How to Write a Pediatric Medical Assistant Cover Letter

Updated June 10, 2023

If you're interested in working in the medical field, you may consider a role as a pediatric medical assistant. You can create a cover letter highlighting your relevant qualifications when applying to such positions. Learning how to write this letter may help you secure roles as a pediatric medical assistant in the future. In this article, we discuss the steps you can take to write this letter, provide a template you can use to write your own, and give an example of this type of cover letter.

How to write a pediatric medical assistant cover letter

Here's a guide you can follow to write a pediatric medical assistant cover letter:

1. Create a header

Start your cover letter with a header that includes your full name, phone number, e-mail address, and province or territory in which you live. Below, you can place the date you are writing the letter or plan to send it.

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2. Address the letter

On the following line, address the letter to the hiring manager. If you know the name of this hiring manager, you can write it out. If not, you can just write Dear hiring manager. Be sure to begin your letter with a comma after this phrase.

3. Express excitement for the position

At the beginning of your letter, you can express excitement about the position by introducing the letter's purpose. In this expression of excitement, you can also include basic information about the role. For example, you may state the name of the position you're applying for and the name of the company to which you're sending the letter. This way of beginning isn't a requirement, but many employers prefer candidates to clearly state their intention to help them understand the context of the rest of the document.

For pediatric medical assistant letters, you may start by expressing excitement about the prospect of working with children in a medical environment. You may have many years of childcare experience and hope to explore a career in the health care industry.

4. Introduce yourself

Next, you can provide more information about your professional background and explain how the role relates to your previous jobs, educational background, or skill sets. You can also discuss how the position can help fulfill your long- or short-term career goals or help you achieve them.

When writing a pediatric medical assistant letter, you may also explain your interest in the health care industry or pediatric medicine. You can talk about your previous roles in the field, such as other medical assistant positions or early education teaching roles. You may also mention if you have a degree in a related field such as biology, nursing, or physiology.

5. Explain relevant experience

In the next paragraph, you can go more in-depth about your previous experience by discussing the responsibilities and goals of each position you've held. For example, you can explain that you have experience working with pediatric patients or experience in a medical setting. Suppose you have experience working in a nursing setting. In that case, you can discuss how this relates to your career goals by explaining that you have helped children recover from surgeries and illnesses and feel it's important for their emotional and physical health.

6. Highlight achievements

Now you can state your achievements relating to pediatric medical assistant roles. This includes your educational background, any awards or honours, or any additional skills or training you have obtained. For example, you may consist of an honour you received for achieving the highest grades in your class during your final year of university.

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7. Explain why you are a good fit

To finish this paragraph, summarize why you think you are a good fit for the job. For example, explaining why you are passionate about the role or how your background fits in with the company's goals can impact your application.

In your letter for a pediatric medical assistant role, you can discuss why you're passionate about working with children in the medical industry, how much you enjoy spending time helping children, and that this makes you excited for a career where helping them succeed and remain healthy is the entire goal.

8. Write a conclusion

In the next paragraph, write a conclusion. This may include an expression of gratitude for reading the letter and accepting the application, a summary of your relevant qualifications for the role, and a call to action. A call to action, in this case, can be asking the hiring manager to interview you for the position or continue the conversation about your candidacy. You can also include your availability and preferred contact method.

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9. Sign the letter

Lastly, you can sign the letter with your full name and include a complimentary close. There are many acceptable complimentary closing phrases, such as Best, Sincerely, and Thank you. Choose the one that fits your personality.

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Pediatric medical assistant cover letter template

Here's a template for this type of cover letter:

[First name] [Last name]
[Phone number] | [E-mail address] | [City], [Province or territory]


[Company name]

Option 1

Dear [Hiring manager's first name] [Hiring manager's last name]

Option 2

Dear hiring manager,

Paragraph 1

[Express excitement for the position, including the role title and the company name. Introduce yourself by explaining why you're applying for the job and how the job aligns with your career goals, and what precisely draws you to the company].

Paragraph 2

[Explain your relevant experience and qualifications without repeating what's in your resume. Highlight one to two relevant achievements with facts and data when possible. Explain why you'd be a good fit for the company. Optional - address employment gap or career transition].

Paragraph 3

[Express gratitude. Summarize qualification. Restate interest in the role. Call to action + availability and preferred contact method.]

[Complimentary close],

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Example of a pediatric medical assistant cover letter

Here's an example of a cover letter for this role you can use to help create your own:

Tommy Martin
123-456-7890 | | Toronto, Ontario

May 23, 2022

Archibald Medical Centre

Dear hiring manager,

I'm excited to apply for the pediatric medical assistant job with Archibald Medical Centre. This position is a great career opportunity because I have worked in the medical industry and enjoyed spending time with children in a hospital setting. Specifically, I have experience working with children and families at my local hospital. In my current role, I help doctors and nurses with tasks such as data entry, carrying medical instruments to the patient rooms and wards, and ensuring all medical equipment is clean.

Before this position, I worked as an early childhood educator in a daycare centre that focused on providing children with quality childcare and support during a critical time of development. I also have experience working as a medical assistant at the Family West Medical Clinic. Here, I assisted in providing medical treatment to patients and their families regarding health issues they were experiencing.

I appreciate you taking the time to read my application, and I hope to hear from you soon regarding an interview. I am available on June 30, 2022. If this is a convenient time, you can reach me by e-mail at or by phone at 123-456-7890. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Tommy Martin

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