A Complete Guide To Writing a Production Worker Resume

By Indeed Editorial Team

Updated November 14, 2022 | Published September 29, 2021

Updated November 14, 2022

Published September 29, 2021

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If you wish to get a job in the manufacturing industry, particularly as a production worker, you must be meticulous when going through the application process. Whether you are an established professional seeking a high-level position or a novice entering the business for the first time, your resume should feature some specific skill set. Understanding the best way to write a resume for a production worker can help you pass the job application process.

In this article, we explore what a production worker resume is, state what to include in a resume for a production worker job, discuss the best tips for writing a resume for that role, and a resume sample.

What is a production worker resume?

A production worker resume highlights the ability of the candidate to carry out the production of items precisely and professionally. The resume also includes the educational background, work experience, and other details needed to assist the hiring manager in picking the most qualified candidate for the position. Desirable qualities in a resume for a production worker include working as a team and professionally monitoring production pieces of machinery. The resume creates the first impression and determines whether the candidate will be invited for an interview.

What to include in a production worker resume

There are several elements you must include when writing your resume. Highlight the following while writing an ideal resume for a production worker role:

Contact details

Your resume should always begin with your contact information located in the resume's header. It is what the hiring manager looks for first. Ensure that your full name is in bold and alongside your contact details to make direct contact easier for the hiring manager if they decide to continue with your application. The contact information section should also contain your phone number, email address, and other personal information expressly requested by the hiring manager.

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Profile summary

In the profile summary, give a brief overview of yourself and your suitability for the position. Highlight your most significant accomplishments and state whatever expertise you have that applies to the job description. The career summary is the section that creates a long and lasting impression because it is the employer's first point of contact after the header. Keep the summary exclusive to the production worker role and ensure it represents the organization's objectives. Make use of active verbs in this section to show your assertion and make your summary more engaging.

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Employment history

Outline your work experience in this section. Your resume should start with your most recent or last occupied position and then move in reverse-chronological order to previous jobs. Include your job title, company name and location, date of employment, and a brief description of your responsibilities and notable accomplishments in this section of your resume. Focus on your most impressive positions and accomplishments or relevant work in this field. Add internships involving production work to make your resume more appealing to the hiring manager.

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Educational history

List all your degrees and certifications in this section and include your highest level of education at the top. If you are new in the production industry or are still studying, add as many relevant academic certifications as possible. It is important to start with the most current or relevant degree you hold. Your high school diploma might not be necessary if you have a college diploma or university degree.

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Skills section

A good production worker resume should include relevant and practical skills that the hiring manager is looking for in a candidate. It is essential to review the job description and state soft and hard skills relevant to the position. It presents you as an accomplished and proficient candidate.

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Additional section

The additional section of your resume isn't mandatory, but you can include a category for any volunteer work you engaged in or hobbies you like if you still have room. Make sure you explain how these hobbies and volunteer experiences relate to the role you're hoping to secure. For example, as a production worker, hobbies like sports demonstrate you are fit and physically capable of jobs that require heavy lifting.

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Tips for writing a resume for the role of a production worker

Follow these tips when writing your resume to make it more prominent compared to other candidates and impress the hiring manager:

Keep it to one page

You want your resume to be as brief as possible, and limiting it to one page is an excellent way to force yourself to do so. It guarantees that the hiring manager will not spend too much time reading your resume. However, add a second page if you have enough relevant and valuable experience, training, and certifications.

Use the best resume format for your application

The following are the most common and effective types of resume formats:

  • Chronological format: A resume in a chronological format lists all your prior work and education in reverse-chronological order. This format is what you should use if a job application requests information about previous work experience.

  • Functional format: A functional resume format places a greater emphasis on your capabilities and educational qualifications. You can use this if you are new to the industry and have no prior work experience. It is also ideal for those with a gap in employment.

  • Combination format: This format is a hybrid of the chronological and functional resume formats. It is ideal for those who are changing careers or have extensive work experience.

  • Targeted resume format: This format briefly inputs certain keywords in the resume to target specific positions. A targeted resume format is the best option for candidates applying to companies that use application scanning software to review resumes.

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Correctly format your resume

Formatting your resume the right way makes it more appealing to hiring managers. Here are some vital formatting tips:

  • Use basic 10-12 point fonts and be consistent throughout

  • Use single or 1.15 line spacing

  • Use standard one-inch margins on all four sides

  • Left-justify your text

  • Use bullet points to discuss skills and responsibilities of past jobs

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Resume example for a production worker

Below is a sample of a good production worker resume:

Devin G. Scott
Certified Production Worker
(416) 123-4567


Energetic and dedicated production worker committed to both individual work and teamwork to achieve company objectives. I possess excellent communication skills and am driven to learn new processes. I adapt well to fast-paced environments and work well under pressure. I hope to share my production work skills with the prestigious Buck Farm Production Company.

Work experience

Production Manager
Hong Kong Shipping Company Brampton, Ontario
November 2014-June 2018

  • Managed the shipping of goods in the company's branch in Ontario

  • Recorded machine output ratios regularly

  • Oversaw the sorting of incoming shipments and restocked inventory

Production Worker
Hall and Sons Production Company Toronto, Ontario
January 2010-May 2014

  • Ensured machines run to manufacturer specifications

  • Documented low stock and made reports for re-ordering

  • Packaged finished product for transport and loaded onto pallets or trucks

  • Sorted incoming shipments and restocked inventory according to product codes

Key achievements

  • Awarded "Team Player of the Year" for three consecutive years

  • Awarded "Branch Production Worker of the Month" nine times over three years by Hall and Sons Production Company

Production Worker
DC & Rees Builder Co.
Toronto, Ontario
July 2018-January 2021

  • Interpreted various gauges, including temperature and belt speed

  • Recorded machine output ratios regularly

  • Removed waste from end-line production to appropriate containers

  • Spot-checked products for irregularities and inconsistencies

Key achievements

  • Awarded "Most Diligent Manufacturer" by DC & Rees Builder Co.

  • Awarded "Production Worker of the Year" by the Association of Production Workers of Canada (APWOC)


Production Management (Bachelor of Science)
Brampton College Brampton, Ontario


  • Organizational skills

  • Interpersonal communication skills

  • Expert knowledge of old and new machinery

  • Ability to lift 100 pounds

  • Detail-oriented

  • Team player

  • Quality control

  • Process monitoring

  • Proficient computer knowledge

Volunteer work
Plogging Society of Ontario Brampton, Ontario
October 2015-March 2019

  • Occasionally helped the team in plogging the environment every weekend for eight months

  • Partnered with a recycling company to turn the waste into reusable products


Fluent in English, Mandarin, and French

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