Factors to Consider When Hiring Resume Writing Services

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Published June 10, 2022

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When pursuing a new job opportunity, it's essential to create an interesting and informative resume to become a leading candidate for the role. This is why you may want to consider professional writing services to perform research on your behalf and create a resume that highlights your most relevant skills and experience. Learning about important factors to consider before choosing a professional resume writing service can help you find a new job. In this article, we define what resume writing services are, discuss the factors to consider when hiring a writing service, and provide answers to frequently asked questions.

What are resume writing services?

Resume writing services or professional writing services are companies that help job candidates to create outstanding and professional resumes. These companies have professional resume writers who are knowledgeable in various industries. They help clients write their resumes that suit the applicant tracking system (ATS) requirements. ATS enables hiring managers to filter several candidates' resumes more efficiently. A professional resume writing service ensures that it conveys a client's skills and experience to the prospective employer. They create a personalized resume by gathering information about your work and education.

For clients willing to pay extra, these companies also write a cover letter and optimize work profiles. Some writing services also function as tools that can guide you through each section of a resume.

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Factors to consider when hiring a professional resume service

The following are factors you can consider when hiring a professional resume writing service:

Determine the turnaround time

Some resume writing companies require a week, a month, or even longer to deliver their services. This is because their resume's editing process usually passes several professionals for them to produce quality work. For example, they may assign a formatting task to an individual and a grammar task to someone else. These professional writing services often prioritize quality over speed. If your application deadline is near, it's essential you consider a service that offers a 24-hour turnaround time.

Know their writing process

It's important you ensure that a company's writing process meets your needs. For instance, some writing services require that their clients complete comprehensive questionnaires, while others prefer to meet their clients directly. Some services only communicate with clients through e-mail, telephone, and worksheets before producing a resume. Phone or e-mail consultations and physical meetings are effective writing processes that can enable the writing service to know how they can demonstrate a client's qualifications to the employer.

When hiring a professional writing service, it's also vital you ask about how they may change your current resume. Some companies prefer to change all the sections in your resume at once, while others require that you submit requests for changes.

Read reviews

Reviews are vital in helping you know whether a professional writing company's service is satisfactory. Perform research and read the company's online reviews from clients. You can also use third-party review sites to learn about their services. This can help you identify the top professional resume writing companies to use. Another factor you may consider when reading reviews is whether the company's website has a contact number or live chat option. This typically shows that the company is willing to listen to your concerns.

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Check sample resume reviews

Most professional writing services display various sample resume reviews on their website. These sample resume reviews often serve as proof that the company has achieved the results its client wanted. Ensure you review the resume sample by checking its format, grammar, and page design. You can also assess its writing style to determine if the company often uses a modern or traditional resume. This can help you assess its level of expertise and know if its services are suitable.

Assess its credentials and accreditation

There are several professional accreditations for a resume writing service. It's vital you check if a resume service is an accredited member of a writing organization. You can verify if it's a reputable company. These writing organizations typically offer training and accreditation for resume writers. You can also check if the company employs verified professional resume writers. Certified resume writers have extensive knowledge and expertise in resume writing.

The Certified Résumé Strategist is a standard credential among Canadian resume writers. This credential enhances their credibility and visibility as career professionals. You can choose an expert writing service to create an outstanding resume through this.

Check for awards and features

Professional writing services that win awards typically mean performing well in the resume writing industry. If the service you're considering has a nomination or several writing awards, you can be confident that you're working with a top resume writing company. Features in significant publications with a wide audience can also mean that the resume writing company is reputable.

Determine your budget

Cost is an essential factor to consider when hiring a professional writing service because it determines the quality of their work. The cost often depends on the company's location, writing experience, and certification. Your level of experience may also affect the pricing. You may pay more than an entry-level candidate or a recent graduate if you're changing careers.

Most professional writing services charge between $200 and $1,000 for entry-level and mid-career resumes, while they charge about $2,200 to $3,000 for managerial and executive resume writing services. It's essential you invest your money in a reliable writing company to enjoy quality service.

Use services that are knowledgeable in your industry

Several professional writing services can write general resumes for clients, but it's essential you choose a knowledgeable company in your industry. For example, a doctor's resume differs from the resume of a system analyst. An effective resume for a role with a nonprofit organization might not be similar to one for a private company. As a job candidate, having certifications that are specific to your industry can make you more competitive.

This may also enable employers to give significance to your resume over common ones. Hiring a resume writing service with experience in your industry can help you summarize your work history and outline your skills appropriately.

Frequently asked questions

Here are answers to frequently asked questions about a resume writing service:

How valuable are these services?

A resume writing service typically helps you gather resources about the job position you're applying for in the industry. It serves as a guide to enable you to create a resume that can be appealing to hiring managers. These services are in business because they're proficient in translating your past qualifications and experience into what employers require. Individuals who have experience in professional or formal writing may not require their services. If you have the budget to pay for a resume writing service, it can be a good investment for your career.

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How much time does it require a resume service to create quality work?

Most professional writing services typically take at least 24-hours to produce a resume. The time they spend creating a resume usually depends on their human resources, workload, and a client's qualifications. Professional writing services with many clients may require a week to produce a resume. This is because they often receive several daily writing orders.

What's the process a resume writing service uses to create a resume?

Several professional writing services follow various writing processes to attend to the clients. Here's a typical process many resume writing services may use:

  • Receiving orders and sending introductory e-mails to clients

  • Conducting phone consultations

  • Making and responding to a client's follow-up calls

  • Studying and assessing the client's current resume and other qualification documents

  • Conducting online research using the keyword of the job description

  • Rewriting, formatting, and creating content to deliver the resume's first draft

  • Discussing the first draft with the client

  • Editing the document before producing the final resume

  • Contacting the client to confirm the final version of the resume

What other resources can help candidates write their resumes?

If you wish to craft a successful resume yourself, various online resources can help. You can take free resume writing courses to acquire relevant writing skills. Another vital resource you can use is a resume format guide. This can enable you to organize your skills and experience so that employers can quickly review your resume. You can also use an online example or template that can guide your formatting and help you personalize your resume. Online writing checkers can help you identify any grammar and spelling errors before sending your document to a potential employer.

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