How to Write a Housekeeper Resume (With Resume Template)

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Updated August 28, 2022

Published August 17, 2021

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If you're applying for housekeeper positions, submitting a resume allows you to show potential employers your relevant qualifications. Your resume highlights the skills, experiences and other details that help explain your suitability for the role. Learning how to format this essential document effectively can help you feel more confident about this process and increase your chance of getting invited to interview. In this article, we provide steps and tips for writing a housekeeper resume and offer a template and example for additional guidance.

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Why is a resume important?

A resume is important because it is often potential employers' first impression of you. Whether you're applying for residential, commercial or hospitality industry housekeeping positions, employers ask you to submit this document as an applicant. Your resume communicates your most relevant qualifications, helping employers understand how you suit the job. When you write an effective resume that accurately describes your skills, traits or experiences, it can convince employers to invite you for job interviews and potentially hire you.

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How to write a housekeeper resume

Review the following steps as guidelines for writing resumes for housekeeping positions:

1. Read the job description

When preparing to write your resume, review the job description to understand the qualifications needed for the role. Recognize keywords or phrases used by the employer and try to use them throughout your resume. For example, you might identify keywords related to specific skills, traits or responsibilities. Incorporating these words in your resume helps prove to the employer that you can meet their expectations.

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2. Provide your contact information

Add a header on your resume that lists your current contact information. This includes your name, phone number and email address. It is unnecessary to provide your home address, but you can list your city to prove you're a local candidate. These details are essential because they ensure the potential employer knows how to contact you to discuss your application or offer an interview.

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3. Create a resume summary

This brief section outlines your most impressive qualifications as a housekeeper in four sentences or less. These details may include your level of experience, skills and traits relevant to the position and its responsibilities. Use keywords from the job description to show that you can meet the employer's expectations. Because this section is at the top of your resume, ensure it gets the reader's attention and encourages them to continue reading.

If you have minimal housekeeping experience, you can use a resume objective. A resume objective also explains your relevant skills but focuses on your professional goals. When discussing your goals, include the name of the job title you're seeking and the specific organization. Describe how you hope to use your existing skills or experience to support the employer.

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4. List your relevant skills

Your skills section provides a list of abilities that prove you can complete the tasks and responsibilities of a housekeeper. Include hard skills, such as technical abilities or skills gained through formal training or experience, and soft skills, which represent professional traits or behaviours. You can determine which skills to include on your resume by reviewing the job description to understand what the employer seeks.

Hard skills for housekeepers may include knowledge of specific cleaning tools and practices. For example, you can list activities such as dusting, polishing, vacuuming, and clothes laundering. You might also list skills related to sanitization, infection control, or deep-cleaning procedures. Soft skills explain how you perform your housekeeping duties or work with others, and may include:

  • Communication

  • Time management

  • Attention to detail

  • Flexibility

  • Customer service

  • Teamwork

  • Organization

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5. Describe your work experience

The professional experience section lists your most recent and relevant positions. For each item, provide your job title, the name of the organization or employer and your start and end date of employment. Underneath these details, you can list three to five responsibilities you had in each position or accomplishments from them. When describing your responsibilities or achievements, try to highlight specific skills you used. Again, review the job description to ensure you align your prior experience with the employer's expectations or requirements and use relevant keywords or phrases.

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6. List your education

Some housekeeping positions list educational requirements for candidates, typically seeking at least a high school diploma or equivalent. Listing your level of education on your resume shows employers you meet these requirements. Provide the names of the educational institutions you have graduated from, their location and the degrees or qualifications you received. While listing your graduation date is optional, you can include it if it was within two years ago. If you have pursued professional development courses or training related to housekeeping, you can also include these details in your education section.

7. Add certifications and other details

When possible, add more sections to your resume that show why you're a uniquely qualified candidate. While only some employers require certifications from housekeepers, a certification section can help differentiate you from other candidates and prove your expertise in the field. List the certification title, the name of the institution you received it from and the date you received it.

You can review job descriptions to assess the certifications that are relevant to the role, such as certifications from the Canadian Healthcare Housekeepers Association or the Cleaning Management Institute. Some employers may have additional preferences or requirements for housekeeper candidates, such as having reliable transportation, a driver's license or the ability to speak other languages. You can include such details in an "additional qualifications" section or elsewhere on your resume.

Tips for writing a resume

You can use the following advice for writing an effective resume:

  • Use keywords: When looking at job postings, identify keywords and phrases related to specific skills, traits or responsibilities. Incorporate these keywords throughout each section of your resume to show your alignment with the position and attract hiring managers' attention.

  • Adjust your resume: Customize your resume for each job you apply to, using specific keywords and phrases from their postings. A customized approach shows your genuine interest and proves to employers that you understand and can meet their expectations.

  • Be concise: Hiring managers may review many resumes for each position, so being concise helps show respect for their time. Keep your document to one page and use brief sentences and language to describe your qualifications efficiently.

  • Follow simple formatting: Use easy-to-read, standard fonts and headings for your resume to ensure the hiring manager can immediately understand and assess your qualifications. Avoid using bright or distracting fonts or graphics to ensure that the reader's focus stays on the relevant skills, experience and achievements you provide as an applicant.

  • Proofread your document: Review your resume before submitting it to ensure it is free of typos or grammar and spelling mistakes. Attention to detail is an important trait for housekeepers, and an error-free document can help you display this skill.

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Template for housekeeper resumes

You can use the following template to help format your resume:

[Your full name]
[Your phone number]
[Your email address]
[City and province (optional)]

Resume summary

[Provide a brief description of your most relevant housekeeping skills, experience and traits]


[List 10-15 hard and soft skills relevant to housekeeping tasks and responsibilities]

Professional experience

[Company/employer name] | [city and province]

[Job title] — [start date]-[end date]

  • Describe relevant responsibilities or accomplishments from each role, including measurable results when possible

  • Describe relevant responsibilities or accomplishments from each role, including measurable results when possible

  • Describe relevant responsibilities or accomplishments from each role, including measurable results when possible


[Degree or qualification earned] | [date earned (optional)]

[Name of educational/training institution], [city and province]

Example of a housekeeper resume

You can use this example as inspiration for developing a resume:

Jamie Easton
Vancouver, BC

Professional summary

Results-oriented housekeeper with over five years of experience in residential and hotel cleaning. Proven track record of using strong attention to detail to maintain high standards for clean, pleasant, and comfortable environments for guests. Skilled at determining the best cleaning supplies or tools for any situation.


  • Mopping and vacuuming

  • Laundry and ironing services

  • Dusting and polishing

  • Attention to detail

  • Effective communication skills

  • Ability to work self-directed

  • Time management

  • Responding to guest/client requests

Professional experience

Victoria Lux Hotel | Vancouver, BC
Housekeeper — February 2020-present

  • Cleaned rooms following hotel sanitization and cleaning standards

  • Vacuumed floors of hotel hallways, common rooms, and guest bedrooms

  • Changed and laundered bedroom and bathroom linens

  • Restocked toiletries in guest rooms

  • Reported room damage, theft, and other concerns to supervisors

BC Cleaning Services | Vancouver, BC
Residential housekeeper — May 2018-January 2019

  • Performed weekly cleanings for 15 residential homes

  • Fulfilled cleaning duties according to customers' specific requests, including using preferred cleaning supplies

  • Laundered and ironed customers' clothing and linens

  • Vacuumed and mopped floors throughout the home as needed


High School Diploma
Westview Community High School | Vancouver, BC

Additional qualifications

  • Reliable transportation and driver's license

  • References available upon request

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