How To Write an Operation Manager Resume (With Example)

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Updated December 4, 2022

Published October 18, 2021

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An operations manager is responsible for overseeing an organization's structure and processes to ensure their effectiveness. Such a high-level role requires considerable expertise and a resume that demonstrates them properly. Understanding how to make an effective operation manager resume can aid you in your career advancement. In this article, we discuss how to make a resume for an operational manager, identify tips for an impressive resume, and provide a template and example to guide you.

How to make an operation manager resume

Here are some steps you can follow to create an impressive operation manager resume and increase your chances of receiving an invitation to interview:

1. Begin with a resume header

A good resume requires a resume header containing your details. Your full name, mobile number, and email address are essential details for your resume header. You can also include the city and province where you live. Consider using a header template to make your resume look more organized and professional. Ensure all the details on your resume header are correct to have a seamless job application process.

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2. Include a professional summary

Hiring managers typically receive several applications for a single role. As a result, hiring managers don't spend a lot of time on each resume, as they usually skim through to pick the most relevant details. The professional summary is a brief section at the top of your resume that highlights these relevant details for the hiring manager. You can write between two and four sentences to feature your most impressive qualifications.

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3. Discuss your academic background

Your academic background is essential to include on your resume as an operation manager, although it's unnecessary to include your secondary school education. Most employers look for an operations manager with a bachelor's degree and favour those with advanced degrees. To discuss your academic background, write the name of your degree, followed by the institution and the dates you attended on the line below. Next, you can consider including your CGPA or degree classification. You can also list any relevant academic courses or projects.

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4. Outline your work experience

Your previous experiences as an operations manager can help the hiring manager determine if you can perform the duties of the new role, making it essential you include them properly. You can start with your job title, followed by your previous employer's name, the company's location, and the period of your employment. You can use a bulleted list to give details about your work duties and achievements. Try to make the bullet points under each work experience uniform, so your resume looks more professional. Lastly, quantify your achievements using figures or percentages, where possible.

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5. Incorporate your relevant skills

Operations manager uses various skills to perform their duties effectively and demonstrating those skills on your resume is essential to convince the hiring manager you're the best candidate. There are various ways to list your skills on a resume, such as incorporating them into your professional summary or work experience with action words. This approach is ideal for listing soft skills. Candidates with many relevant technical skills can create a separate section, so the skills are easy to locate. When deciding on the skills to list, go through the job description to identify the most relevant ones.

6. Consider additional sections

These are optional sections that can improve your resume and give you an advantage over other candidates. They usually include languages, certifications, professional memberships, and hobbies. While these sections are not traditionally part of a resume, they can impress a hiring manager. You can decide on the appropriate additional section to use based on your qualifications and the role. For example, an operations manager applying to a multinational manufacturing agency can include any other languages they speak. Similarly, including your professional memberships shows that you have an excellent professional network.

Additional tips for an impressive operations manager resume

Here are some additional tips you can follow to make your resume more impressive:

Use the appropriate format

Proper formatting is essential to make your resume appear more organized and professional. As hiring managers spend limited time on each resume, it's necessary your resume has an easily readable format. To format your resume correctly, use a readable font style and size, and ensure its uniformity throughout the resume. Also, use proper alignment and ensure they're uniform on all sides for a balanced look.

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Be honest

While your goal is to impress the hiring manager, the best approach is to do that while being honest. This is essential, as most hiring managers can confirm the details on your resume, especially when you advance to other stages in the hiring process. Honesty is vital to maintain your professional reputation.

Prioritize leadership positions

As an operations manager, your role is primarily a leadership position. Prioritizing your previous experiences as a leader can convince the hiring manager of your competence for the role. Ensure you use leadership experiences that apply to the role.

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Emphasize technical skills

Technical skills are industry-specific knowledge that's essential to performing and excelling in a role. Hiring managers prioritize these skills, as they're more directly related to your duties than soft skills. This means, in your skills section, ensure you list your technical skills first to highlight them.

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Tailor your resume to the role

Each job application is different, and it's essential you also use a separate resume for each application. By tailoring your resume to the role, you can emphasize the qualifications each hiring manager wants in a candidate. This can make your resume more impressive and increase your chances of success.

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Template of a resume for an operations manager

Here is a template of a resume for an operations manager that you can use as a guide:

[Full name]
[City and province]
[Mobile number], [Email address]

Professional summary

  • The first bullet point is to introduce yourself as a professional, including details about years of experience or specialties.

  • The second bullet point is to highlight any relevant skills or qualifications.

  • The third bullet point is to discuss professional achievements, awards, or honours.

  • The fourth bullet point can outline any notable projects or previous employees.

Work experience

[Job title]
[Name of employer], [City and province]-[Period of employment]

  • Include details about your most important duties and workplace achievements.

  • Ensure you quantify your achievements where possible by using figures, percentages, or averages.

Educational background

[Name of degree]
[Name of the institution], [City and province]-[Period of study]

  • Include your CGPA or degree classification.

  • You can also list any relevant courses or academic projects.


  • Relevant skill

  • Relevant skill

Example of a resume for an operations manager

Here is an example of a resume for an operations manager:

John Grisham
Toronto, Ontario

Professional summary

  • Certified operations manager with over a decade of experience optimizing business processes and structures

  • Adept at managing supply chains, recruitment processes, and quality assurance procedures

  • 2-time winner of Twilight magazine's "Manager of the Year" award

  • 6 Sigma Green Belt certification, with a thorough understanding of the D-M-A-I-C strategy for improving business processes

Work experience

Operations manager
Hiller Manufacturing Agency, Toronto, Ontario-2018-2021

  • Completed organizational analysis, optimization of production processes, and supply chain management to help Hiller Manufacturing Agency attain profitability after over eighteen months of consistent losses.

  • Collaborated with the information technology team to incorporate automated technology into production processes, reducing costs by 13% and enhancing production unit output by 31%.

  • Established strategic partnerships to procure high-quality resources, leading to an 18% reduction in factory waste.

  • Developed a comprehensive employee wellness program that improved employee morale and led to a 32% reduction in employee attrition.

Operations manager
HGT Manufacturing Agency, Toronto, Ontario-2015-2018

  • Incorporated new quality inspection standards, leading to a 20% reduction in quality defect losses and a 15% increase in customer satisfaction ratings.

  • Revised the factory maintenance schedule to address efficiency issues, leading to a 70% reduction in equipment downtime and a 15% increase in factory output.

  • Introduced new safety measures across all production facilities and obtained quality protective equipment for industrial workers.

  • Designed and implemented the recruitment process for a newly established production plant, with a 100% management satisfaction rating.

Operations manager
Gluers Manufacturing Agency, Toronto, Ontario-2011-2015

  • Oversaw the establishment of five new operation branches, offering administrative and managerial support to new branch managers.

  • Held periodic meetings with branch managers to inform them of production schedules and fix agreeable timelines and key performance indicators.

  • Provided frequent reports of operational efficiency to company executives.

  • Designed, reviewed, and pitched an operations budget worth over $3,000,000 to the company executives.


Masters in manufacturing engineering
Pennyworth University, Toronto, Ontario, 2015-2016

  • Distinction

  • Relevant courses include robotics and automation, engineering design, and computer-integrated manufacturing.

Industrial engineering (BSc)
Pennyworth University, Toronto, Ontario, 2008-2011

  • First-class honours (3.6/4.0)

  • Relevant courses include production and operations planning, materials handling, logistics scheduling, and internal production management.

Relevant skills

  • supply chain management

  • quality assurance & inspection

  • production design

  • budgeting

  • leadership

  • teamwork

  • strategic thinking


  • Six Sigma Black Belt, 2018

  • Certified in Management (CIM), 2015

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