How to Write a Fast-Food Resume (With Tips and Example)

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Updated January 27, 2023

Published September 29, 2021

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When searching for a job in fast food, you can expect employers to request your application documents. A well-written resume can show you have the necessary experience and skills to succeed as a fast-food employee. Understanding how to prepare an effective resume can positively influence your job search. In this article, we describe what a fast-food resume is, explain what to include on one, describe how to write a compelling one for fast-food positions, and show an example you can use as a reference.

What is a fast-food resume?

A fast-food resume is a document describing your professional experience and qualifications for a fast-food role. From shift managers to grill cooks and restaurant managers, these application documents apply to various roles in fast food. While you may submit your resume in person, employers may request a digital copy. Regardless of the required method, ensure you use your resume to attract the hiring manager's attention by highlighting what makes you unique and ideal for the position.

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What to include in a resume for fast-food positions

Here are important details to include in your resume to leave a good impression on hiring managers:

  • Contact details: introduces you to the resume reviewer or hiring manager

  • Professional summary: a statement summarizing your career in fast food

  • Relevant skills: describe your abilities to perform the fast-food role

  • Educational qualifications: outline all formal and informal training you received

  • Professional experience: show you can work as part of a team providing fast food to customers

How to write a resume for fast-food roles

Follow these steps to write your resume for fast-food positions:

1. Choose a resume format

There are three resume formats to choose from, depending on your qualifications:

  • Chronological resume format: This outlines your work experience in order and places it before your skill set. Consider a chronological resume if your employment history shows a consistent career path in food.

  • Functional resume format: This focuses more on your relevant skills than your employment history. Consider a functional resume if you have employment gaps in the past five years.

  • Chronological resume format: This enables you to emphasize your work experience and relevant skills. You can use a chronological resume if you're transitioning into a career related to your previous one.

2. Include a resume header

A resume header typically includes your full name and contact information. You can write your email address, phone number, province or territory, and city. Doing this makes it easier for hiring managers to contact you, especially concerning the next hiring stage. For example, they may refer to your resume header to contact you if you qualify for an interview. Consider listing your contact information to make your resume readable.

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3. Write your work experience in fast food

Next, describe your previous experience in a fast-food role and how it prepared you for the expected position. For example, if you have experience working in a restaurant, you can include your previous duties and responsibilities. Consider using numbers to describe your work history. For example, you can measure your impact in your previous role using percentages from your key performance indicators (KPIs).

4. Outline your skill set

Describe relevant skills that can improve your likelihood of getting the position you want. You may list your skills and provide a proficiency level, which outlines how well you can apply the skill. For example, you may be excellent at communicating effectively. Important skills to include on a resume for fast-food positions include:

  • Customer service

  • Effective communication

  • Time management

  • Attention to detail

  • Teamwork

  • Physical endurance

5. Mention relevant academic qualifications

Include any training certificates or educational degrees you earned. For example, if you completed a vocational training program for cooks, you may list your certification. Mentioning your training qualifications can position you as a more valuable candidate for a fast-food position. For example, hiring managers may consider you for supervisor and manager roles if you have supervisory experience in food and training certificates.

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Tips for writing a resume for fast-food positions

Here are the best practices you can use for preparing a resume:

Review the job description

Ensure you read the job description before you start writing your resume. Doing this can help you create a version of your resume that aligns with the job you're applying for in the establishment. For example, you may identify skills and qualifications that are most important to an employer.

Use keywords

Keywords are words describing your skills, expertise, and core values. Using keywords from the job description shows you researched the position and understand the requirements. Common keywords to use in a resume for fast-food positions include:

  • Boosted

  • Collaborated

  • Developed

  • Improved

  • Led

  • Maintained

  • Maximized

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Be direct and brief

Keep your resume to one or two pages. A brief resume can encourage hiring managers to read through it entirely. Including the most important details for the role can also help employers find the information they want to consider for your application. Use lists to improve your resume's readability.

Use a readable font

Ensure your resume is easy to read by choosing fonts, such as Arial, Georgia, or Times New Roman. Consider a 10- to 12-point font to encourage employers to review the main content. You may also use bold or italic texts to emphasize information. For example, your section headers may be in bold text.

Focus on the establishment's needs

Ensure your resume focuses on how you can add value to the establishment. For example, instead of listing all your foodservice skills, you can mention only the most relevant for the position. Similarly, you can mention previous duties related to the fast-food work you expect to perform.

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Proofread for errors

After writing your resume, review it for grammar and spelling errors. You can use online grammar tools to help you identify errors quickly. Alternatively, consider asking a friend, mentor, or career coach to help you review and edit your resume.

Fast-food resume example

Review this example of how to write a detailed and compelling resume:

John Wilkinson
(234) 777-8989
Saint John, NB

Professional summary

Passionate and experienced food service manager with over 10 years in the foodservice industry. Looking to apply management and customer service skills as a restaurant manager to contribute to Merry Restaurant Terry Company's goals.

Professional experience

Ketutery Grilled Chicken, June 2016-May 2021
Assistant manager

  • Supervised food service employees to ensure 86% customer satisfaction obtained through forms

  • Developed work schedules for teams in the restaurant

  • Planned fast-food deliveries through logistics companies to ensure average delivery of 30 minutes across the city

  • Assisted in serving customers during busy work periods

  • Managed customer complaints to ensure 82% repeat business

Doturo Pizza, June 2011-March 2016
Customer service representative

  • Served restaurant products to customers during 12-hour shifts

  • Handled customer complaints and resolved issues related to customer service

  • Assisted in food preparation whenever required

  • Prepared salad bar and organized condiments


  • Customer service

  • Teamwork

  • Project planning and control

  • Cash handling

  • Time management

  • Fast food preparation techniques


AltHeights High School, September 2006-June 2010
High school diploma

FAQs about writing a resume for fast-food positions

Review the following responses to questions about writing a fast-food resume:

Why include keywords in your resume?

Including keywords is important because many employers enter resumes into applicant tracking systems (ATSs). These systems review the information on your resume before hiring managers. A resume with keywords from the job description can improve your likelihood of passing ATS tests and advancing to the next hiring stage.

Can you bring a resume for an interview?

You typically want to attend interviews with your resume. Doing this can help hiring managers to remember your qualifications and why you qualified for the interview. During interviews, share copies of your resume with interviewers.

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What other documents do you need when applying for fast-food positions?

Aside from your resume, you typically need a cover letter when applying for positions in fast food. A cover letter enables you to explain more about your skills and experiences and show your enthusiasm for the job opportunity. Depending on the position you're applying to, you may also need a culinary portfolio that describes the recipes and menus you worked on in your career.

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