Key Marketing Skills for Your Resume (With Examples)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Updated November 17, 2022 | Published June 21, 2021

Updated November 17, 2022

Published June 21, 2021

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Marketing skills are essential for attracting customers and making brands more appealing. By showcasing these skills on your resume, you can express your value as a marketing professional to hiring managers. Describing your essential marketing skills well can make your resume more effective and increase your chances of being interviewed. In this article, we discuss key marketing skills and provide several examples of each and how you can include them on your resume.

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What are marketing skills?

Marketing skills are vital for professionals to improve a company's reputation and encourage people to become repeat, loyal customers. Highlighting the right marketing skills on your resume is a great way to show potential employers that you have what it takes to meet their goals and grow their brand and business. A marketing professional needs a good mix of hard and soft skills to be successful.

Here are some of the most important marketing skills to add to your resume, along with some examples of excellent descriptions:

Creative thinking

One of the most critical skills for marketers is the ability to think creatively. Creative thinking is essential for developing unique marketing ideas that provide positive results for employers and clients.


  • Led development of a social media campaign that increased interaction on the client's profiles by 127% over the previous month

  • Redesigned the corporate logo and mascot to put a more modern spin on the design while keeping it familiar to existing customers

  • Created a strong brand book for a startup company, unifying the aesthetics across all platforms

  • Wrote SEO-focused articles, announcements, and feature stories for the business's website to earn organic engagement through social media

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As a marketing professional, you need to explain your vision for a product or brand to managers, coworkers, and clients. You need to give useful feedback and make sure that the marketing team focuses on conveying the client's messages and improving sales. Clear communication helps you avoid misunderstandings and makes marketing content accessible.


  • Coordinated a team of nine marketing professionals, ensuring all members understood the vision and goals of the project while executing their roles

  • Presented marketing pitches in meetings with the firm's senior partners and clients

  • Delegated responsibilities to team members and provided clear instructions about the project and its requirements

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Organization is an important marketing skill. Many marketers work on several campaigns for different clients at the same time. Keeping track of deadlines and remembering the requirements of each campaign is essential.


  • Assigned articles to staff writers and made sure they were completed on schedule

  • Scheduled regular meetings to get feedback from clients

  • Worked on weekends to meet deadlines when needed

  • Maintained an organized filing system for all campaigns

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Interpersonal skills

Strong interpersonal skills are essential for maintaining good relationships with clients. Marketers need to work closely with clients to make sure that they're happy with content and campaigns. Interpersonal skills are vital for building a friendly working relationship with people and make them more likely to remain loyal clients.

Interpersonal skills also help when communicating your professional opinions. For example, if you believe another creative direction would be more effective for a campaign, you can use your interpersonal skills to persuade the client to take your advice. Strong interpersonal skills involve networking and building trust.


  • Presented marketing pitches to clients and received feedback

  • Provided explanations for decisions when required and incorporated changes when requested

  • Maintained positive workplace morale by forging personal bonds with the marketing team

  • Built trusting relationships with clients and increased their loyalty through recreational business meetings

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Mobile advertising

Mobile marketing is one of the most important forms of advertising because it makes it so easy to find and access your ideal target market. Social media advertising campaigns are important parts of mobile marketing. You can also discuss your experience with responsive advertising campaigns that are personalized for different viewers.


  • Developed personalized video ads on Facebook to engage users and linked the videos to the company's landing page to generate live leads

  • Created a sponsored post campaign that used several industry influencers to call attention to new products ahead of launch

  • Created scripts and supervised filming of video advertising shorts used for Instagram and TikTok campaigns

Video content

Creating engaging video content is an important part of any online advertising campaign. Some of the most effective marketing on social media happens through the use of effective video posts. Web platforms like YouTube can help businesses reach more people and build a loyal brand following as well. Mentioning a range of video skills, like using Adobe Premiere Pro, can help you stand out to hiring managers and find a creative position you'll love.


  • Filmed weekly videos with the gym's lead Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu professor where he answered questions from subscribers and demonstrated fighting techniques

  • Used native advertising with partners by including the company's products in video posts on the partners' social media platforms

  • Created scripts for video ads and supervised filming to make sure the project followed the client's original vision

  • Made changes to videos to keep up with current trends while maintaining core branding goals

  • Grew the company's YouTube channel to over 100,000 subscribers over three months

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Social media

Brand management and creating a digital presence on social media are essential parts of nearly any modern business. Social media platforms give companies the opportunity to gain attention and build brand loyalty among consumers with little to no additional spending. Strong social media skills are valuable to marketing departments because they can make marketing efforts more effective.


  • Managed the company's social media accounts, gathering leads, raising brand awareness, and increasing the number of followers across all platforms by 43% over six months

  • Developed an Instagram campaign that encouraged fans to take part in a social media game and share campaign images with their followers for a chance to win

  • Cultivated a strong brand identity by interacting with customers on social media and responding to trending stories while maintaining a consistent voice

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Layout and design

For image-based advertising campaigns, creating a functional layout that highlights the product without overwhelming viewers is essential. You'll need to provide sketches, drafts, or outlines or create a marketing proposal with a layout or art direction program. Technical skills like proficiency with Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator are key points to highlight.


  • Worked with a team of marketing professionals to create print advertising campaigns that highlighted products in dynamic settings

  • Developed pitches for clients with completed graphics by using the Adobe Suite to arrange elements in an aesthetically pleasing way that drew attention to the most important images or copy

  • Redesigned the company's website to make branding more unified across platforms

Content management systems (CMS)

Most corporate websites connect to a content management system (CMS) that makes updating content easier. Some companies use a commercially available CMS, and others develop their own software. Demonstrating your knowledge of different CMSs lets potential employers know you're tech-savvy and can adapt to working with a variety of applications. It also shows that you won't need extensive training before you get to work.


  • Designed and maintained a website for a small business with a customized WordPress theme

  • Updated the company's blog with creative marketing content regularly

  • Used a custom CMS to format each article and post it on the company's site

  • Updated and modernized a corporate website built on the Wix platform, improving readability and producing a 17% increase in online sales after three months

Marketing analytics

Reading analytical reports is a key skill for identifying the right direction for marketing campaigns. In the modern marketing world, it's never been easier to get detailed breakdowns of responses to prior campaigns, the characteristics of the average customer, and how posts or videos are performing.

Tools like Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics let you analyze the behaviours of potential customers using an almost limitless number of variables. When you find relevant information in that data, you can use it to make your marketing strategy more successful. These skills are invaluable in marketing roles, and including them on your resume is sure to grab the hiring manager's attention.


  • Identified the profile of the average visitor to the company website and tailored marketing campaigns to focus on people in those demographics

  • Created reports that highlighted the most important information from market research, making it easily understandable for clients

  • Optimized the corporate site to increase the average amount of time people spent on each page by examining the characteristics of the best-performing pages

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Consider including a skills section

Along with mentioning the keywords and skills you use most in your work history, you can add a skills section to your resume that summarizes all your skills in one place. Mention the different software you're familiar with, any programming languages you know, and soft skills like leadership and adaptability. With a resume that showcases your skills, you'll be more likely to get an interview and the job you want.


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