How To Write a Janitor Resume (With Tips and Examples)

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Updated January 23, 2023

Published September 29, 2021

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When applying for a janitor position, employers typically request documents to evaluate whether you're a good fit for the role. As an application document, a resume informs hiring managers of what value you can add to an organization as a janitor. Learning to write a resume for janitors can position you as a good candidate for janitorial positions and improve your chances of getting the job you want. In this article, we define a janitor resume, explain how to write one, discuss tips for making a janitorial resume compelling, and provide examples you can use for inspiration.

What is a janitor resume?

A janitor resume is a document that outlines your qualifications and work history as a janitor. Along with your cover letter, it can show your experience keeping spaces safe and clean for individuals working or occupying an area. As employers typically receive many resumes, you want to make yours readable and compelling. Find out whether to submit your resume in person or digitally when applying for a janitor role.

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How to write a resume for a janitor

Follow these steps to prepare a janitor resume that highlights your skills, training, and work experience:

1. Include a resume header

Start your resume by providing your name. Then write your city, province or territory, email address, and phone number. These details form your resume header. While providing your name helps employers remember you, including your contact information helps them know how to contact you. For example, hiring managers may reference your resume to inform you of their decision to continue with your application.

2. Write a janitorial resume objective

A janitorial resume objective is an introductory statement informing employers why you would be an excellent addition to the company. It summarizes your work ethic, experience, and sanitation skills and how they can benefit the potential employer. Keep this section to one or two sentences that describe what makes you unique to attract a hiring manager's attention. Here is an example of a janitorial resume objective:

Example: Proactive and punctual janitorial professional with experience following cleaning procedures and using cleaning products and equipment. Desire to apply sanitation and repair skills to uphold Gerry Hettoy Company's reputation as a safe and responsible patient care provider.

3. Outline relevant janitor skills

Next, describe your janitorial skill set to show you can perform the required duties. You may list hard or soft skills. While soft skills describe how you interact with others, hard skills are learned qualities you can improve through training, practice, and education. Consider presenting your skills in a bullet list and describing them with a proficiency level to make them more informative and readable. Here are soft and hard skills to include in a janitorial resume:

  • Communication skills

  • Administrative skills

  • Cleaning skills

  • Attention to detail

  • Physical fitness

  • Customer service skills

  • Maintenance and repair

  • Time management skills

  • Organization skills

  • bility to use chemical cleaners safely

4. Describe your experience as a janitor

You also want to discuss your employment history and how it prepares you for the janitorial position. For example, if you're applying for a janitor role that involves working with biohazards, you can outline your experience handling biohazards safely. As janitor positions are typically entry-level roles, you may also describe your work ethic if you're writing a resume with no experience. Doing this can convince hiring managers of your eagerness to learn on the job.

5. List your educational background and relevant certifications

While formal education isn't typically a requirement, you may outline your academic background on your resume. This can help a hiring manager gain more insights into your career and position you for more job opportunities. For example, employers may consider you for janitor supervisor positions if you have a diploma and leadership experience. You may also list certificates related to the janitor position. For example, if you completed a Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS) course and earned a certificate, you may include it on your resume.

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Tips for writing a janitorial resume

Here are the best practices for creating a resume for a janitor role:

Review the job description

Before you start writing your janitorial resume, take time to read the job description. Doing this can help you align your resume to meet the requirements employers have for janitor candidates. For example, you may identify keywords in the job description that you can use in your resume. You may also describe duties you performed in previous roles that you expect to perform in the new janitor position.

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Keep your resume brief, sincere, and direct

As employers may spend a few minutes reviewing your resume, aim to keep it to one page or two, at the most. This way, they can quickly read through and find the information they need to decide whether you're an ideal candidate. Include only the most important information about your career to keep your resume brief and direct. You also want to ensure this application document accurately describes your work history, experience, skill set, and certifications.

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Write a custom resume for each position

While you can consider using a template if you're applying to many positions, make sure each document aligns with the job you applied for in a company. Customizing your resume shows you researched the company and read the job description. It can also outline your work ethic to potential employers.

Use a professional format

Your resume's format describes its structure and look. Choose a readable font, such as Arial, Georgia, or Times New Roman. You can select between a 10- to 12-point font, depending on the resume sections you have. Consider using bold and italic text to emphasize sections. For example, you can write section headers in bold text.

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Prioritize the organization's needs

While your resume describes your career, you want to focus on how you can be an asset to the company as a janitor. For example, you can discuss your previous roles as a janitor or custodian instead of listing roles in another industry. Similarly, you can outline skills most related to the janitor role when preparing your resume.

Proofread and edit your resume

After writing your resume, ensure you review it to correct grammar and spelling errors. As your resume may be the first application document an employer reviews, you want to show good written communication skills. Have a friend, career coach, or mentor edit your resume to ensure you submit a well-written copy.

Examples of a janitorial resume

Use the following examples to guide you when writing your resume for a janitor position:

Example for janitor without experience

This example shows a resume for an entry-level janitor who recently graduated high school:

Harry Banks
Edmonton, Alberta

Resume objective

Motivated and detail-oriented professional able to sanitize and clean workspaces efficiently. Seeking a janitor role in Mitro Office Complex to ensure a clean and enjoyable environment.

Work experience

Goode Company, September 2020 - May 2021
Volunteer custodian: Cleaned, maintained, repaired equipment and work sites during 10-hour shifts.

Skill set

  • excellent sanitation and cleaning skills

  • multilingual, with fluency in English, Spanish, and French

  • physically fit

  • time management

  • experience maintaining and cleaning industrial equipment

  • excellent attention to details


Community High School, September 2016 - June 2020
High school diploma


Certificate in infection control, cleaning, and disinfection
Certificate in residential cleaning

Example for a janitor with experience

This example describes a resume for a janitor with work experience:

Cindy Harrow
Edmonton, Alberta

Resume objective

Meticulous janitor with three years of experience promoting safe environments and cleaning work sites. Seeking janitor role in Merrow Terru Complex to ensure clean and orderly grounds and premises.

Work experience

Uito Truty Company, June 2021 - September 2021

  • Changed light bulbs, fixed toilets or sinks, and cleaned spills during 8-hour shifts.

  • Maintained building floors and removed garbage to uphold the company's reputation as an environmental-friendly organization.

  • Worked as part of a team to wash walls, windows, and surfaces.

  • Cleaned chemical skills following the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS) guidelines.

Goode Company, May 2020 - June 2021

  • Cleaned and stocked 15 rooms per shift by replacing towels and linens, vacuuming floors, and restocking bathroom items.

  • Implemented a new cleaning process to ensure a healthy and safe environment and reduce labour hours by four hours per week.

Skill set

  • physical endurance

  • cleaning skills

  • technical skills

  • excellent communication skills


Heruty Community High School, September 2014 - June 2018
High school diploma

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