How to Write a Sales Representative Resume (With an Example)

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Published May 21, 2022

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Sales representatives, sometimes called salespeople, use proven strategies to persuade clients to purchase items or services. If you're searching for a sales representative position, a resume detailing your job duties and accomplishments from previous roles can help you show your expertise to hiring managers. By including the right information and structure on your resume, you can increase your chances of finding a new job. In this article, we describe a job description on a sales representative resume, explain how to write one on a resume, list some essential skills, and provide a template and example you can use to display this information on your resume.

What is a sales representative resume?

A sales representative resume summarizes your primary responsibilities and accomplishments throughout your education and career. This information is critical because it shows potential employers the impact of your customer service and relevant sales representative experience, which can help you find a new job and advance your career. Most resumes feature this information in specific sections on one page so that the document is easy for potential employers and hiring managers to read.

How to write a salesperson resume

Review these steps if you want to write a sales representative resume that's easy for employers to read:

1. Read the job description to identify required skills and experience

Carefully read the job posting to determine which qualities, skills, and experience you may need as a sales representative. Consider the words and phrases they use to describe the ideal sales rep candidate and write them down. Include those keywords in your resume summary, skills, and professional experience sections when tailoring your resume. List your most related, comparable, and transferrable skills and experience.

Because each job description differs, thoroughly review the listings and remove unnecessary items from your skill list and professional experience based on the role. Include metrics and numbers in your achievements. For example, if a job description for a sales rep mentions contacting numerous leads, include a metric such as “Contacted 100 new prospects per week, with a 10% conversion rate.” This shows your actions and the results.

2. Choose an easy-to-read format

The goal of writing your resume is to make it easy for employers to identify the reasons you're the ideal sales rep candidate. This entails emphasizing the most important information first and including the most relevant and up-to-date information. An effective format is to use a reverse-chronological order resume to focus on your experience.

If you don't yet have a lot of work experience as a sales representative and prefer to focus on your impressive skills, you can use a functional resume. Remember to use a simple, professional font with a 10 or 12-point font size, such as Arial, Calibri, or Georgia.

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3. Include your contact information and a resume summary

List your contact information, like your name, location, phone number, and email address at the top of the page. Below that, express your most relevant qualifications as a sales rep by beginning with a headline, resume summary statement, or resume objective. Any reader can quickly identify your skill set and professional goals as a sales rep based on this brief description. A headline is the shortest version, and it summarizes your accomplishments in one sentence. A summary or objective statement is typically up to four sentences.

4. List your professional work experience and education

Include the most notable details of your previous roles as a sales rep that apply to the new job. To organize this section and make it easier to read, you can use bullet points rather than paragraphs. Begin with powerful action verbs and end with an accomplishment.

List all relevant degrees or sales rep certifications that qualify you for this job in the education section of your resume. If you have a degree in business, marketing, accounting, or mass communication, you can include it. You can also include the name of your educational institution, its location, and your graduation date. If you have any honours or awards as a sales rep, list them in this section as well.

5. Feature relevant hard and soft skills

You can list professional skills you have that qualify you for the role of a sales rep in your skills section. Employers may include the skill sets they seek in their job descriptions. For the position of a sales rep, you can list specific skills, such as customer service, sound negotiation abilities, and communication skills. Examine the job posting carefully and make a note of any required skills you have that they're looking for in a candidate. You can list your skills in a single paragraph, with a comma between each skill, or include them as a bulleted list.

6. Examine sample resumes

Look for other great sales representative resumes online and examine the information they contain. To learn what metrics to include, you may look for resumes for sales representatives rather than general sales resume. This can show you prevalent formatting and what kind of experience you can include, and it can help you compose a great resume.

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Tips for composing a great salesperson resume

Remember to use the salesperson resume example as a resource as you prepare to write your resume. Here are some best practices to consider:

  • Use compelling and persuasive language to make an excellent first impression on the hiring manager.

  • Keep your resume brief, typically to one or two pages at most, so that it's easy for hiring managers to review and understand quickly.

  • Proofread your resume carefully before submitting, to ensure it's grammatically correct and all spelling and phrasing reads well.

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Skills you can include in your salesperson resume

Here are some skills a successful sales representative may possess:

Product expertise

Product knowledge is an essential skill that sales representatives may possess. This role requires candidates to have a thorough understanding of what they sell. Customers often ask a variety of questions, so it's critical to gain as much information as possible about every aspect of the product. This may assist you in discussing the features of what you're selling. Understanding details about the product and its intended usage may also help you earn your clients' and consumers' trust.

Communication skills

When working as a sales representative, it's essential to have strong verbal and written communication skills. This is primarily because you may be communicating with customers by phone and pitching them on your products. Your ability to communicate effectively has a significant impact on whether you make a sale.

You may also communicate with leads via email, so written communication skills are essential in this role as well. Establishing rapport with clients and colleagues is critical in the function of a sales representative. Note that the impression you make on your clients can influence their perception of the business and its brand.

Active listening skills

A sales representative may require active listening skills. This is especially critical when conversing on the phone, as the client can't observe your body language or eye contact. Active listening, which entails comprehending your clients' needs and displaying that you care about them, can also assist you in developing rapport.

Rapport-building skills

Making connections with clients and customers is a crucial skill to have in this career. The more positive your relationship with them, the more likely they are to purchase from you. Understanding your target market and their motivations can benefit your sales and your future in this field. As a sales representative, you may communicate with various personalities, so applying your interpersonal skills in this role can help you to develop rapport with people more quickly. This can help you communicate, negotiate, and make sales.

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Salesperson resume example

To assist you in creating your own, here's an example of a sales representative resume:

John Frankfurt
Toronto, Ontario


Focused and results-oriented sales representative with four years of experience generating leads and handling software sales. Proven customer engagement strategies, and the ability to develop a customer list of over 200 new clients.

Professional experience

Sales representative
Database Software Inc., Toronto, Ontario, January 2018—Present

  • Visited 10 offices in prospective regions once a week

  • Produced 90% success rate in opening new accounts for prospects

  • Used proprietary software to manage CRM accounts

  • Created monthly sales reports and analyzed data to identify trends

  • Conducted market research to boost lead generation by 10%

Sales associate
Extra Style Clothing, Toronto, Ontario, May 2015—January 2018

  • Met daily sales targets

  • Upsold and cross-sold items from different departments

  • Handled customer relationships through quarterly calls

  • Awarded Salesperson of the Month: August 2015, February 2016, July 2017, November 2017

Sales representative
Provision Sales, Toronto, Ontario, May 2013—April 2015

  • Made $40k in monthly revenue from software sales

  • Exceeded monthly sales quota by at least 40%

  • Used CRM software to manage your sales pipeline and increase your follow-up closing rate by 50%

Sales representative
SalesSporting, Toronto, Ontario, January 2010—March 2013

  • Managed 50 customers' accounts for athletic equipment

  • Achieved sporting's top sales representative for five months

  • Increased the closing rate on cold calls by 40% by tailoring pitches to the customer's needs


Bachelor of Business Administration
University of Mississauga
Toronto, Ontario, May 2016


Certified Sales Professional
Canadian Professional Sales Association
Online, January 2018


  • Effective communication

  • Prospecting

  • Active listening

  • Negotiation skills

  • CRM operation

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