3 Resume Examples for Different Professional Levels

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Updated January 22, 2023

Published September 7, 2021

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Resumes are a typical requirement for job applications, regardless of your industry or field. How you write a resume depends on your employer, your level of experience, and the type of qualifications you have. Understanding different resume types can help you choose the right approach for your career path. In this article, we discuss what a resume is, provide resume examples for various professional situations, and explain why you need a resume.

What is a resume?

A resume is a document you submit when you apply for a job. It summarizes relevant details about your professional competence. Resumes often include your contact information, academic background, work experiences, relevant skills, accomplishments, and other qualifications. While a resume summarizes your career, its main purpose is to demonstrate your qualifications to the hiring manager and convince them you're qualified for the role. Your resume needs to contain only relevant details, which may change when you apply for different roles.


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Why do you need a resume?

Most employers require a resume as part of the application process. Hiring managers want to be sure you're familiar with the duties the new role entails and that you have the skills to perform them well. Your resume can also be a good way for you to track your professional development, which can help set career goals.

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Different resume examples

Here are some resume examples for various professional situations:

Resume example for candidates with little experience

As an entry-level professional, it's normal to lack practical experience. Yet, each resume should contain a work experience section. Entry-level candidates can complete this section using extracurricular activities, volunteer work, or internships. The ideal approach is to highlight the transferrable skills you developed from these activities and how you can apply them to your new employer. Entry-level candidates can also opt for functional resumes or skill resumes. Consider this example for reference:

Tyler Harrison
Toronto, Ontario

Career objective
Dedicated and enthusiastic marketer with over two years of combined internship experience at three marketing agencies. Seeking to use my academic background and relevant skills to help clients expand their market reach and optimize their brand strategy.

Keystone University, Toronto, ON, 2017-2021
Marketing (BA)

  • First-class honours (3.7/4.0)

  • Relevant courses include digital marketing, market research, corporate branding, brand strategy, and customer profiling.

Work experience
Aware Marketing Agency, Toronto, ON, 2020-2021
Marketing intern

  • Carried out market research, evaluated customer behaviour trends, and developed customer profiles under the supervision of a marketing associate.

  • Worked with colleagues to implement new marketing strategies and monitor results and feedback from clients.

  • Participated in brainstorming sessions to plan innovative marketing campaigns and evaluate existing strategies.

  • Observed meetings between marketing executives and clients to understand the client's needs and specifications.

Highlight Marketing Services, Toronto, ON, 2019-2020
Marketing intern

  • Managed social media accounts for clients, increasing post engagements by 200%.

  • Created impactful copy content for client email lists, leading to an 80% increase in email clicks and a 12% increase in customer conversion.

  • Created market research surveys to evaluate customer satisfaction with products and customer service.

  • Performed other tasks assigned by the supervisor and chief marketing officer.

Spread Joy Students Club, Keystone University, Toronto, ON, 2018-2019
Social director

  • Increased club attendance by 35% by sending regular reminders and releasing meeting agendas.

  • Organized engaging activities for club members to relax and socialize.

  • Executed in-person marketing campaigns to increase club membership.

  • Achieved a record 80% increase in club sign-ups from new and returning students.


  • Copywriting

  • Email marketing

  • Communication skills

  • Presentation skills


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Resume example for mid-level professionals

As a mid-level professional, you've gained some years of experience on the job. At this stage, an employer expects to see details about projects you've executed and your results. When drafting a resume as a mid-level professional, your focus is on the skills and experience you gained in the field. The best approach for mid-level resumes is to cite direct experience that relates to the role. Mid-level resumes can benefit from a professional summary and a more detailed work experience section. Consider this resume example:

Regina Peterson
Whitehorse, Yukon

Professional summary

  • A highly skilled lawyer with training in French civil law and English common law.

  • Over 12 years of experience in technology law, corporate law and compliance, and tax law.

  • Well-versed in legal drafting, contract evaluation, negotiations, mergers and acquisitions, and alternative dispute resolution.

  • Experience overseeing a legal team of four lawyers, two paralegals, and several legal interns.

Cornerbird University, Whitehorse, YT, 2010-2011
Technology Law (LLM)

  • Distinction

  • Relevant courses include fundamentals of information technology, e-governance and technology regulations, intellectual property, and data privacy and protection.

Lightweight University, Whitehorse, YT, 2006-2010

  • First-class honours (3.8/4.0)

  • Relevant courses include civil litigation, tax law, corporate law, and the law of contracts.

Work experience
Brewer Technology Services Ltd, Whitehorse, YT, 2018-2021
In-house counsel

  • Revised company tax strategies to align with new national standards, reducing wastage and improving transparency.

  • Advised board members and other stakeholders on corporate compliance policies and strategies.

  • Managed the company's intellectual property portfolio through timely applications and preemptive contracts with employees and third parties to establish ownership.

  • Supervised and trained a legal team comprising three lawyers and two paralegals.

Briggs Technology Firm, Whitehorse, YT, 2014-2018
In-house counsel

  • Oversaw a mediation session between my employer and a supplier that resulted in my employer's $20 million settlement.

  • Led negotiations to secure a merger with a growing competitor, leading to an 18% increase in market share.

  • Participated in stakeholder meetings with executives, board members, and strategic partners.

  • Reviewed company policies and drafted reports on current compliance standing and strategies for improvement.

Behemoth Law Firm, Whitehorse, YT, 2011-2013

  • Drafted and reviewed employment contracts for clients to ensure compliance with relevant labour laws.

  • Observed stakeholder meetings with valuable clients.

  • Filed applications at the local court and maintained the firm schedule.

  • Performed all other tasks assigned to me by the firm's partner and my supervisor.


  • Legal research

  • Legal drafting

  • Strategic thinking

  • Communication skills

  • Leadership skills

Professional memberships

  • Law Society of Yukon

  • In-house Counsels Society of Yukon


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Resume example to apply for a managerial role

Candidates for managerial roles are usually in the later stages of their careers. To make a resume for a managerial role, you should place more focus on your leadership positions. Demonstrate familiarity with leading a team and recording positive results. Candidates applying for managerial positions also need to demonstrate an understanding of their industry. Consider including managerial and organizational skills to illustrate your capacity as a leader. Here is an example of a resume to use for a managerial role:

Allison Jones
Regina, Saskatchewan

Professional summary

  • A seasoned marketing expert with over 12 years of experience advising brands on corporate branding, market strategy, and brand strategy.

  • Well-versed in various marketing strategies, including traditional marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, and SEO marketing.

  • Responsible for the design and implementation of three nationwide marketing campaigns, each improving client revenue by an average of 8%.

  • Supervised and trained an eight-person marketing team comprising data analysts, market researchers, and marketers.

Bridgehooks University, Regina, SK, 2015-2016
Business Administration (MBA)

  • Distinction

  • Relevant courses include finance, business strategy, marketing, the regulatory framework for businesses, and macroeconomics.

Allison University, Regina, SK, 2005-2009
Marketing (BA)

  • First-class honours

  • Relevant subjects include corporate branding, market research, consumer profiling, and online marketing.

Work experience
Fusions Retail Ltd, Regina, SK, 2017-2021
Chief marketing officer

  • Collaborated with my marketing team to create a nationwide marketing campaign that boosted company revenues by 13%.

  • Grew company market share by 3.2% over two years through consistent traditional and online marketing campaigns.

  • Conducted extensive market research on target consumers and created detailed customer profiles to inform future marketing efforts.

  • Supervised and trained an eight-person marketing team on market research, corporate branding, and creating effective marketing campaigns.

Delite Technology Firm, Regina, SK, 2013-2017
Director of marketing

  • Collaborated with product design team to improve application usability through detailed market research.

  • Grew the company's social media following by 60% during the first year and improved post engagement by 200%.

  • Designed and launched a comprehensive marketing campaign that boosted company sales by 15%.

  • Participated in business strategy meetings with other executives and stakeholders and brainstormed effective expansion strategies.

LaFarge Clothing Store, Regina, SK, 2009-2012

  • Carried out market research and drafted detailed reports on consumer behavioural patterns.

  • Participated in brainstorming sessions to evaluate existing marketing strategies and plan new ones.

  • Presented market research findings to executives and other stakeholders to inform business decisions.

  • Supervised and trained five marketing interns on the basics of market research and presentation.


  • Market research

  • SEO marketing

  • Email marketing

  • Presentation skills

  • Communication skills

  • Leadership skills

Professional memberships

  • Canadian Marketing Association

  • Association of Saskatchewan Marketers

  • Budding Conquerors Professional Leadership Club

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