What Is an IT Help Desk Resume? (With Template and Example)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published June 19, 2022

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IT help desk professionals are crucial for an organization because they're responsible for troubleshooting and solving technology issues. They usually deliver tech support across the organization and solve problems with networks, operating systems, software, or telecom systems. Learning more about the type of information IT help desk professionals can include on their resumes can help you improve your job applications and increase your chances of obtaining a job interview.

In this article, we discuss what an IT help desk resume is, review the skills you can include in yours, and share a template and an example you can use to write an effective resume for this role.

What is an IT help desk resume?

An IT help desk resume is a document that highlights your work experience, technical and soft skills, education, and certifications related to the IT industry. You can write this type of resume if you're pursuing IT help desk positions, such as technician, specialist, or manager. Usually, an entry-level job in this field means you're seeking a help desk technician role. To apply for this position, it's beneficial to highlight your educational background and certifications first and then your skills, as you may not have any relevant work experience to showcase. This can improve your chances of getting the job.

If you're applying for a managerial position, it's crucial to highlight your work experience first. For example, you can explain how you created and implemented policies and procedures for IT support activities or emphasize the numbers of telecom cases your team solved. If you're looking for an IT help desk specialist role, it's crucial to highlight the number of escalations and resolutions you registered within a year, as this might help a hiring manager know how you handle third-party software issues. You can submit your resume with your cover letter to increase your chances of getting the job.

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Skills to include on your resume

Here are some skills you can include on your resume:

Customer service skills

As IT help desk professionals usually help the company's stakeholders maintain their computers, they require excellent customer service skills. This means prioritizing end users' requests, responding to their e-mails, answering their phone calls or chat messages, and delivering technical assistance. Strong customer service skills also help enable you to educate stakeholders on how they can maintain their computers, networks, and telecom devices. Your colleagues might also feel more motivated if they know how to troubleshoot minor problems, as this can save them time and avoid creating cases for issues they can easily solve.

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Attention to detail

To evaluate and diagnose IT technical issues, it's crucial to be highly attentive to detail. This skill can allow you to identify the source of a technical problem and determine its scope, which means finding if it's a hardware or software issue. It can also assist you in upgrading operating systems or changing telecom hardware that may be causing technical inconveniences. Being mindful of the details enables you to listen to your customers attentively, look for suitable solutions, and follow up with end users to ensure a satisfactory resolution of their technology problems.

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Learning skills

Being willing to learn is essential for you in this industry, as there are always emerging technologies or new hardware your employer may require you to handle. If you're applying for a help desk technician position, providing IT support may give you the opportunity to encounter unique cases that may need escalation or additional instructions delivered by your supervisor. You can use each situation to learn about how to identify those cases requiring urgent attention and the use of new applications or operating systems.

Teamwork skills

As an IT help desk professional, you might interact with several stakeholders every day. Collaborating with your manager and coworkers may allow you to deliver better IT support, as this position requires solving each problem promptly. Being comfortable working in a team can also provide you with more opportunities to receive insights, notes, advice, or training from colleagues. You can evaluate cases with your manager or colleagues and develop better approaches to obtain a satisfactory resolution. For example, effective teamwork can help you and your coworkers analyze recurring technical problems with a company's Local Area Network (LAN).


Showing empathy while performing your responsibilities may allow you to establish stronger relationships with customers and coworkers. Your colleagues may feel more appreciated if you show gratitude when they clean up computers effectively, prepare exceptionally detailed reports, or follow standard procedures to address each IT support case carefully. This can facilitate the way users talk to you about how they're handling their computers, applications, or the company's network. By knowing this, you might identify and solve technical issues quicker and receive positive feedback.

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Resume template for IT help desk professionals

You can use this template to create your own resume quickly. It's critical to include all the information that can highlight your proficiency and expertise in the IT industry. It's also important to follow this order, as this can better showcase your abilities and educational background. Here's a template you can use to write your resume:

[First and last name]
[City and province or territory]
[Phone number]
[E-mail address]

Professional summary
[One to four sentences explaining your work experiences, skills, and accomplishments relevant to the IT help desk position.]

Work experience
[Current or most recent position]
[Company name], [company location], [dates worked]

  • [Responsibility or achievement accomplished]

  • [Responsibility or achievement accomplished]

  • [Responsibility or achievement accomplished]

[Degree or qualification]
[Institution], [Location], [Graduation year]


  • [Technical or soft skill relevant to the job]

  • [Technical or soft skill relevant to the job]

  • [Technical or soft skill relevant to the job]

[Title of certification], [Issuing organization], [Date or year earned]

Awards and achievements
[Short description of award]
[Short description of achievement]

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Sample resume for IT help desk professionals

You can use this sample resume to write your own and evaluate the tone and terminology you're using on your resume. It's important to add all your relevant information, including any certifications and courses that may highlight your proficiency in the IT industry. Here's a sample resume for an IT help desk manager position:

Victor White
Toronto, Ontario

Professional summary
Certified IT help desk manager with 10+ years of experience in the IT support, telecommunications, and data centre fields. Proficient in operating systems, programming languages, cybersecurity, databases, system analysis, telecommunication systems, and networks.

Work experience
IT help desk manager
Ontario Cybersecurity Systems, Toronto, Ontario, March 2018—April 2022

  • Oversaw and organized IT support activities

  • Tested security systems to analyze their vulnerabilities

  • Improved the company's telecom systems and networks

  • Delivered tech support to upper management members

Data centre manager
Toronto Data Leader, Toronto, Ontario, November 2017—February 2018

  • Developed and implemented strict protocols for data processing

  • Discussed and addressed clients' data requirements and projects' timelines

  • Oversaw computer analysts' activities

  • Trained programmers and computer engineers in data centres' security processes

Master of Science in Big Data Analytics
Golden Sun University, Oshawa, Ontario, 2016

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
Capital University, Ottawa, Ontario, June 2011


  • Expert in JavaScript, Python, SQL, PHP, and C++

  • Proficient in creating and implementing protocols for information systems

  • Knowledgeable in broadcasting, controlling, and operating telecommunication systems

  • Excellent problem-solving and critical thinking skills

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Teamwork and leadership abilities


  • CompTIA A+, CompTIA Tech Career Academy, 2015

  • IT Support: Fundamentals by Microsoft, edX, 2017

Awards and achievements

  • Awarded as IT Help Desk Specialist of the Year, Next Gen Leader, 2015

  • Developed a new telecommunication system for the company's main client

  • Headed the company's IT support team for two years, eliminating a one-year backlog and implementing times and protocols to answer each request

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