How To Create a Resume Using the STAR Method

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Updated November 30, 2022

Published September 29, 2021

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Whether you advance to the next stage in the hiring process may depend on the content of your resume. By using the STAR method, you can compose a resume that impresses prospective employers and expresses why you're a valuable candidate. Understanding this method allows you to highlight your skills by supporting your work experience with relevant examples. In this article, we explain what the STAR method is, explore the benefits of using it, explain how to create a resume using the STAR method, discuss how to phrase it in various sections, and provide three examples to guide you.

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What is the STAR method?

The situation, task, action, and result (STAR) method provides techniques for answering interview questions and presenting your work history with real-world examples. The STAR method allows you to go into more detail concerning their work experience. If you choose the STAR method to answer your interview questions, you can pin down more about your skills and knowledge, which can make you more prominent compared to other candidates.

It is essential to understand the individual aspects of the STAR method. This can assist you in discussing or describing each part in the context of employment. The four components are:

  • Situation: Here, speak briefly about your past job. Explain the situation that is going to serve as the base for the rest of your examples.

  • Task: Talk about any issues you had to solve or a goal you worked towards in your previous job. Discuss the specific tasks that you had to complete using your unique skills and abilities.

  • Action: Expressly state the steps you took to reach a goal or finish a task and share a brief explanation of your process.

  • Results: Finally, talk about how solving the issue or reaching your goal contributed to your organization. State the vital lessons learned or skills acquired through the result.

Benefits of writing a resume using the STAR method

By creating a resume using the star method, it becomes easier to describe the scope of your skills and qualifications. Here are the major benefits of choosing this method:

  • Shows your value: The primary intention of a prospective employer is to find out how you can add value to the organization when they hire you. Job seekers who use the STAR method in their resumes can clearly show how valuable they are.

  • Provides more detail: Using the STAR method transforms the unclear skill descriptions of a bulleted list into a specific example of how you matured and used a key skill. It can give a hiring manager more confidence in the abilities you've listed on your resume.

  • Creates talking points: Forming a resume with the STAR method equips you with the necessary tools for an interview. Your resume can become a layout for interview questions as regards your job qualifications.

  • Tells a story: The STAR method gives you the chance to present a narrative about how your work experience has helped develop you as a professional.

  • Produces a competitive resume: Using this method, you can adjust your STAR responses to match your potential employer's job description. This does not just show that you're highly qualified with the skills needed to be hired, but it also makes your resume more exciting and captivating to read.

How do you create a resume with the STAR method?

To create a resume with the start method format, you can review several job descriptions and pick two to three key behaviours or skills you want to highlight under your experience section. Use the layout of a verbal answer and rephrase it into a few critical points below the job title. The best way to achieve this is by using one or multiple bullet points that distinctly represent all the parts of the STAR structure.

Instead of stating key roles for your previous jobs under your experience section, adopt the STAR method and use it to describe each job with your situation. This can make it more attention-grabbing and interesting for hiring managers to read. Also, explain any task or tasks you completed in that role, actions you took to secure positive results, and the outcome of those steps. You can achieve all this in a sentence or phrase for each point.

Phrasing your STAR method responses

By choosing the STAR method to answer your questions, you can clearly explain your knowledge and capabilities. It compels you to take it easy and use specific examples in your response. The STAR method is beneficial when describing your work experience. It allows the employer to learn what you did at each of your jobs and how your role positively affected the company.

If you're seeking employment for a managerial position where the job description states "inventory control" as an essential qualification element, you can use the STAR method to expand on your experience. By using this four-part framework, you can provide clarity and make your resume more engaging. You could include examples like:

  • Situation: "I worked as the regional manager for an industrial equipment warehouse and was accountable for maintaining inventories, managing shipments, and tracking district sales."

  • Task: "When I started, the company lacked a detailed system for inventory control, which led to late order fulfillment and a high number of order cancellations."

  • Action: "I supervised a team effort to rebuild our inventory control system, inputting new quality controls, developed network integration, and an updated training program for new employees."

  • Result: "Within five months, the company's on-time fulfillment record increased by 30%, and we saw an 87% fall in cancelled orders. By year's end, the company's profits increased by 25%."

STAR method resume example

Here are three examples of how to phrase your work experience on a resume using the STAR method:

Example 1

Below is an example of how to use the STAR resume for a customer service role:

Kennedy Wali
Toronto, Ontario
(416) 555-1515

Customer service coordinator
Simeone Insurance Company Ltd.
Toronto, Ontario
July 2018-Present

  • Used my position as a home insurance agent to determine customer turnover.

  • Created a digital survey to gather data from existing customers.

  • Worked with agency president to introduce a new customer service initiative.

Home insurance agent
Simeone Insurance Company Ltd.
Toronto, Ontario
April 2017- July 2018

  • Formed relationships with clients to earn trust and become the first call after home damage.

  • Increased customer base by 10% through word-of-mouth recommendations and networking.

  • Worked with customers to establish home-owners insurance policies and explained policy information.

Bachelor of Arts in Communication
The University of Shoretire
Toronto, Ontario

Example 2

Below is an example of how a resume for hotel management may look using the STAR method:

David Brooks
Vancouver, British Columbia

Hotel manager
The Elegant Hotel
Vancouver, British Columbia

  • Used my position to cooperate with the sales staff to explore and ensure the implementation of sales strategies to improve occupancy levels and revenue generation.

  • Cut down the number of customer complaints by 74% by ensuring that staff followed customer service guidelines.

  • Improved hotel rating on Trip advisor from 3.5 to 4.7 in a single year.

Hotel manager
The Royalty Hotel
Vancouver, British Columbia

  • Worked with my team to create a new system to handle guest complaints twice as fast.

  • Highly exceeded guest satisfaction scores over 80% in all vital areas.

  • Developed customer service scores by 20% and surpassed annual sales by more than $80K.

Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Commercial University
Vancouver, British Columbia

Bachelor's, communications Commercial University
Vancouver, British Columbia

Example 3

Below is an example of how a resume for sales management may look using the STAR method:

Jamie Donovan
Dawson, Yukon

Sales manager
Belmont and Brothers Ltd.
Dawson, Yukon

  • Formed and executed a different client referral system, including smooth access to information, approximated wait times, automatic responses, and data analytics.

  • Reduced client response time from three weeks to two business days.

  • Increased the percentage of contented clients from 38% to 92% in less than six months.

Sales representative
Ditweni and Sons Ltd.
Dawson, Yukon
2013- 2015

  • Developed successful sales strategies and ensured the company matched or surpassed its sales goals.

  • Increased quarterly sales values by 13% by formulating ways to reach contact prospective clients, such as rewarding clients for each referral made.

  • Decreased employee turnover by 28% by using modified learning techniques and implementing a bonus system to motivate employees.

Bachelor of Arts
Candid University
Dawson, Yukon

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