How to Write an Internship Resume Objective (With Examples)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published July 13, 2022

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To gain industry experience while you're still in school or recently graduated, completing an internship may be a good option. To apply for an internship, you may need a targeted resume that highlights your skills, education, and experience. An important aspect of your resume is your objective, so learning how to write one effectively can help improve your chances of receiving an invitation to interview. In this article, we explain what an internship resume objective is, discuss how to write one, share tips to improve your objective, and offer a template and examples to help inspire your writing.

What is an internship resume objective?

An internship resume objective is a short statement of one or two sentences that explains why you want a position and what qualifies you to apply for it. The objective for an internship differs from a traditional resume objective by highlighting your skills and education instead of just describing what you hope to achieve at work. It can help your resume stand out from other candidates even if you don't have a long list of work experience. The main goal of your objective is to encourage employers to continue reading your document, so it's important to target these sentences for each job application.

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How to write an internship resume objective

Here are the steps you can follow to write your own objective for an internship resume:

1. Read the job description carefully

Before you write your objective statement, review the job posting and description carefully. This helps you determine what skills or education employers want prospective interns to have. Note keywords the employer mentions so you can include them in your objective statement. This helps you tailor your resume to each employer, which can help gain their attention and encourage them to continue reading your document.

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2. Highlight skills and competencies

Start your objective statement with your strongest skills and attributes that you know the employer is looking for in an intern. Include one or two hard or soft skills, an achievement, an accolade, a professional goal, or something valuable you learned in school. Here are some examples of strong words you can use in your objective statement:

  • Dedicated

  • Results-driven

  • Organized

  • Engaging

  • Ambitious

  • Accomplished

  • Team-oriented

  • Driven

  • Passionate

  • Creative

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3. Set the tone for the rest of your resume

As the objective is the first part of your resume that employers typically look at, ensure it sets the tone for the rest of the document. Write one or two sentences that tell the employer what to expect from your resume. Include small details that encourage them to review your skills and education more thoroughly.

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4. Be concise

Employers typically only spend a few seconds looking at each resume they receive, as they may receive hundreds of applications, especially for an open internship. To help them skim through your document, keep your objective statement concise. Write one or two sentences that accurately explain your goals and skills. Remove filler words, such as a, the, or like to maximize the space you have in this section.

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5. Note any education or training requirements

Employers may only want to hire interns who have or are pursuing a relevant degree or diploma. For example, a digital advertising company may only want interns with a marketing degree. It's helpful to assess the employer's requirements and determine whether you meet them, then highlight details of your education in your objective statement.

6. Highlight your value

Finally, describe why you're the best choice for the position and how you can be a valuable member of the team. Discuss how your contribution as an intern may increase the company's success. Note the work ethic, achievements, or goals you have that set you apart from other candidates with a similar level of experience.

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Tips for writing a resume objective for an internship

Here are some tips to consider when writing your resume objective:

  • Proofread it multiple times. Before you submit your resume, ensure you proofread the entire document, including the objective, carefully. This ensures it's free of errors so you can make a positive and professional impression on employers.

  • Showcase your personality. As many candidates for internships have minimal experience and similar training, it's important to make your objective unique. You can do this by showcasing your personality and unique goals by using adjectives like creative, driven, or passionate.

  • Place your objective statement at the top of your resume. Set your objective statement apart by placing it at the top of your resume, directly under your contact details. This makes it easy to notice, so hiring managers can quickly skim through it and decide whether to continue reading your document.

Resume objective templates for an internship

You can use these templates to fill in the blanks with your own experience and experiment with the structure and organization of your internship resume objective:

  • I am a [descritive quality] candidate seeking a position at [company] as [job title] where I can use my [skills].

  • With a [major], I have demonstrated [skills] during my studies and can offer [skill] at the [position].

  • Seeking a position at [company] as a [job title] to explore career options in the [field]. As a motivated student, I learned [skill] that I can apply to my work.

  • Skilled candidate seeking [job title] with [hiring company].

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Resume objective examples for an internship

Here are some examples of resume objectives for an internship to help inspire your own writing:

  • As an honours English graduate, I hope to obtain an internship at the Halewood Library to further improve my excellent research skills.

  • I am seeking a position at Smith Design Firm as a graphic designer. I can apply my excellent knowledge of illustration software to a real-world client relationship.

  • Accounting student with impeccable attention to detail seeking an internship with the Brown Firm to learn to assist clients with bookkeeping.

  • Organized and enthusiastic interior design student seeking an internship with Hughes Design. I'm looking to be helpful and inspired, and better learn the business aspects of running an organization.

  • As a proficient multitasker, I am seeking a position with Trees Marketing to apply my extensive social media marketing knowledge while being exposed to all aspects of client marketing needs.

  • To obtain a position with Jensen Footwear. I can bring an innovative shoe design perspective and the ability to learn quickly to handle any required tasks.

  • An internship at Mallar Health Care would allow me to complete my hospital administrator training while applying my strong organizational abilities, multitasking skills, and extensive knowledge of health care laws and regulations.

  • As a lifelong devotee of the brand, I can offer dedication and enthusiasm to an internship at Ken Clothing Company. I seek to further my education about the clothing design and manufacturing process.

  • I seek to obtain a position in the IT department at Bright Software. As a computer science student, I developed excellent interpersonal skills by working at my university's lab and through private consulting.

  • A construction management graduate seeking an internship with Dyer Contractors to offer excellent work ethic, physical stamina, proficient knowledge of building codes, and best construction practices.

  • An internship at The Blood Bank would allow me to use my microbiology degree and pursue my passion to provide safe medical products to those in need.

  • Energetic and positive marketing student seeking an internship to apply my specialized knowledge of brand development at Hill Development.

  • An internship at Brown Consulting will allow me to pursue my great passion for the challenges of consulting and apply my excellent customer service and salesmanship skills. I'm flexible and open to learning from mentors and leaders in the field.

  • In search of a position at Holmes Electronics to further my technical writing skills. My previous publications and position as a proofreader of the university literary magazine give me the skills necessary to excel.

  • Seeking an internship in the Student Life Office to apply my excellent communication skills and enthusiasm to assisting new students.

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