How to Write a QA Analyst Resume (With Template and Example)

Updated June 10, 2023

Quality assurance (QA) analysts assess a product or process's performance, stability, functionality, and compatibility with other systems. When applying for open QA analyst roles, you can submit a resume that highlights your competence and demonstrates your ability to ensure a company delivers high-quality products to its consumers. Learning how to draft this resume can help you impress a hiring manager and strengthen your application. In this article, we explain how to write a QA analyst resume, outline the skill set of these professionals, and share a resume template and example.

How to write a QA analyst resume

Follow these steps to learn how to write a QA analyst resume:

1. Choose a suitable format

Using the resume format appropriate to your level of experience can help you correctly highlight your strengths to a hiring manager. A chronological resume format focuses on your work experience to demonstrate your competency to a hiring manager. Alternatively, you can use a functional or hybrid format. A functional resume is beneficial for entry-level roles as it allows you to emphasise your skills rather than your work experience. A hybrid resume is a combination of the chronological and functional formats. It places an equal emphasis on your skills and experience.

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2. Create a header

Include your contact information in your resume header. The header usually appears at the top of the page and includes your full name, phone number, and e-mail address. It's advisable to use an e-mail that contains your first and last name as it helps you display professionalism. Providing accurate information allows hiring managers to contact you to discuss your application further.

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3. Draft a resume profile

A resume profile is usually two or three sentences, and it summarizes your resume. It's a brief description of your skills, experience, and qualifications. Your resume profile can be an objective statement or a professional summary. An objective statement is advisable if you're an entry-level QA analyst as it focuses on your career aspirations and goals.

If you have experience working as a QA analyst, consider using a professional summary as it demonstrates your professional competence and experience. Use your resume profile to emphasize how you're willing to work toward achieving the organization's goals. You can use adjectives like competent, diligent, and result-oriented to describe your work ethic. An engaging profile may encourage a hiring manager to continue reviewing your resume.

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4. Discuss your work experience

This section helps you convey your previous work experience and competence to a hiring manager. Focus on your accomplishments in previous roles. Use this section to inform the hiring manager of the value you intend to bring to the organization. For each role you list, mention your job title, the company name, its location, and the employment duration.

Under each role, you can create a bullet list that explains your duties and accomplishments in the position. Use action verbs to begin each point and quantify your achievements with numbers to provide credibility. If you're a recent graduate or entry-level QA analyst, you can include relevant internships, volunteering activities, and memberships. This can help you demonstrate your work ethic and dedication.

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5. Provide information on your educational background

You can discuss your educational background before your work experience if you're a recent graduate with little experience working as a QA analyst. This section allows you to highlight relevant training you’ve undertaken and the qualifications you possess. When drafting this section, list your program or course name, the institution attended, and your graduation date. If you’re yet to graduate, you can write your expected graduation date. Additional subsections, such as minor degrees, relevant coursework, and projects, can help make this section more impressive.

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6. Discuss your skill set

This section enables you to showcase your field-specific and professional skills. You can include a combination of soft and hard skills. Soft skills enable you to interact with other team members and include time management and communication skills. Hard skills are abilities you learn and enhance through training, such as data validation and software testing. You can demonstrate how you used these skills when discussing your accomplishments in your previous positions.

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7. Consider including extra sections

Extra sections may give you an advantage when a hiring manager is choosing between candidates with a similar background. They may make your resume impressive and increase your chances of securing the job. Extra sections you may consider including are:

  • hobbies and interests

  • language skills

  • awards

  • memberships

  • certifications

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Skill set of a QA analyst

Understanding the skill set of a QA analyst can provide valuable insight into the skills you may consider developing. These professionals use soft and hard skills to communicate at their workplace and excel in their roles. Here are some common skills for a QA analyst:

  • Software testing: With this technical skill, a QA analyst can validate the quality of a business process or evaluate the functionality of an app. They use manual and automated tools to ensure they're releasing a high-quality product.

  • Attention to detail: QA analysts possess attention to detail, which helps them ensure they complete tasks according to specifications. Correcting minor details in processes and products can prevent problems from occurring along the supply chain.

  • Data validation: This skill is helpful for reviewing database test cases following assigned requirements.

  • Communication: With strong communication skills, QA analysts can report the findings from their tests and explain how to improve processes. It's also helpful for drafting reports and QA charts.

  • Quality standard knowledge: It’s important for QA analysts to understand the standards for testing processes, software, and applications. With this knowledge, they can work within standards set by the company to ensure the production of quality products.

  • Teamwork: As production and business processes usually involve working with many team members, QA analysts possess teamwork skills that help them collaborate.

Resume template for a QA analyst

Here's a resume template to guide you:

[Your full name] | [e-mail address] | [telephone number] | [City], [Province or territory]

Resume profile

[Two or three sentences that summarize your resume, including your experience, career aspirations, achievements, and goals]

Work experience

[Job title]
[Company], [City], [Province], [employment duration]
[Include 3 to 5 bullet points that explain your responsibilities and accomplishments in the role]

[Job title]
[Company], [City], [Province], [employment duration]
[Include 3 to 5 bullet points that explain your responsibilities and accomplishments in the role]


[Institution name], [Location], [graduation date]


[list of relevant technical and soft skills you possess]

Awards and certifications

[list all relevant certifications and awards]

Sample resume for a QA analyst

Here's a helpful resume sample you can review to help you draft your own:

Peter Johnson
123-456-7890 | | Calgary, Alberta

Professional summary

Competent and dedicated QA analyst with over five years of experience in testing business products and software and a track record of developing and implementing over 40 new test plans, scenarios, and scripts. Excels at implementing test processes and approaches, ensuring products meet business requirements, and compiling comprehensible test result reports. Ready to work toward helping the company produce high-quality products and assist in achieving its missions.

Work experience

QA tester
RedLeaf Corporation, Calgary, Alberta, April 2019–February 2022

  • analyzed and fixed over five bugs per week, including tracking the defect's status (new, open, and fixed)

  • documented problems found during testing phases and compiled reports for bug fixes and defect tracking

  • performed software testing for over 15 applications per month, adhering to business standards

  • developed an average of 12 test scripts per month

  • managed the execution of several automated test scripts and amps

  • modified codes for software and tested the results to ensure they were desirable

Assistant QA tester
BlueStone Company, Calgary, Alberta, June 2016–February 2019

  • collaborated with QA leads and development team to complete software testing procedures on four major releases

  • adhered to compliance in documenting reports on testing procedures ahead of the scheduled timeline

  • ran tests on the company's proprietary applications to identify, document, and report bugs

  • increased system efficiency by over 70%

Bachelor of Science (Computer Engineering)
GateWay University, Calgary, Alberta, September 2016


data validation, software testing, communications, time management, analytical skills, attention to detail, teamwork

Certifications and awards

  • Employee of the Year, 2020

  • Certified Professional Quality Analyst, 2022

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