How To Write a Cover Letter for IT Jobs

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Updated August 12, 2022

Published September 29, 2021

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More companies are continuing to embrace advanced technology, which makes the information technology sector continue to grow. IT specialists help companies with various technical aspects, such as collecting and storing data, troubleshooting, selecting, and installing software end-handling information security. A good cover letter for IT can help you show your qualifications and skills to potential employers. In this article, we discuss the components of an IT cover letter, how to write an IT cover letter, and provide a template with an example to help you write your personalized cover letter.

What is a cover letter for an IT job?

A cover letter for an IT job is a one-page letter to express your interest in an IT position to potential employers. A cover letter attached to your resume provides a comprehensive review of your achievements and skills in the IT field. It is essential to cover relevant technological and soft skills.

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What are the components of a cover letter for IT?

Here are the following components you might include in your IT cover letter:

  • Contact information: Include your current contact information at the top of the cover letter. Write your name and contact information, including your phone number and email.

  • Salutations: Greet the reader of the letter. Refer to them directly if you know who they are or use generic salutations such as Dear sir or madam or To whom it may concern.

  • Introduction: The first paragraph of your cover letter is known as the introduction. Communicate the purpose of the letter in the first two sentences. Remember to specify the position you're interested in pursuing.

  • Your information technology qualifications: Specify your qualifications in the letter's body. Showcase your software and hardware proficiency. It is also important to feature soft skills, such as communication, adaptability, and collaboration.

  • Conclusion: The last paragraph of the cover letter is known as the conclusion. In your closing statements, express that you look forward to hearing from them or meeting them. It can also be a call to action, inviting them to discuss the position further.

  • Signature: Lastly, sign off the letter with a professional signature and your name.

How to write a cover letter for an IT job

The following steps may help you write an effective personalized cover letter for an IT job:

1. Research the job position and company

The first step of writing a good cover letter for an IT job is researching the position and the company itself. Research helps to understand the culture and atmosphere of a company to which you're applying. It also helps to mirror its values and the requirements in the job listing on your cover letter. Remember to research who in the human resources for the hiring team is likely to read your cover letter and address them directly if possible.

2. Use the correct format

Your cover letter's appropriate format and structure help you communicate your qualifications effectively and make it easy to read. Remember, the cover letter gives potential employers the first impression of you. The standard length of cover letters is about one page which features about four paragraphs. If typing the cover letter, use a professional font such as Georgia or Times New Roman. The ideal font size for a cover letter is 10 or 12.

You can align your contact information at the top of the page, either right or left. Align the rest of the letter, which includes the company's address, the body, and signature, to the left side.

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3. Feature keywords on the job listing

Many companies use applicant tracking systems to monitor and manage the first selection of cover letters and resumes. Companies receive many applications and don't have the time to go through all of them. The applicant tracking software sorts applications based on specific keywords that highlight the skills and job requirements. There is a minimal chance that hiring teams go through applications that don't pass the software screening. Choose the keywords effectively by looking at the most frequent qualifications or requirements of the job listing.

4. Specify your qualification

In many job listings, employers look for candidates with specific qualifications. It is important to focus your cover letter on these qualifications unless writing a prospective cover letter. A prospective cover letter inquires about the possibility of an opening without a prior job advertisement. Go through your resume to identify the most relevant qualifications for the job and avoid fully summarizing your resume. Remember to review the job listing, identify prominent or repeated qualifications, and state how you meet or exceed them.

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5. Focus on what you can contribute to the position

After discussing your qualifications, detail how you can contribute to the potential employer's company. For example, you can state that you implemented the software in your previous job that helped the organization increase their customer numbers by 20% and mention that you feel confident to deliver similar results to the new employer. Highlight the relevant skills for the job and specify how you can use them to increase efficiency, productivity, and profit for the organization.

6. Conclude the letter

In the last sentences in your cover letter for the IT job, summarize your strengths, thank the reader for their time, and add a call to action. Try to avoid being repetitive on what you covered in the body of a cover letter. Instead, simply summarize your attributes. A call to action encourages the hiring manager to reach out for further discussion or schedule a meeting.

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Tips for writing an interesting cover letter for an IT job

The following tips may help you make your cover letter for an IT job more interesting:

Be genuine

A genuine letter shows that you are truly interested in the job position. Ensure that you are truthful both in the cover letter and in your resume. Writing a unique letter for a specific job application is essential, especially when applying for multiple job openings.

Use current information

Focus on using your current and correct information in a cover letter. Be keen when using a template to avoid unintentionally putting incorrect information or missing some information. An excellent example of an element you can easily overlook is the date. It is also essential to make sure you use your current contact information.

Proofread the cover letter thoroughly

Hiring managers can tell about your attention to detail from your cover letter. It is crucial to proofread it for various errors, including grammatical errors. Ask a relative, trusted friend, or colleague to proofread the letter for formatting issues, spelling errors, and grammatical mistakes.

Highlight your soft skills

Soft skills help to make your technical skills more practical. For example, as an IT expert, you engage with people who know little about software and computers. You may need soft skills such as good communication and attention to detail.

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Avoid using jargon

There is a chance that an information technology professional may not review your cover letter. Avoid using specific technology jargon and complex terms. It shows the hiring manager you can communicate about technology to different audiences.

Template for IT job cover letter

Consider using the template below to inspire your cover letter:

[Phone number]
[Professional email address]
[City, Province]


[Name of the recipient]
[The job title of the recipient]
[The organization name]
[ Organization address]

Dear [name] or generic salutation [Sir/Madam, To whom it may concern],

Introduction [Address interest in the job position and how you came to learn about it.]

Paragraph 1 [Talk about your experiences and accomplishments relevant to the job.]

Paragraph 2 [Talk about any education skills or specialized training and how you can create positive results for the company.]

Conclusion [Thank the reader for the time and consideration, reinstate your interest in the position, and invite future contact.]

Example of a cover letter for an IT job

Here is an example of a cover letter for an IT job application:

James Reece
Quebec City, Quebec

22 August 2021

Daisy Morrell
Human resource manager
Futuretech Industries
Kamloops, British Columbia

Dear Miss Morrell,

I am excited to reach out and express my interest in the position of IT customer support manager, which I came across on your website. I'm proficient in software, hardware, and communication skills from my five years as an IT specialist for Scooter Computers. I led the customer service department and helped to reduce customer complaints by 30%. I also provided internal support to the company and its employees by troubleshooting and solving hardware and software issues.

I am passionate about information technology and helping other people use it effectively and efficiently. For example, as a manager at Scooter Computers, I helped with the onboarding process for eight new staff members and helped them understand its systems. I also have an information system security certification (CISSP) which means I can offer information security to your workplace. Thank you for your time and consideration. I am excited about the opportunity to help a reputable company.

I look forward to hearing from you about the next step in the application process.

James Reece

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