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Guidelines for Writing a Resume for a Part-Time Job

December 17, 2020

If you're looking for a part-time job, your resume should demonstrate your experience and skills to enable you to stand out from the crowd. Before you begin to write your resume objective, you should take time to reflect on your current situation, how you got there and what exactly you want moving forward.

To help you jump-start the process, ask yourself a couple of questions, including what you need from a job, what your ideal job situation would be like and what you can bring to the table to appeal to a prospecting employer. You should also reflect on why you need a part-time job and whether there are particular opportunities that you are passionate about. In this article, we explore the elements of a good career objective, how to make your part-time job skills stand out on a resume and tips for writing a resume.

What to put on a part-time job resume—career objective section

A well-t hought-out career objective provides a road map to your job search as it outlines the unique qualities and skills you have to offer to the prospective employer . This enables you to think about the type of organization you wish to work in and the specific role you are seeking. You should be sure to write your career objective from an employer's perspective, keeping in mind what they would be seeking in a candidate and what they can anticipate achieving upon settling on a new hire. This section, which should preferably be four lines or less, contains three distinct elements: a benefit to the employer, something about yourself and something about the company you are applying to.

A benefit to the employer

When an employer decides to hire you, they do it for their benefit, not yours. For instance, a Sales Executive job description would include phrases such as "to realize a high volume of closed sales, generate leads and to provide outstanding customer service". Your typical answer would therefore sound like "I am seeking a casual or part-time Sales Officer role with a an established business organization where I can utilize my excellent organizational and interpersonal skills to provide outstanding customer service while promoting the company's varying products and services".

Another comprehensive example would be "I am seeking an engaging role as an elementary school teacher with an international school, where I can utilize my excellent motivational, communication and classroom management skills to help learners reach their full potential both in curricular and extra-curricular activities".

Something about yourself

Mention three to five personal qualities and skills that are relevant to the role you're applying for. It would be best if you took these from the key selection criteria or the advertisement. For instance, if you are applying for the role of Human Resource Manager, you would mention things like excellent people management, communication, interpersonal and task scheduling skills.

Something about the company you are applying to

It would entice the employer more if you mention a few words highlighting that you are interested in working for their company. For instance, you may express your desire to work for a "middle-sized" organization if you are applying for a Front-End Developer position in Dale Matheson Carr-Hilton LaBonte. If you are applying for a role with Manning Elliott LLP, for instance, you would say "local organization" or "community-based organization."

How to make your part-time job skills stand out on a resume

If you've been in part-time employment for a while now, and you feel it's about time you take your career further, it's quite useful to get started by compiling your resume. Highlighting your experience in an appealing way is not as impossible as people would think. These three strategies will help you make your part-time job skills stand out on your resume.

1. Express your excitement and passion

Whether you have some experience or not, there's one quality in a job that you can't miss: passion. So, if you're only getting started in employment or if you've already been working for several years, you should make sure to highlight your excitement about the company or the open position. To accomplish this, you can demonstrate your commitment to constant learning through extracurricular activities and volunteer opportunities, and you can share your excitement in the executive summary section at the top of your resume. You can demonstrate your willingness to meet new challenges as it reflects your passion for self-growth, and you can go into further detail in your cover letter.

The most important thing is to ensure that you present yourself as an engaged and eager candidate, and whatever will make you achieve this should be included in your resume.

2. R esults speak volumes

When it comes to professional history, you may be indeed limited. You may not have significant full-time positions to brag and boast of. However, when it comes to your past, quality outdoes quantity. This implies that you should not just say what you did but you should also include the impacts of the efforts that you put in those actions. A good resume, therefore, will lay more emphasis on the results you attained in your past positions.

If you used customer service skills to increase the company sales by a given percentage or used your organizational and interpersonal skills to streamline the filing system of the office such that the productivity of the company increased significantly, then you should be proud to mention such. Emphasizing results always tends to say more than cut and dry bullet points.

3. Emphasize similarities

When hiring managers take the time to sort through piles of applications, this is your chance to highlight the qualities you think would be the best fit for the position. It is up to you to tailor your resume to portray you as the best candidate for the job. To do this, you should customize your resume to the job you're applying for. However, when doing so, you should be sure to go through the job description in detail, finding commonalities between you and the job requirements. Just because you lack time-bound work experience, that doesn't mean you lack the skills to perform the assigned duties.

Tips for writing a part-time job resume

Your resume is the primary platform for you to not only say what kind of job you are seeking but also to present your credentials to prospective employers. If you are seeking a part-time job, you should ask yourself how you could best customize your resume according to the company's needs and your flexibility to meet them.

Here are our top part-time job resume tips.

Go virtual

Make your resume virtual and announce your qualifications to potential employers through personal homepage sites, professional networking sites and other social media sites. You can also get user-friendly content management systems and drag-and-drop building systems to create your own website from scratch and use it to broadcast your skills and capabilities. This will not only give you adequate room for customization but will also allow you to provide in-depth information about your interests, projects, personal background and professional experience.

Whatever direction you take, be sure to send the same message that you're looking for part-time work, as this will keep your target consistent.

Target your search

It would be best if you tailored your part-time job resume for each specific job application. By doing thorough research on each company, you will come to know whether the part-time work you're seeking is a possibility with each company you are looking to work at. You'll also be in a position to negotiate the work flexibility of the part-time job as you carry on with the application process.

The more information you have about the position before you apply, the easier it will be for you to show with confidence how you meet the job requirements. This will enable you to tailor your applications to open positions in companies that offer part-time jobs.

Highlight what you have to offer

It would help if you showcase your accomplishments in your part-time job resume. If, for instance, you have worked part-time shifts in the past, you can outline those accomplishments. Another unique way to demonstrate the significance of flexible work is to demonstrate how it played an integral role in your career advancement.

State your needs

As you develop your resume, you should clearly state at the very top of your resume that you are looking for a part-time job. Doing so will help make your application clear to employers as you progress through the application and interview processes. Also, clarify from the start if you would prefer your part-time work hours to be within a specific timeframe, for instance, over the weekend rather than weekdays and night shifts.

Composing a targeted part-time work resume may not be easy, especially if you are doing it for the first time. Having a set of reliable tips and strategies to make your resume stand out from the crowd will help. With these guidelines, you should be in a better position to start crafting your part-time job resume.


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