Resume Objectives (With Examples and Tips)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published August 25, 2020

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Your resume is your chance to make a good first impression on hiring managers. To get their attention quickly, it's useful to include an objective toward the top of your resume. Learning what to include in an objective can help you craft a statement that compels employers to read the rest of your resume. In this article, we explain what objective statements are and provide some examples to help you craft your own.

What is a resume objective?

A resume objective, sometimes called a career objective, is a one- or two-sentence overview of your professional goals and why you're looking for a job. It helps you show why you're the best candidate for the role. Place your objective just below your header to quickly get the hiring manager's attention and make them want to read your resume.

When to include a resume objective

An objective statement is a great way to help your resume stand out regardless of your professional level or background. Here are a few cases where an objective is particularly helpful:

  • You are new to the job market. If you're a recent graduate with little to no previous experience or you're entering the job market for the first time, adding an objective helps the employer learn more about how your career plans align with their company's goals.

  • You are making a career change. An objective allows you to detail why you're making a career change and explain any transferrable skills or experience you have that you can apply to the new role.

  • You are moving to a new area. If you're planning a move, noting this in your objective helps hiring managers understand why you're applying to a job outside of your current region. You can also explain when you intend to move to help with the hiring process.

Difference between objectives and summaries

Objectives and summaries both aim to show the hiring manager that you're the right person for the job, but they do so in different ways. A summary, or profile, describes how your experience and education relate to the position while an objective details career goals. A summary is also usually a little longer than an objective. You can use a summary if you have plenty of experience or education that fits into the role.

How to write a resume objective

Follow these steps when you write your objective:

  1. Keep it concise

  2. Tailor it to the position

  3. Set the tone for the rest of your resume

  4. Lead with your strongest attributes

  5. Note any certifications, licenses and degrees that are relevant to the position

  6. Describe how you can add value as an employee

1. Keep it concise

Hiring managers can usually only spend a few seconds reading each resume they receive, so you need to keep your objective short to draw them in quickly. Write just one to two sentences that concisely and accurately detail your goals and skills. Try removing filler words, like "a," "like" and "the" to maximize your space.

2. Tailor it to the position

Having an objective that targets the open role can significantly increase the chances of getting the hiring manager's interest while showing you're interested in the job. It can be helpful to craft a basic objective that you can then tailor to each position. Reread the job description and look through the company's website to learn more about its goals and how your skills relate.

3. Set the tone for the rest of your resume

Since your objective is the first thing the hiring manager will read, it should give them an idea of what they can expect with the rest of your resume. Make sure your objective is strong and leads to your qualifications smoothly.

4. Lead with your strongest attributes

It's common to start your objective with your best skills or strengths that describe your work. Look for skills or attributes that the employer wants, then see if you can match some of your own to start your objective. Here are some strong words you might be able to use:

  • Dedicated

  • Driven

  • Team-oriented

  • Engaging

  • Ambitious

  • Organized

  • Results-driven

5. Note any certifications, licenses and degrees that are relevant to the position

Including any important certifications or licenses in your resume objective immediately shows you have the right qualifications for the role. Certifications and degrees are especially important to include if you're new to the job market or you're changing careers or industries.

6. Describe how you can add value as an employee

Hiring managers want to know how you can bring value to their organizations. Clearly stating how you can contribute to the company increases your chance of moving forward over another candidate of the same experience level. Note your work ethic, successes and achievements and your goals as they relate to the job.

Resume objective template

Use this template as a base to craft a basic objective:

[Strong adjective] professional seeking [job] with [company]. Hoping to utilize [skills or degree] to [goal].

Resume objective examples

Here are some of the best objectives for resumes in different industries:

  • General

  • Manufacturing

  • Technology

  • Graphic design

  • Supply chain/logistics

  • Sales

  • Administration

  • Banking

  • Healthcare

  • Health and wellness


  • "Dedicated PMP seeking long-term project manager role with Kline Industries. Hoping to utilize time-management and leadership skills to execute project goals effectively."

  • "Team-oriented coordinator seeking role with Lakeview Machinery where I can help teams complete goals on time."

  • "To use certification and experience to obtain technician role with Marquez Electrical. Excited to use attention to detail and precision to increase customer satisfaction."


  • "**Obtain a challenging leadership position to apply 10 years' lean management experience and achieve maximum profits and scale. Possess a Bachelor of Science with a project management designation."

  • "Enthusiastic professional seeking entry-level production role with Franklin Inc. Hoping to apply teamwork and problem-solving skills to improve production processes."


  • "To utilize five years of Ruby and Python programming experience to develop robust tech solutions as a back-end developer and improve on continuous integration and delivery."

  • “Experienced IT professional searching for position that allows me to apply my management and technical skills to achieve business goals, develop improved processes for IT requests and accomplish projects in a more efficient way.”

Graphic design

  • "Recent graduate from University of British Columbia with several months' practical internship experience. Seeking to secure position as junior graphic designer that allows me to implement my practical and theoretical skills."

  • "Ambitious graphic designer seeking long-term career with House Designs where I can apply five years' experience to realize customers' visions."

Supply chain/logistics

  • "Seeking challenging and fast-paced logistics management position at Lakshmi Services where extensive supply chain management experience and a forward-thinking approach are valuable."

  • "Supply-chain management graduate seeking role as logistics coordinator with Monstumo Inc. Hoping to apply education to improve processes and increase overall efficiency."


  • "Sales manager with seven years' experience driving profitability through strategic growth, and quality control. Seeking leadership position with market-leading, high-growth company that offers opportunities for advancement."

  • "Results-oriented professional seeking entry-level role as sales representative with Best Brands where I can drive sales and contribute to sales strategies."


  • "Detail-oriented administrative professional seeking executive assistant role at Chiao Logistics. Eager to apply attention to detail and time management to coordinate schedules, plan travel and manage office needs."

  • "Engaging administrator with four years' experience seeking role with forward-thinking organization. Looking to use excellent management skills to foster growth and change within business."


  • “To apply eight years' experience in the banking industry to secure branch manager position at LT&M. Hoping to apply education and experience to further promote the success of the company through the application of strong problem-solving, communication and customer-service skills.”

  • "Eager professional seeking entry-level teller role with reputable bank where I can use strong customer-service skills to learn and grow within organization."


  • "Licensed RN seeking unit nurse role at Memorial Hospital. Hoping to utilize leadership skills to increase efficiency among nurses in oncology unit."

  • "Pediatric resident seeking full-time role with private practice upon graduation in June. Dedicated to educating families about best health practices at home."

Health and wellness

  • "Energetic trainer seeking role with Fun Fit. CPR/First Aid certified professional with specialization in HIIT low-impact group training."

  • "Certified nutritionist seeking long-term career with public education system in which I can guide students on healthy eating habits."