Effective Objectives for Your Sales Resume (With Examples)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Updated August 25, 2022 | Published August 17, 2021

Updated August 25, 2022

Published August 17, 2021

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An objective for a sales resume highlights your intention, professional goals, and the experience you plan to bring to the role. A good objective highlights your skills, credentials, and long-term goals, and is sales-focused. Understanding how to structure an effective sales objective increases your chances of securing an interview and being hired for the role. In this article, we discuss what a sales resume objective is, explore how to write a clear objective for a sales resume, and provide helpful examples of sales objectives.

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What is a sales resume objective?

A sales resume objective is a high-level statement placed at the top of a resume that outlines the type of experience you bring to a role, your skills, and plans for growth tied to a sales objective. This objective is about clearly highlighting how those previous attributes helped you succeed and how they translate to this role. Here's what you need to know:

How to write a great objective for a sales resume

Follow these steps when writing an objective for your sales resume to get the hiring manager's attention:

1. Define the aim of the objective

Adding an objective to your sales resume highlights what you want to achieve at this company. The objective is usually two to three points that highlight what your priorities are at the top of your resume. The value of doing this is to illustrate to the hiring manager what you're looking for in this organization. Doing this properly makes a strong first impression on the hiring manager, as addressing your priorities answers any questions they may have about your goals.

While applicable to any sales position, including a sales objective on your resume is the most useful for entry-level positions or if you're moving to a new location. Even if you don't have a track record in sales, showing the hiring manager how you plan to bring your skills and how you plan to grow into the role helps to differentiate you from other candidates.

2. Brainstorm different types of objectives

While it may be only a line or two, clear sales objectives can be the most important on a resume if written correctly. Consider an objective that is both simple and grabs the reader's attention. Use your objective to explain where you're aiming to grow by using sales-related language. Also, consider highlighting the best attributes, credentials, and value you bring to a team when deciding how to differentiate yourself.

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3. Keep it simple

A hiring manager looks through several resumes for any vacancy, so being as simple as possible is both beneficial for the hiring manager and you. Keep your objective concise, just one or two sentences clearly stating what you plan to bring to the company. A good test is to be intentional with every word you use and see if all of them are necessary.

4. Get the reader's attention

Write your sales objective with the mindset that this may be the only sentence the hiring manager glances at on your resume. Chances are, it may be. Make sure this objective is your most impressive attribute and show how it ties to a sales objective with the company. The simplest way to grab the reader's attention is to tie the sales objective to the job description. If you're unsure, have a few close friends read your resume and see if it stands out to them.

5. Focus on your best attributes

When deciding what your best qualities are, consider highlighting your most relevant skills for the role. If you happened to be an organized person, include instances where your organization has measurably helped productivity or driven a result. The wording needs to be clear and concise, giving a strong impression to the hiring manager, but also giving you the ability to elaborate in an interview as a next step.

6. Highlight your credentials

Standing out in the sales world is very competitive, so it's important to highlight any relevant credentials you may have in your objective statement. This includes a bachelor's degree, certificate, master's of business administration, or sales certification. This is especially important if you don't have any experience to reference.

7. Highlight your value

The most useful way to highlight your value is to showcase noteworthy moments in your work history. If you have a track record of exceeding a monthly quota, clearly state how you plan to bring that expertise into this new role. Review your resume to highlight skills where you exceeded or outperformed expectations and tie that to your objective statement.

8. Feature your value to the team

The reason you want to match your objective to the job description is to make sure you're an ideal fit for the company's culture. Hiring managers not only want to assess your qualifications and skills, but they want to see if your mentality is similar to other team members. When you read the job description, see how your team-related skills align with the role.

9. Keep the objective focused

Remember to keep it simple and keep your sales objective focused on your most relevant skills. Study the job description and the company's expectations for the role. This could range from specific quotas, team skills, experience, or any number of key performance indicators.

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Examples of sales objectives for your resume

Understanding examples of sales-related objectives help you understand, phrase, and aim objectives depending on the role. In this section, we cover examples for a sales representative, manager, director, and anyone looking to transition into a sales role.

Sales representative objective

Most entry-level sales representatives' resume objectives have the common theme of being inexperienced for the role. Instead, focus on your soft skills and other character attributes to show the hiring manager your potential for development. Consider also mentioning any technical knowledge you may have, as a large portion of sales work requires sales software.

Example: Highly persuasive sales representative seeking an entry-level position where I can use my team-building and interpersonal skills. Looking for a company that values company culture and internal growth.

Example: Highly motivated sales representative seeking an entry-level position within a corporation where I can showcase my excellent customer service and problem-solving skills. I have two years of relevant sales experience and hold a bachelor of business administration.

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Sales manager objective

Writing an effective sales manager's resume objective is about highlighting experiences and industry insight. Consider mentioning carrier milestones, experience, and leadership skills.

Example: Goal-oriented sales manager who has previously managed large teams of 20 sales representatives and exceeded monthly quotas by 13%. Seeking a sales manager role with OakTree Inc., where I can leverage my team-building skills to contribute to company growth.

Example: Energetic and detail-oriented sales professional, accredited as a Certified Sales Professional (CSP), with five years of experience managing a boutique retail location, exceeding annual revenue by $240,000. Seeking an opportunity where I can develop a team and foster a healthy company culture to improve sales performance.

Sales objectives resume examples

Writing an effective objective for a sales director's resume comes down to managing large-scale corporate goals. Highlight your years of sales experience, leadership, academic qualifications, and relevant certifications. The primary objectives of a sales director need to highlight your ability to guide and grow the company's entire sales operation.

Example: Experienced sales director and professional seeking a leadership position at Manning & Chester to help shape year-over-year growth. Looking to bring 15 years of sales experience, executive leadership, and an MBA in sales to a growth-oriented team.

Example: Influential sales leader with nine years of direct sales and customer service experience and five years in a management role. Seeking a role where I can implement my team strategies and consistent 12% quarterly growth.

Career change sales objective

If you're looking to get into the sales industry, but have no prior experience, your resume objective needs to highlight your relevant work experience and which of your skills are transferable. Remember to highlight years of experience and relevant soft skills like communication, negotiation, or customer service as relevant starting points.

Example: Accomplished marketing and copywriting expert with seven years of managerial experience seeking a sales manager role with a goal-oriented organization. I bring a master's in business administration focused on sales and marketing development.

Example: Team-oriented HR manager with nine years of corporate managerial experience. Seeking a sales manager role where I can bring my expertise in workplace development and commitment to healthy team culture to exceed sales targets.

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