How To Write a Digital Marketer Resume (With Example)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Updated November 1, 2022 | Published August 17, 2021

Updated November 1, 2022

Published August 17, 2021

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Digital marketing is a constantly growing industry, with more online platforms and programs appearing each day. Working in this field can be an exciting and fulfilling job that allows for creativity and critical thinking on the job. You might thrive in a career as a digital marketer if you enjoy being creative and understand business and market research. This article discusses how to write a resume as a digital marketer and provides a resume template and example.

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What is a digital marketer?

A digital marketer is a publicity and promotions professional who focuses on building a brand voice, driving awareness, and generating interest in a company or brand via digital platforms. To do this, digital marketers create content for platforms like social media outlets, company websites, online advertisements, and email marketing. In this profession, you might oversee all the elements of a company's digital marketing or create digital marketing strategies and materials for specific products or departments.

As a digital marketing professional, you also usually conduct market research to develop a strategy that best serves the market your company operates in. This might involve conducting consumer surveys or researching purchasing trends in the industry. Here are seven jobs in this field:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO) specialist

  • Content strategist

  • Data analyst

  • Email marketing specialist

  • User experience designer

  • Graphic designer

  • Web designer

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How to write a digital marketer resume

A digital marketer's resume typically includes your contact information, your professional work history, your academic history, any digital marketing skills, and your relevant certifications. Knowing how to include this information in your resume gives you a better chance of getting a job as a digital marketer. Here's how you can write this type of resume.

1. Introduce yourself

Start your resume with your name and contact information at the top of the page. Including your name and contact information can tell an employer who you are and provide methods for contacting you right away.

You can also include a brief introductory paragraph known as a profile. A profile gives some insight into your personality and values so employers can learn about your experience and journey in this field.

2. Add your professional work history

Create entries for each of your professional work experiences. For example, you might title this section "Experience." Use it to list jobs you've held in the past and highlight the skills and expertise you gained from each of them. For each entry, include the job title, the company you worked for, the duration of your work experience, and some responsibilities you completed on the job. For example, in a digital marketing resume, you might choose two or three examples from your work history related to marketing or digital content creation.

3. Describe your educational background

Include entries that detail your educational background. You can title this section "Education." Most people pursuing a career as a digital marketer have a bachelor's degree in digital marketing, business, or a related field. List the school where you completed your degree, along with the degree, any certificates you earned, and your graduation year, if applicable.

If you pursued advanced education, you could include an entry that details this, along with where and when you completed your additional degree.

4. List relevant skills

Mention any relevant skills you have that can apply to your work as a digital marketer. Because digital marketing can require specialized skills that involve technical work and knowing how to use different software, a skills section can be critical in a digital marketing resume. In addition, you can use this section to list skills you learned that relate to specific aspects of working in digital marketing, like content creation and SEO.

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5. Include certifications and additional information

While certifications and professional organization memberships are optional, you may choose to pursue them anyway. Such credentials enhance your career and make you a more competitive candidate for open positions. Make entries for any certifications, professional organization memberships, or other similar qualifications that can attest to your work and interest in digital marketing. When creating a section specifically for certifications, you can title it "Certifications." If you want to include awards, memberships, or other honours that highlight your expertise, you can title it "Additional Credentials."

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6. Adjust according to the job listing

When applying for a job as a digital marketer, it's helpful to tailor your resume to the job listing. Adding keywords and position-specific duties and skills before you complete your resume may increase your chances of getting an interview. For example, imagine you're applying for two different roles. One listing mentions web configuration as a relevant skill, while the other mentions web design. Since these two are essentially the same skill, you might want to match the wording on your resume to the job listing for each application. This shows hiring managers how well you fit each role individually.

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Skills needed to be a digital marketer

While the field of marketing requires certain broad skills, digital marketing is a niche industry. Skills you can use for jobs in this field include:

  • Creativity: It's important to possess the creativity to find new ways to promote a product or service. Since the digital market changes frequently, creativity helps you keep up with these changes.

  • SEO skills: SEO skills help you understand how to get your company's website closer to the top of a search engine results page. These skills serve to advance a company's online marketing goals.

  • Data analysis skills: Much of digital marketing relates to data analytics and how well a campaign performs online. Data analysis skills equip you to evaluate the success of a digital campaign.

  • Problem-solving skills: Along with adjusting to a rapidly changing market, it's important to adapt to various technology and platform usage changes. Problem-solving skills enable you to find creative solutions to changes over the course of a promotion.

  • Storytelling skills: Telling a story to a specific audience may sell them a product or service. Storytelling skills enhance your ability to do this, especially in a digital format.

Additional tips for resume writing

Here are some additional tips to consider when writing your resume:

  • Include a cover letter. After creating a strong resume, including a cover letter allows you to share more about yourself and your abilities with an employer. Your cover letter previews the tone you may bring to a company and helps employers find the right match for their brand.

  • Use a professional font. Along with the rest of your resume's formatting, a professional font communicates that you're a serious applicant.

  • Look at resume samples. Referencing resume samples from others in the digital marketing industry helps you understand what important details to include.

  • Make it brief and easy to read. When writing your resume, try to keep it clear and concise to ensure that an employer reviews all the information.

Digital marketing resume template

Reference this template to create your own resume to apply for a job as a digital marketer:

[Phone number]
[Website or digital portfolio]


[Job title]
[Duration of job]
[Company name]

  • [Primary duty]

  • [Primary duty]

[Job title]
[Duration of job]
[Company name]

  • [Primary duty]

  • [Primary duty]

[Job title]
[Duration of job]
[Company name]

  • [Primary duty]

  • [Primary duty]

  • [Primary duty]


[Degree name]
[Graduation year (if applicable)]

[Degree name]
[Graduation year (if applicable)]


  • [Relevant skill]

  • [Relevant skill]

  • [Relevant skill]

Certifications and additional credentials

  • [Certification]

  • [Certification]

Digital marketer resume example

Here's an example of a resume for a digital marketer role:

Whitney Johnson
+1 011 937-3298
Ottawa, Ontario


Marketing Campaign Manager
January 2020-Present
New Image, Inc.

  • Manage a team of 15 marketers to create actionable, successful campaigns with a 98% client satisfaction rating

  • Analyze data results from previous campaigns to inform current projects

  • Organize and direct projects from start to finish using project management and problem-solving skills

Digital Marketing Associate
November 2018-January 2020
Marketing Hub International

  • Designed websites using code to meet client specifications with an 85% increase in satisfaction

  • Used SEO knowledge to design innovative digital campaigns with a team of five

  • Created 5-10 graphics for each client campaign to meet their requests successfully


Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design
Green Valley State


  • Graphic design

  • Website creation

  • Data analytics

  • SEO

Additional credentials

  • Member of the National Marketing Association

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