How to Write an HR Objective Résumé Statement (With Examples)

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Updated October 28, 2022

Published September 29, 2021

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Your application for an HR job opening may contain a cover letter and a résumé, which act as your formal introduction to the hiring manager. First impressions count, and a quality objective statement can advance you to the next interview stage. Since most human resources positions are competitive, the objective résumé differs between candidates, and those with excellent statements are often shortlisted for consideration. In this article, we define what an HR objective résumé statement is, discuss how to write a human resources résumé objective, and give examples of an HR objective résumé statement.

What is an HR objective résumé statement?

An HR objective résumé statement is a brief, targeted statement at the beginning of your résumé that gives information about you and your résumé's goal. It also briefs the reader about your qualifications for the job opening. A human resource objective résumé statement is usually one or two sentences long and written in a vibrant tone. Though short, such a statement can make a difference in whether you get called for an interview.

A significant role that human resource employees have is during recruitment. Showing that you can develop a high-quality objective résumé statement displays a valuable skill during recruiting and can favour you as a candidate. Since this brief statement is at the start of your résumé, think of it as a formal introduction you're giving to the recruiting company. It's essential to tell the hiring manager why the company should consider your application.


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How to write a human resources résumé objective statement

Follow these steps to create a unique and effective human resources résumé objective statement:

1. Understand the job listing

The job listing contains all requirements for the role. It also informs you of what responsibilities you can expect to take on. It's essential to study the job listing to understand what's vital to the recruiting manager. This will give you a clear guide on what to include in your résumé objective statement. Tailoring your résumé objective around the keywords in the job listing makes your résumé stand out to the hiring manager.

Using your template résumé, adjust the résumé objective to match each job listing. Applicant tracking software has become widely adopted, and it's used to scan your résumé for keywords that match the job listing to select which candidates are best for the opening.

Take note of the required skills

Take keen note of the required skills and experience length or type preferred by the company or organization. The hiring manager is likely to appreciate this information. Some jobs may also explicitly instruct applicants not to include an objective résumé statement in their application documents. Following these instructions shows you have the skills required to listen, understand, and act accordingly.

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2. Choose relevant personal characteristics

A helpful practice is to first think of adjectives to describe yourself to the hiring manager. Power words are adjectives that pinpoint your skills and experience to help you stand out. They quickly give context to the rest of your résumé to allow the employer to see your value as a prospective employee. These adjectives are usually positive and targeted to the reader of your résumé.

You can also choose adjectives that appear in the job listing for maximum impact. Provide extra details that expand on your qualifications and goals after selecting the adjectives. You may list two or three skills to highlight in the résumé objective.

Examples of personality traits

The following are some examples of personality traits as adjectives that you can use when applying for an HR position:

  • Accomplished

  • Determined

  • Devoted

  • Detail-oriented

  • Driven

  • Discerning

  • Experienced

  • Focused

  • Forward-thinking

  • Goal-oriented

  • Insightful

  • Loyal

  • Resourceful

  • Self-motivated

  • Sharp

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3. Add the position you're applying for

Specific and targeted résumé objective statements make it clear to the recruiter that you intended to apply for that particular position. A targeted résumé objective statement includes the job you are applying for and the company name. The latter gives you an advantage over applicants who use generalized résumé objective statements. Since hiring managers may understand candidates use a standard résumé for most applications, tailoring the résumé objective statement to the company shows you've put in extra effort to structure the statement to fit the specific HR position you are applying for.

You may list the title of the job, such as HR adviser, human resources administrator, HR officer or human resources manager.

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4. Outline previous experience and commendations

The résumé objective statement is a great place to mention your experience, certifications, achievements, awards, and relevant skills. Although you may discuss these elements in detail later in your résumé, the objective résumé statement can act as a preview of what lies ahead. It's essential to mention your experience, especially if you have extensive knowledge of human resources. This encourages hiring managers to explore your résumé in detail after you've captured their attention.

Listing your experience lets the reader immediately see how long you have worked and what you've achieved. The expertise and commendations you discuss can indicate your productivity. If you've noted the required experience or the responsibilities in the job listing, mentioning how your specific strengths relate to them may give you an advantage over other applicants. For example, you may indicate that you excel in recruiting senior employees or a keen job analyst.

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5. Keep it concise

Hiring managers usually receive thousands of applications for multiple roles in their company. They determine which candidate gets an interview or which may not proceed to the next hiring stage. The résumé objective statement becomes an essential tool that hiring managers use to select the most qualified candidates for the role or determine which résumé to read from start to finish. If that's the case, it's necessary to help them quickly understand that you're the best person for the job. They should be able to interpret that you are a professional human resources candidate.

Highlight the most impressive or appealing features of your résumé and give a brief value proposition. You can aim to provide the reader with enough information in your résumé objective statement to encourage them to move on to the main details of your résumé, where you elaborate on your qualifications, skills, and experience.

6. Proofread

After writing your objective résumé statement, you may review it to check for spelling or grammatical errors. It's also essential to review whether you included the intended details. Ensure that it's concise and easy to read. Confirm that your sentences connect well and give relevant information. Finally, read your objective statement aloud to check if any areas require adjustments.

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Human resources objective résumé statement examples

The following statements show practical examples of the steps listed above that you can use to develop an excellent objective résumé statement:

  • Seeking a human resources manager position with XYZ Corporation to use my research and leadership skills to process payroll, maintain employee records, resolve staff conflicts, and optimize company operations.

  • Looking for a human resources specialist position with XYZ Logistics to perform various organizational and human resources roles using skills gained from working with a shipping and delivery company.

  • Desire a full-time human resources officer position to encourage me to employ knowledge from my human resources management degree and special human resources training.

  • Dedicated human resources professional seeking to perform administrative and clerical responsibilities at XYZ International. Exceptional performance assured from eight years of experience.

  • Goal-oriented and devoted individual with 14 years of experience working with start-ups to develop human resource models. Awarded the HR ABC Award for Woman of Distinction 2019. Seeking to apply organizational and time management skills to fulfil human resources director duties.

  • Experienced manager and registered professional recruiter, having worked with a recruitment firm for ten years. Member of a national professional recruiters association.

  • Looking to work in a fast-paced environment using knowledge from a business management degree and industry certification. Willing to work remotely.

  • Focused and self-motivated HR degree graduate with over 10 years of experience in a human resource consultancy firm. Interested in a human resources position with XYZ Associates to utilize excellent IT skills to help manage employee information and applicant tracking.

  • Insightful professional with 13 years of experience working as a human resources consultant. Seeking to become an HR and business management lecturer at ABC University. Excellent communication skills.

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