as a competitive applicant, you need a resume objective that reflects your unique skills. If you choose to start your resume with an objective, you need to clearly articulate your goals, skills, and technical insight within two sentences. Doing so can summarize your resume and link your goals to the role. In this article, we discuss how to write an objective for a sales associate's resume and provide some examples.

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What is an objective for a sales associate resume?

An objective for a sales associate resume gives you the opportunity to talk directly to the hiring manager and highlight your most valuable attributes. This section, typically, is one to two sentences and is often the first thing the hiring manager looks at on your resume.

Stating an objective is most useful for entry-level candidates who have less than three years of relevant sales associate experience. A resume objective is aimed towards future goals, instead of summarizing past goals, so the objective gives you space to detail how your skills align with goals you want to accomplish. Typically, if you have over three years of relevant experience, a summary is better at articulating your work and technical insight.

How to create a resume objective for a sales associate job

While it might be the smallest section of your resume, a well-crafted resume objective can be the most impactful part of your sales associate application. There are many variables to consider including, and depending on your experience and the requirements of the role, what you include in your sale associate objective needs to best describe your experience. Here are some key steps you can follow to help create an effective resume objective when you're applying for a sales associate job:

1. Focus on simplicity

A hiring manager typically looks at dozens, if not hundreds, of job applications for a role. They're looking to quickly and efficiently assess which candidates match what they're looking for in sales associate, and at most may only take a few seconds to a minute to examine your resume. Keep your objective under two sentences and be intentional with your wording. Write as clearly as possible, and make sure every word you include is necessary to your sales objective.

2. Get the hiring manager's attention

Remember that your sales associate objective may be the first thing the hiring manager sees and maybe the only thing they read. If this objective is representing your resume, start by using a key adjective like goal-oriented or driven to grab their attention. They'll likely want to find out why and read on.

3. Show a pleasant mindset

While harder to quantify, a positive and energetic mindset is something you want a hiring manager to take away from your sales associate objective. Be sure to phrase your objective with energetic and driven language that is as engaging as possible. Instead of saying you aim to hit sales quotas, say you aim to outperform your sales quotas. Use words like exceed and surpass when discussing objectives, to make it clear you're target-oriented. Consider asking a peer or friend to consider the tone of your resume objective.

4. Talk about your best attributes

Once you've got the hiring manager's attention, talk about your best attributes and how they help you succeed as a sales associate. Consider that soft skills, like communication, negotiation, and up-selling are great qualities in a sales associate. You can also consider other interpersonal skills like customer service and client-facing skills if the role is more hands-on with customers. Take some time to align your skills with desirable sales associate skills and see how your experience matches up.

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5. Quantify your results

As a sales associate, you need to be able to tie your soft skills to actionable results. Soft skills are skills that help you navigate the workplace and professionally interact, and they are highly valuable in a sales role. If you're excellent at communication, negotiation, and client-facing, you need to highlight examples from your work experience that shows where you successfully used those skills. For example, being strong at client interactions may have helped you exceed your sales quota by 10% in your last sales associate role.

6. Highlight your credentials

You can also consider referencing any relevant credentials you may have. As a sales associate, having directly relevant sales credentials like a BA in sales and marketing or a certificate from the Canadian Professional Sales Association (CPSA) is most applicable. You could also consider mentioning other technical certificates or diplomas if they're relevant.

7. Learn and adapt

One of the most important skills for any sales associate is how fast you can learn, adapt and outperform your sales quota. Reflect on a time in your career where you were first to learn a skill or where your adaptability drove a quantifiable result. For example, mention how you were the youngest sales associate to hit a certain target, or the only sales associate to hit a target when the rest of the team was underperforming.

8. Show how you can bring value

Your objective needs to show how you can bring value as a sales associate to the role. Reflect on what noteworthy goals and achievements you've reached across your career, and articulate how it ties to something specific about the role you're applying to. This is a crucial step to being considered as a top candidate since showing how your objective relates to the role informs the hiring manager you're an ideal match.

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9. Highlight your technical insight

While this may depend on the type of sales associate role you're applying to, demonstrating familiarity with customer relationship management (CRM) software or inventory management software (IMS) demonstrates industry insight to the hiring manager. See if you can find an opportunity to mention any particular technology you've interfaced with, only if it applies to the objective you're aiming towards. As an example, you could state your familiarity with a sales CRM helped you optimize your performance allowing you to outperform the other sales associates by 22%.

10. Be clear on what you're seeking

Reflect on the job posting to see if you're clear on the position, title, and responsibility of the role. It's always better to double-check and see that you clearly understand what the hiring manager is prioritizing and if your skills and experience can accurately reflect that goal. It's worth reviewing how the hiring manager has ordered the job posting, this can give you an insight into what their top priorities are.

11. Keep your objective sales related

While there are many important skills necessary to be an effective sales associate, remain focused on outlining an objective that is sales-related. Your objective needs to reflect that the key performance indicator of a sales associate is to drive revenue and match quota. Consider focusing on skills that complement or assist your sales goal by being intentional about the skills you highlight. If you discuss negotiation or client-facing skills, be clear in how those skills translate to definable results.

Sales associate resume objective examples

Here are a few examples of resume objectives for sales associate resumes you can use to help write your next resume objective:

Example: h**ighly motivated sales associate with two years' experience of consistently outperforming quota by 13% month over month. Seeking an opportunity to bring my result-driven mindset, communication skills, and BA in sales and marketing to a growth-oriented team.

Example: seeking a sales associate job with a growth-oriented company and excellent work culture. Bringing three years of sales associate experience, expertise in Selling cloud (CRM), and a customer-first mindset.

Example: r**esults-driven professional seeking a job with Mangratite as a sales floor associate. Relatable skills include a positive and professional mindset, excellent customer service skills, and a professional sales acumen certified as a professional seller by the CSPA.

Example: q**uota-driven professional seeking a sales associate role where I can leverage my two years of selling experience and excellent communication skills. Personally closed over 1,000 clients, exceeded quota by 16%, while being the youngest salesperson to achieve either.

Example: integrity-oriented professional looking to bring my year of excellent communication and customer service experience to Vally Corp as a sales associate. Impressed by Vally Corp's dedication to corporate social responsibility, team culture, and ethical practices.

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