How To Create a Retail Sales Associate Resume (With Tips)

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Updated October 25, 2022

Published September 29, 2021

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A retail sales associate job may be an entry-level position, but it can also be very rewarding and stable. Retail requires great sales skills and a positive attitude toward clients. A strong and well-structured resume might help convince the recruiter that you are the right candidate for the position. In this article, we learn how to create a retail sales associate resume, discover what to include in it, explore effective tips and skills, and provide a template and example.

How to create a retail sales associate resume

You may follow the steps below to write a convincing retail sales associate resume:

1. Choose an appropriate template

A template simplifies the resume creation process. You can find resume templates online, which you can download and use. Some are even easier to use as you may just require keying in your information as the creator has already organized the sections. The template needs to be suitable for the job role.

2. Gather all the information

Information relevant to a resume includes important dates, skills, experience, education, and contact information. It's important to gather this information so as not to miss anything. You may start with the most relevant information for the retail sales job you are applying for within the company.

3. Include all relevant material

When writing your resume, including all relevant information for the job is essential. It's also important to stay objective by talking and addressing your achievements rather than yourself. Write the exact dates and locations alongside your past experiences and achievements to stand out from the mass. Be sure to include your name, contact information, email address, and even any links to your professional networks.

4. Write about a specific position

When writing a resume, you may use terms related to the specific position for it to be relatable. For instance, if you're applying for a job at a sales firm, your resume needs to contain certain keywords that relate to sales. You may even take some keywords from the job description when gathering all your information about the job.

5. Examine the resume

A resume is your first impression to the employer before they meet you in person during the interview. It's quite important to ensure you revise your resume before submission. You might also consider someone else going through it because they may notice mistakes you missed. Revisions ensure you submit a grammar-free and well-structured resume to the recruiter and increase your chances of them contacting you for an interview. It also helps you include all the information you need to put on the resume.

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What to include in your resume

Structuring a good retail sales associate resume may require the inclusion of a few important sections. These are:

Professional skills

Skills enable the recruiter to know if you suit the job or not. When writing your skills, be sure to include the skills that suit the particular job. You might associate some keywords from the job description that resemble your skills before listing them. Some important skills for the job include:

  • communication

  • confidence

  • active listening

  • entrepreneurial spirit

  • prospecting

  • business acumen


Experience plays a big role in qualifying for a retail sales job, just like any other job. Recruiters want to see that you have experience in the job you are applying for to reduce training costs and time. Your experience might also help you stand out from the other competitors in the position.


Listing your achievements helps show your potential on your resume. Achievements may be both relevant to the job you are applying for or related to other fields. For instance, you may list that you attained certain sales targets in your previous employment, which helped boost the company's revenue or if you were a leader in your sales team.

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Tips for writing the sales resume

The following tips may be useful in creating your resume:

Keep it simple

A resume needs to be simple, preferably one page. Recruiters receive many resumes, and going through all of them may be cumbersome. If your resume is precise and clear, you may have an added advantage. Keeping it simple may also mean you only include the relevant information related to the job application. This may enable your resume to stand out amongst competitors.

Customize your resume

When applying for a sales position, edit your resume to address the specific job. Also, when applying for two different jobs, compose a resume for each application. The easiest way to customize your sales resume is by first listing all your skills, experience, and academic achievements. When writing your resume, list the details related to the specific job you are applying for and leave out the irrelevant ones.

Emphasize your sales skills

Sales candidates are majorly ranked based on their experience and skills rather than their educational background. While writing your resume for a sales associate job, be sure to emphasize your skills and experience. You can do this in the skills and experience section of the resume. The job application may guide you to knowing the skills needed if you are not sure what to list. You may use action verbs to highlight your skills. For instance, words like coordinate, replenish, assist, great, recommend, label, build, and educate.

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After composing your resume, take time and effort to go through it before sending it. Correct all grammatical and tense errors and substitute the most complex words and phrases for easily understandable ones. Also, you can have someone else go through your resume and suggest edits.

Include keywords

Keywords not only help you know what the job application really needs, but they also help you structure your resume according to the skills needed. Some companies use software to select candidates for interviews. This software works by detecting keywords related to the job description. Including these keywords may help you pass this selection process.

Include facts, numbers, and figures

Including facts and figures to support your experience can make you stand out from others. It highlights your accomplishments more and may show how important and strategic you were in your previous employment. This may also boost your chances of selection, as employers need candidates with proven experience. You may state how much profit you helped your previous store make or what percentage of revenue you took part in making. This may cause the employer to consider their current revenues and sales and determine how much further you, as a candidate, can improve the store or company.


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Skills to consider in your resume

The following are general skills to consider in your sales associate resume:

  • POS system operation

  • salesmanship

  • product knowledge

  • assisting customers by answering their questions and recommendations

  • handling petty cash

  • stocking shelves

  • cleaning and arranging the store

  • processing refunds

  • promoting sales display in the store

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Resume template

Here is a resume template for a retail sales associate:

[City, province]
[Phone number]
[Objectives and reasons you think you need and qualify for the job]

Work Experience

[Most recent job]–[Name of the company and the location]
[Years worked]
[List your main responsibilities.]

[Second most recent job]–[Name of the company and location]
[Years worked]
[List your main responsibilities.]


[The most relevant skill relating to the application]


[List your education from the highest level. Degree, diploma, and any certificate.]
[Exact dates for start and completion of the courses.]
[Indicate whether you have completed or are still in progress.]

Resume example

Using the above resume template may result in the following example:

Margaret Goodie
Montréal, Québec
(351) 555-7456

Objective Statement

To find a career in the fashion industry, preferably in sales or retail. Has several years of relevant experience and am hoping to further develop my problem-solving and communication skills.

Work Experience

Cashier–Money foundation, Montréal, Québec
2015 - 2018
Primary responsibilities

  • Helped customers purchase their goods.

  • Interacted with customers.

  • Assisted clients with various needs around the firm.

Sales Associate–Canada Fashion industry, Montréal, Québec
Primary responsibilities

  • Assisted customers around the fashion shop.

  • Arranged the fashion shop for easy product location.

  • Enlightened customers on voucher systems.


  • communication

  • time management

  • organized

  • confidence

  • prospecting

  • prob**lem solver

    Bachelor of Arts in sales and marketing
    University of Edenbok

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