How to Write a Delivery Driver Resume (With Template and Example)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Updated November 14, 2022 | Published September 29, 2021

Updated November 14, 2022

Published September 29, 2021

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If you're a delivery driver or are interested in applying for a position as one, knowing how to write a resume to highlight your skills and experience is the first step in the application process. Understanding how to write a resume for a delivery driver position can help you create a memorable and impactful application. In this article, we discuss how to write a delivery driver resume and provide a template and example to help you get the position you want.

What is a delivery driver?

A delivery driver picks up, transports, and delivers packages and goods from business to business or business to customer. Also known as a courier driver or route delivery driver, this position focuses on working in a specific area or region, usually offering the driver the opportunity to complete short-haul trips. Depending on the company and goods transported, a delivery driver can operate various vehicles, such as bicycles, motorbikes, cars, trucks, and cube vans. Delivery drivers can work part-time hours, such as food delivery drivers for a local restaurant, or full-time running parts and supplies for an industrial company.

What is a delivery driver resume?

A delivery driver resume is a document that highlights an individual's qualifications and skills that allow them to perform the job's duties. In addition, it provides clear examples of previous work experience as a delivery driver, along with any necessary certifications, such as a particular class of driver's license or air brake endorsement. A well-written resume allows an individual to apply for delivery driver positions and provides the company with the essential information about the individual's ability to excel in the role.

How to write a delivery driver resume

When writing a resume to apply for delivery driver positions, there are five key areas to include. These are your contact information, the introduction or summary, skills, work experience, education, training, and certifications relevant to the job. Consider these five steps when creating your own delivery driver resume:

1. Create your contact header section

The very first section of your resume should always be your contact information. At the top of the page, you want to include all crucial information for a company to contact you, including your name, phone number, and email address. You also typically provide your city, and can add your website or professional profile. If you decide to include a website or profile, ensure that you keep it current so that hiring managers who visit it can see the most up-to-date information about you.

2. Create your introduction or summary section

The next section of your resume is your introduction or summary section. In this area, you summarize your qualifications, skills, and characteristics in two or three well-written sentences. The summary includes who you are and why the company would benefit from hiring you for their delivery driver position. Use adjectives to describe your professional qualities and provide examples of your achievements with quantitative results when possible. For example, use this section to tell potential employers you had a 98% customer satisfaction rating in your previous delivery driving position over six months.

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3. Create your skills section

Now that you've introduced yourself and given the reader some information about who you are and your characteristics, it's time to move into specific skills. The skills section is where you highlight all relevant skills related to the position for which you're applying. If you need inspiration, you can refer to the job posting and reference the keywords used in the description. For example, if the job posting states the company is seeking someone with GPS experience, you can include your navigation skills in this section.

Use the skills section to outline both your hard and soft skills that benefit the position. A hard skill is a technical ability or knowledge that allows you to perform a specific task. For example, hard skills for a delivery driver can include using GPS, city navigation, or doing general maintenance on a company delivery vehicle. The other type of skills are soft skills. These are character traits or abilities that develop over time with experience and are also transferrable from job to job and industry to industry. For example, soft skills include customer service, communication, and being a team player.

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4. Create your work experience section

The next section of your delivery driver resume is a list of your work history or experience. Typically, you want to provide your work experience for the past five years, focusing on relevant history. If you have no prior experience as a delivery driver, you can include other positions, but stay focused on work experience similar to driving jobs. Within each previous job, provide the company's name, dates of employment, position, and responsibilities and accomplishments within the role. Start by listing your most current work and then further back, in reverse chronological order.

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5. Create your education, training, and certifications section

The last section of your resume outlines your education, training, and certifications related to the position of a delivery driver. This is where you highlight your highest level of education achieved. If you have completed or are working on a postsecondary program, there's no need to list having completed a high school diploma. If you only have a high school diploma or GED, list this instead.

You also want to include any driving-related training and certifications, such as a specific class of driver's license, air brake endorsement, or defensive driving certificate. Depending on the job posting, you can also include any other relevant training you have, such as first aid and CPR or a forklift operator's license.

Delivery driver resume template

Templates can help you create an individualized version of your resume. Gather your information and have the job description for which you're applying in front of you when writing your resume. Here's a template to get you started, beginning with your contact information at the top of the page:

[Full name]
[City and province]
[Phone number]
[Email address]
[Website or professional profile link]
[Include two to three sentences that describe who you are, the skills and qualifications you have, and why a company wants to hire you.]

  • [Sentence to describe your hard or soft skills with adjectives and specific examples of your skill in action]

  • [Sentence to describe your hard or soft skills with adjectives and specific examples of your skill in action]

  • [Sentence to describe your hard or soft skills with adjectives and specific examples of your skill in action]

Work Experience
[Job title], [Company name], [City, province]
[Start date and end date or present if still employed]

  • [Job duty or responsibility, achievement, or contribution to the company or position]

  • [Job duty or responsibility, achievement, or contribution to the company or position]

  • [Job duty or responsibility, achievement, or contribution to the company or position]

Education and certifications [Diploma, degree, program, or certification], [name of institution], [years attended], [city, province]

Delivery driver resume example

Below is an example of a delivery driver resume using the template from above:

Jennifer Jones
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Dependable and professional delivery driver with a five-star customer rating for three consecutive years. No accident history for five years with the ability to perform punctual and high-quality delivery services within Winnipeg and the surrounding area. Valid Class 1 license with current security clearance and bondable criminal record check for sensitive freight.


  • Confident to work independently for long periods while providing regular communication to the office staff for updates and delivery status.

  • Clean, valid Class 1 driver's license with over five years of experience driving various delivery vehicles, including pickup trucks, cube vans, 5-ton trucks, and tractor-trailers.

  • A firm commitment to customer service, punctuality, and quality deliveries focuses on an accident and damage-free experience for the customer.

  • Proficient with GPS navigation, driver logs, and general preventative maintenance of delivery vehicles.

Work Experience
Delivery driver, A&B Steel Parts, Winnipeg, Manitoba
January 2015 - present

  • Delivery of steel and steel parts to Winnipeg and area businesses using half-ton truck and flatbed deck.

  • Received five-star rating from customers for three consecutive years for punctuality, friendliness, and quality service.

  • Follow all safety procedures and traffic laws for a zero-accident driving record.

Education and certifications
High school diploma, Van Brabant Composite High School, 1998, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Class 1 driver's license, 2016, Winnipeg, Manitoba

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