Education Resume Examples (With Template and Steps)

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Published June 10, 2022

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As educators are responsible for imparting knowledge on students, employers try to recruit suitable candidates for open positions. Submitting a resume that highlights your strengths can help you demonstrate to an employer why you're a good candidate for a teaching position. Learning the steps you can take to create an effective education resume can help increase your chances of impressing a hiring manager and getting invited to interview for a role.

In this article, we explain the importance of reviewing education resume examples, outline steps for creating an education resume, and share a template and examples of this type of resume.

Why reviewing education resume examples is helpful

You can discover information relevant to creating your resume when reviewing education resume examples. An education resume is a document submitted during the hiring process when professionals have an interest in teaching. These resumes contain information on the qualifications, skills, experiences, and licenses that make professionals fit for a teaching role. Reviewing examples of education resumes can guide you toward creating a resume that can adequately demonstrate your capabilities and impress a hiring manager.

How to write an education resume

You can follow these steps to draft an engaging resume:

1. Create a header

A header is usually at the top of the page and contains your personal and contact information, including your full name, e-mail address, phone number, city, and province. It's important to include accurate contact information, as it's used by hiring managers to reach you. It's beneficial to use an e-mail containing a simple variation of your name. If you want to share relevant coursework examples with a hiring manager, you may include a link to your portfolio. This can help increase the employment chances for teaching positions in fields like arts and design.

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2. Include a professional summary or an objective statement

This section is usually short and comprises a maximum of three sentences. You can consider writing an objective statement if you're an entry-level professional with limited experience. This is because it focuses on your skills, goals, and career aspirations. If you have relevant experience in the field, you can include a professional summary as it provides detail on your expertise and work experience. Keeping this section engaging can compel a hiring manager to read through the rest of your application.

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3. List your work experience

You can discuss positions you held in the past that qualify you for the new role. A work experience section discusses your responsibilities at previous jobs and the results you achieved. Usually, you list your experience in reverse chronological order, starting with the most recent positions. Other relevant information to include is the company name, position held, and your employment duration. You can use a bullet list to discuss your responsibilities at different positions. Starting each bullet point with an action verb and quantifying your achievements can help you keep the resume engaging.

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4. Discuss your educational qualifications

This section provides details on your qualifications and how they fit the teaching role for which you're applying. List your program type, earned credentials, and duration of your studies in reverse chronological order. You can make this section more impressive by adding information such as your minor, research projects, or scholarships. It can also be helpful to quantify your accomplishments using accolades and grades.

5. List your skills

You can increase your employment chances by including skills that are relevant to the education role. Consider listing both hard and soft skills. Hard skills are abilities you earn and develop through training, practice, and constant learning, such as language and computer skills. A hiring manager can learn more about your skills when you include proficiency levels, stating if you're an expert or a beginner. Soft skills are a combination of communication, social, and personal traits that can help you interact with students and colleagues, such as active listening and problem-solving skills.

6. List your licences and certifications

As it's mandatory for teachers to get teaching licences from their province, this section can help you prove you meet that requirement. You can include details on your licence, such as its acquisition date. This section can also contain details on other relevant certifications that can help increase your employment chances, such as accreditations in early education or first aid.

7. Consider including additional sections

Additional sections may increase your chances of success by giving you a competitive advantage during the application process. Sections you can consider adding include awards, language, hobbies and interests, and publications. When hiring managers want to decide between candidates with similar educational backgrounds and skills, an additional section may help you secure the position.

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Template for an education resume

Here's a template you can use as a guide to creating your education resume:

[Full name]
[City and province]
[Telephone number]
[E-mail address]

[One to three sentences that summarize your experiences, professional goals, and career aspirations]

[Job title 1]
[Company], [City], [Employment duration]
[Bullet points that discuss your responsibilities and accomplishments for the role]

[Job title 2]
[Company], [City], [Employment duration]
[Bullet points that discuss your responsibilities and accomplishments in the role]

[Degree, diploma, or earned licence], [Institution name], [Graduation date]

[List of relevant soft and hard skills]

Licences and certifications
[List all relevant certifications and licences]

Examples of an education resume

You can review the following examples to better understand how to create your education resume:

Example for an entry-level position

Here's an example of an education resume for an entry-level teaching position:

Peter Goodchild
Toronto, Ontario
(113) 426 7991

Objective statement
Recent graduate with a degree in special education interested in helping kids grow and flourish in a conducive learning environment. I have strong communication skills and I'm passionate about imparting knowledge and helping kids explore their potential to be future leaders. I can work in various settings, and I'm ready to give absolute dedication and commitment to the special educator position.

Work experience
Camp counsellor
Golden Heart Camp, Toronto, Ontario, January 2022—March 2022

  • Organized indoor activities, including board games, crafts, and arts for a group of 15 children

  • Supervised children and tended to their needs

  • Implemented preventive injury measures and guaranteed the safety of the children

  • Led campers on various team-building activities to ensure cooperation and maximize entertainment

  • Accommodated campers with disabilities, ensuring they safely participated in the activities

  • Created and supervised outdoor games and sports such as volleyball and game of tag

Special education teacher graduate intern
South West Public School, Toronto, Ontario, May 2021—November 2021

  • Assisted in creating lesson plans for different subject matters

  • Graded student work using prepared assessment rubrics

  • Assisted in overseeing various lab experiments for junior classes

  • Helped conduct field experiments for students

  • Implemented new learning strategies that led to over 15% increase in students' grades

  • Helped prepare study materials

B.Ed. in special education
Blue Print University, Toronto, Ontario, 2020
Related coursework: methods of teaching, safety practices for children


  • Clear and practical communication skills

  • Highly reliable

  • Fluent in English and French

  • Nonverbal communication

  • Patience and perseverance

  • Strong technology skills

  • Diverse instructional strategies

  • Knowledge of behaviour management methods

  • Strong organization skills

  • Excellent teamwork abilities


  • Outstanding teacher intern of the year, November 2021

Example for a mid-level position

Here's a resume sample for a mid-level teacher position:

Jane Charles
Calgary, Alberta
(113) 654-7891

Professional summary
Creative and competent teacher with over six years of experience teaching in secondary schools applying for the art teacher position. Ability to ease understanding by dividing subjects into a series of smaller organized lessons. With my history of improving students' learning and retention ability, I help students realize their potential and develop desirable skills.

Work experience
Arts teacher
Jupiter Secondary School, Calgary, Alberta, January 2018—February 2022

  • Created engaging lesson plans daily

  • Taught visual art education to a class of over 30 students using different learning methods, including drawing, art history, and photography

  • Provided tutoring to students in small groups to ease better understanding

  • Conducted parent-teacher meetings when necessary to discuss students' progress

  • Collaborated with colleagues across different grade levels

  • Encouraged students to participate in art competitions and tutored three students to participate in the Calgary arts competition

Teacher assistant
Mars Secondary School, Calgary, Alberta, December 2016—December 2017

  • Worked with junior students and helped them with complex topics

  • Helped students discover new interests and encouraged their continued learning

  • Assisted teacher in creating lesson plans

  • Helped facilitate a safe and conducive environment for students

B.Ed. in creative arts
Venus University, Calgary, Alberta, 2014


  • Lesson planning

  • Student records management

  • Differentiated organization

  • Individual plan expertise

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Student needs assessment

  • Data-driven instruction

  • Behaviour plan modification


  • Teacher of the year, March 2021

  • Award for outstanding service, February 2019

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