How to Write an Effective Medical Receptionist Cover Letter

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Updated August 26, 2022

Published September 7, 2021

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A medical receptionist is a professional who answers phones and schedules appointments with health facilities. Medical receptionists may need to write cover letters when applying for new positions. If you're seeking a medical receptionist position, it can be beneficial to learn more about how to craft an effective cover letter. In this article, we describe how to write a medical receptionist cover letter, explain the components you can include, and review a template and example.

How to write a medical receptionist cover letter

You can follow these steps to write an effective medical receptionist cover letter:

1. Review the company and position information

The first step to writing your cover letter is reviewing the company and position information. You can review the company information by finding their website to learn about company culture and workplace atmosphere. By reviewing their information, you may better understand their core values and how to best present the information in your letter. For example, if you see that integrity is an important tenant of their business, you can include evidence of your own integrity in your letter.

2. Format an effective cover letter document

Formatting your document is the next step in creating an effective letter. To do this, choose a word processing program and create a document with a simple font and readable font size. It's best practice to avoid embellished fonts and including pictures in your application materials. If the program you're using offers a template library, consider choosing a pre-formatted cover letter or use one as inspiration when creating yours.

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3. Include your current contact information

The hiring specialist or other reader may need your contact information to pursue more information or schedule an interview with you. Include your full name, phone number, and a professional email that you can easily access. Professional emails are usually some combination of your first and last name, either at your own website or at another email provider. If you don't have a professional email address, you can sign up for one before submitting your application materials.

4. Write a brief and interesting introduction

The introduction to your cover letter is likely the first thing the hiring manager or specialist reads in your cover letter. Many hiring teams read and review high volumes of materials each day, so it's important that your introduction gains their attention and persuades them to read the rest of your letter. You can include the position you're applying for, a brief account of who you are, your skills and accomplishments, and the value you can bring to the position.

5. Highlight your key medical receptionist strengths

You don't need to summarize all of your qualifications in your cover letter, as your resume is a comprehensive list of your experience and skills. Instead of detailing all of your qualifications, highlight the key skills or strengths that make you an ideal candidate for the position. You can identify areas in which your characteristics or abilities more align with those in the job requirements to determine what to focus on in your application.

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6. Describe your unique value and qualities

The cover letter is an opportunity to emphasize your unique value to a health facility and separate yourself from the other candidates. The hiring team may consider many candidates for the same position, so you can focus on useful skills outside of technical receptionist abilities. For example, if you speak two or more languages, you may be able to serve more guests, and this may help to show the specific value you can bring to the organization.

7. Conclude your medical receptionist cover letter

You can conclude your letter in the last paragraph. In these sentences, you can express your gratitude and excitement to the reader. This is where you can include your call to action, which prompts them to contact you for further information or to schedule an interview.

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8. Create a closing statement and signature

Before you print or submit your letter, finish with your closing statement and signature. If you chose to type and print your letter, you can print it and sign it to submit it. If you are submitting your letter digitally, you can use online applications for signing it before sending it. There are some professional closings you can use:

  • Regards

  • Best

  • Respectfully

  • With gratitude

  • Sincerely

9. Thoroughly edit and proofread your letter

To submit a polished and presentable cover letter, consider editing and proofreading thoroughly. To edit, consider your languages choices and identify areas where you can simplify or use more impactful word choices. For proofreading, you can read the letter backwards or out loud to catch minor errors, spelling mistakes, and grammatical issues. You can ask your friends, family, and colleagues to review your letter to you. There are also grammar and spelling programs online that can automatically identify errors and help you remedy them.

What to include in your medical receptionist cover letter

These are some components you can include in your cover letter to improve the quality and convince the hiring manager to schedule an interview:

  • Your relevant experience: If you've worked as a medical receptionist or have any previous experience working in a health care environment, include the most relevant information in your letter. Consider expanding upon your responsibilities and how you improved your workplace.

  • Top accomplishments: If you've enacted positive change or earned any awards, consider including that information to emphasize how you can perform in the receptionist position. For example, you might include information about an employee of the month award or volunteerism.

  • The reason for your letter: Hiring teams may seek applications for various positions, or your letter may arrive in the wrong department. Including the reason for your letter ensures the hiring team receives it and understands the role you're pursuing.

  • Keywords from the listing: Many companies and organizations use resume-scanning software to select the most relevant resumes for the hiring process. By identifying important words from the job listing and including them in your application materials, you can optimize your materials for these programs.

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Medical receptionist cover letter template

You can use this template to create a simple cover letter when applying for medical receptionist positions:


[Recipient name]
[Recipient title]
[Organization name]
[Organization location]

Dear [recipient name],

My name is [your name], and I am writing to express my interest in the medical receptionist position. With [number of years] years of experience, I believe I can make a substantial addition to your team.

In my current role as a senior medical receptionist at [current employer], I consistently showcase my efficient abilities in [relevant skill] and [relevant skill]. My daily duties include [job duty], [job duty], and [job duty]. I am also competent with [technical skill] and [technical skill]. These qualities make me an ideal candidate for the medical receptionist position at [organization name], and I know I can contribute to a positive atmosphere among staff and improve efficiency in the reception area.

Thank you for your time and consideration. Please do not hesitate to contact me at [your phone number] or [your email address] if you have any further questions or require additional information from me. I look forward to hearing from you soon, and I appreciate the opportunity.


[Your name]
[Your phone number]
[Your email address]

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Example medical receptionist cover letter

You can use this example medical receptionist cover letter as inspiration when writing your own:

Malik Rabb
(123) 456-7891

September 1, 2021

Dear Hiring Manager,

I'm excited to be applying for the Medical Receptionist position at River Tech. As a highly detailed and quality-driven administrative professional with more than nine years of medical front office experience, I thrive on delivering remarkable patient care in a fast-paced clinical setting. I'm eager for the opportunity to bring my relationship-focused approach to the pediatric patient community at River Tech.

During my previous role at Crane & Jenkins, I handled a wide variety of tasks, including answering phones, managing patient scheduling, greeting patients, verifying patient forms, and handling electronic medical records in full compliance with HIPAA guidelines. With my extensive experience in handling insurance claims, I am well-versed in the verification process and am deeply familiar with ICD 10, CPT, and HCPC codes. I was also responsible for managing accounts receivable records and collecting payments and successfully reduced outstanding account balances by 20%.

It's clear that you're looking for someone who thrives in a fast-paced clinical environment and can anticipate the needs and exceed the expectations of both physicians and patients. I am adept at balancing multiple tasks while demonstrating top-level organization, problem-solving, and communication skills. I received praise from my manager for my ability to provide outstanding patient service and consistently received five-star ratings and positive feedback on patient satisfaction surveys.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I'm looking forward to learning more details about the Medical Receptionist position and about River Tech. I believe my extensive technical skills and commitment to fostering patient relationships allow me to provide exceptional service to River Tech's staff and patients and support the practice's continued success.


Malik Rabb

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