Project Proposal Sample (With Benefits and Tips to Consider)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published November 5, 2021

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A project proposal is a document that outlines a potential project, along with the expected process, objectives, and resources needed for its completion. As an employee, it's essential to learn how to write a professional project proposal when you have ideas for furthering a company's growth. Understanding how to write an effective project proposal can help you pitch your ideas and secure projects with clients.

In this article, we explore the importance of reviewing a project proposal sample, discover the definition of a project proposal, learn how to write one, review the benefits of writing one, learn tips to use, and read an example to help you create your own.

The importance of reviewing a project proposal sample

If you have never written a project proposal, reviewing project proposal samples may be helpful to understand the standard format and content you can include for your own. Learning more about the language, tone, sections, and objective of these documents can help you create a project proposal that is successful in securing investors. With an effective proposal, you may increase the likelihood of project initiation and help ensure all parties involved have a clear understanding of their expectations and roles in the process.

What is a project proposal?

A project proposal contains the ideas, aims, and purpose of a specific project to inform the board or management team of a company. The sole purpose of a project proposal is to inform relevant parties of the plans and proposed operations of a project and convince them to accept it. Project proposals are essential for securing funds and sponsorships, gaining new clients, securing old clients, and convincing the board to disburse funds to facilitate a new idea.

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How to write a project proposal

Here are the steps you can take to create a project proposal:

1. Write an executive summary

The executive summary is the introduction to your project and provides a brief overview of the entire document. The summary is intended to intrigue the reader and motivate them to continue reading the entire proposal. While a typical executive summary contains only one paragraph, a more complex project may require more space to summarize its operations adequately. An effective summary describes the issue and how the project aims to resolve it.

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2. Prepare a project background

The project background helps you demonstrate to potential investors that you're an authority on the issue and have done the necessary research for the project. This section contains an overview of the issue and its history, the effect of the issue on the company, the requirements of the project, and any other important details for consideration. Although the project background contains a lot of important information, try to only write one to three paragraphs in this section.

3. Develop your solutions and approach

This section requires you to explain the details of your project, including the proposed remedy for their issue and the steps you plan to take. You can describe the project's aims and objectives, possible risks, method of delivery, and the expected duration. This section contains the most important information of the proposal, so ensure that it is professional, detailed and clear.

4. Provide investors with financial information

The next section contains a carefully drafted budget for the project and may also explain the potential economic prospects. Ensure that you verify the budget properly and confirm the accuracy of each calculation. Accuracy in this section can help your employer and the potential investor to have a detailed invoice and clear understanding about the investment, encouraging them to pursue the project.

5. Attach all relevant additional documents

Once you have a draft of your proposal, you can include all necessary documents needed for support. You can include a list of contacts of all affected stakeholders, the financial reports of the business, or a map of the project region. Be sure that all documents you include are relevant to the project to avoid confusion.

6. Write a conclusion

Once your draft is complete and you have included all necessary documents, you can write your conclusion. This section provides an overall summary of the proposal. If there is any other information to add to the proposal, consider adding it here. Having a concise and professional conclusion can help increase your chances of project approval and leave a good final impression on the reader.

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Benefits of a good project proposal

Here are some benefits of an effective project proposal:

  • Builds initiative: An effective project proposal helps potential investors and management understand the idea and goal of the project and helps to build confidence in their investment.

  • Helps projects stay focused: Project proposals help the project follow due process during its implementation. The company's management and stakeholders can always check the project proposal to ensure the project delivers as promised.

  • Anticipates and solves problems early: A project proposal discusses any potential risk and challenge that the project may encounter. It also helps the project team identify challenges early enough to increase their chances of solving them.

  • Aids planning: Project proposals can help the company and investors make plans relating to the project, including the delegation of roles.

Tips for writing an effective project proposal

The following tips are helpful in writing a proper project proposal:

  • Write for your audience: Use terms and statements that resonate with your target audience. Research business websites and discover the best methods to communicate your ideas to them.

  • Be persuasive: You can employ tools of persuasion such as survey results, market predictions, testimonials, and case studies to motivate your audience. You can also highlight your own experiences if it's relevant.

  • Relate the project to your audience: Explaining how the project is beneficial to your audience is relevant if they do not understand the project's scope. Connect the project to the company's objectives and describe the potential impact.

  • Be simple: A good proposal is precise and easy to read. Employ simple terms to make your proposal clear and understood.

  • Proofread your proposal: A proposal that is void of spelling and grammatical mistakes can help increase your chances of project approval. Proofread your work yourself or ask a coworker, friend, or professional editor to help.

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Project proposal sample

Here is a project proposal sample for a tech project that you can use as a reference when creating your own:

Executive summary
Bob and Abby Co. is one of the most patronized supermarkets in Ontario and the only store in the region that accepts payment in any currency. If your company is looking to grow further throughout Canada, you need a business website. Real World Solutions is ready to develop a website that promotes your business in Canada and globally.
The potential website contains a shopping cart you can easily access and update. Since your store accepts payment in any international currency, adding this to the website has the potential to increase patronage across the world and grow your sales by 250% in just 18 months.

Project background
Real World Solutions is a tech company in Ontario with remarkable work history with banks, insurance firms, fitness centers, and other organizations in Canada and the US. With our consistent passion for digitizing business transactions in all industries, we're hoping to extend our expertise to the sales department.

Solutions and approach
The idea is to develop a functional website that represents the values and cultures of Bob and Abby Co. This website aims to be efficient in user-friendliness, customer relations, and content creation and management.

We can create a website that:

  • Explains the business' culture and philosophies in an "about us" section.

  • Allows customers to search, save, and buy products from the online store.

  • Contains a news section to update customers on new products and arrivals.

  • Includes a blog to engage customers and encourage interactions.

  • Incorporates automatic currencies to make payment easy and flexible all over the world.

  • Consists of a contact section for customers to contact your business via telephone and email.

The cost of building this website is $7000. The cost covers:

  • Hosting space on our servers.

  • Registering the domain for 18 months.

  • Designing and developing the website.

  • Integrating mobile wallet payment methods.

  • Troubleshooting assistance for 20 weeks post-delivery.

Additional documents
Real World Solutions attached the following documents:

  • The details of Real World Solutions employees that are available to develop the website.

  • A site map for the website.

  • Testimonials from previous clients.

Creating a website for Bob and Abby Co. can help grow your business from Ontario to the global market. Implementing the website can increase your sales by over 250% in 18 months.

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