What Is a Customer Service Resume Summary? (With Examples)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published November 5, 2021

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When applying for customer service jobs, candidates may want to write a customer service resume summary. These resume summaries provide hiring managers with an overview of a candidate's skills and experience. By knowing how to write a strong resume summary for customer service careers, you can improve your chances of being hired. In this article, we define customer service resume summaries, explore the benefits of including one, provide you with a guide on how to write an effective resume summary, and provide templates and examples that you can customize to your unique skills and qualifications.

What is a customer service resume summary?

Customer service resume summaries refer to objectives included at the beginning of resumes. These are brief statements that describe your amount of experience, educational background, and skills. Your resume summary also includes your intentions for the job position. A resume summary for the customer service sector demonstrates your strongest skills and experience. You may want to include a resume summary if you have a strong professional background in your field, or if you have accomplishments that can make your resume more impactful.

Resume summaries differ from resume objectives because they highlight important experiences and skills you acquired through previous jobs. Resume objectives provide information about your career goals to determine whether your goals align with their company. You may find summaries beneficial if you have extensive work experience, while resume objectives are best if you have limited work experience.

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Benefits of a resume summary for customer service jobs

Here are some benefits associated with using resume summaries in customer service:

Establishes goals quickly

Your resume summary ensures you establish goals quickly and that hiring managers quickly decide whether you're a strong candidate for the position. Your resume summary requires your skills and experiences to be easily accessible. Strong summaries increase your chances of being hired because employers know immediately whether they're interested in hiring you.

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Highlights skills

Resume summaries provide you with the opportunity to discuss your skills and how you intend to use them in the desired job position. If your resume describes extensive experience, you might focus on highlighting your most notable achievements during this time, and discuss leadership positions you've held. In functional resumes, where you focus primarily on your skills and the ability to transfer them to new positions, you can use your resume summary to discuss your career goals.

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Tells a story

Your resume summary typically provides the hiring manager with the progression of your career. When possible, discuss how you began your career, how much experience you have, and where you plan to take your career. Your resume summary also describes your skills and previous experience, so you can use this section to tell a story about your achievements and what you can apply to the new role.

How to write a resume summary for customer service

Here's a guide to help you write a resume summary for customer service jobs:

1. Consider recent experiences

When writing a resume summary, you may want to consider how your experience impacts your desired job position. Your experience can include your certifications, soft skills, technical or hard skills, awards, and various other achievements. The experience you include in your resume summary is specific to the job position and requires reflection regarding its overall relevance.

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2. Review the job description

Another important component of writing effective resume summaries is ensuring that they coincide with the original job posting or job description and that you have some overlap with these requirements. For example, job descriptions that require strong customer service experience may overlap with previous sales positions, along with jobs in call centres. You may want to note any requirements listed in the job descriptions to ensure you can describe how you meet those requirements in the summary.

3. Develop a summary that shows your skills

Finally, you may find it beneficial to write a list of skills and achievements so you can figure out which are best to include before writing your resume summary. This allows you to develop an overview of your skills and provides you with a foundation for your resume summary. You may want to remove any instances of passive voice and replace those instances with active voice. For example, you can write, Looking for customer service position in the retail industry.

Resume summary examples in customer service

Here are some examples of resume summaries and phrases you can use when writing a resume for the customer service field:

  • Efficient customer service representative with five years of experience in a leadership position.

  • Punctual customer service representative with strong interpersonal and communication skills that help develop strong professional relationships.

  • Customer-oriented customer service representative who has experience with various software and common processes.

  • Qualified customer service representative with 10+ years of experience in the field. Experience assisting customers by creating positive experiences from complex situations.

  • People-oriented customer service professional with strong multitasking and prioritization skills. Seeking a position with the Montreal Neurological Company as a customer services representative.

  • Customer service professional with extensive communication skills and ability to adapt to various environments. Coming with strong knowledge of the culinary industry and consumer needs.

  • Experienced customer-oriented professional with significant crisis intervention experience and ability to de-escalate unhappy customers.

  • Jobseeker with excellent communication skills and ability to develop strong relationships with clients and customers. Brings a positive attitude and has a positive impact on company culture.

  • Detail-oriented customer service representative with a strong work ethic and knowledge of various communication systems. Proven ability to use innovative communication platforms to improve workplace performance.

  • Self-motivated customer service representative with proven ability to increase sales and improve engagement. Has experience with relationship building, conflict resolution, and professional service.

  • Driven customer service representative with extensive initiative and ability to recommend new systems and processes, which help to increase productivity.

Customer service resume template

Here is an example of a customer service template:

Here is a template for a customer service resume:

[First name, last name]
[City, province]
[Phone number]
[Email address]

Resume summary

[Describes your experience, skills, academic background, and achievements in two or three sentences.]

Professional experience

[Previous job position]
[Previous employer], [City, province], [Employment dates]

  • [Responsibility]

  • [Responsibility]

  • [Responsibility]

[Previous job position]
[Previous employer], [City, province], [Employment dates]

  • [Responsibility]

  • [Responsibility]

  • [Responsibility]


[Your program name or qualification]
[Institution name], [Graduation date]


  • [Relevant skill]

  • [Relevant skill]

  • [Relevant skill]

Customer service resume examples

Customer service resume examples provide you with additional perspective and demonstrate how you can use resume summaries effectively. Here are some resume examples that you can customize for particular job positions:

Chronological resume example

Here's an example of a chronological resume:

Hannah Adams
Toronto, Ontario

Resume summary

Energetic customer service representative with 7 years of experience in community outreach and in implementing customer service policies to accommodate at-risk communities and employees.

Professional experience

Customer service manager

Toronto Institute of Customer Service, Toronto, Ontario, August 2015—July 2021

  • Upheld company policies in all interactions to ensure customers received fair treatment.

  • Attended regular conferences and faculty meetings to remain updated with current policies.

  • Implemented programs to improve communication across all internal departments.

Customer service representative

The Montreal Institute for Communications, Montreal, Quebec, June 2013—July 2015

  • Reviewed customer service policies to ensure they upheld company values and prevented discrimination.

  • Provided customers with excellent customer service experiences.

  • Offered colleagues crisis intervention training to ensure all employees understood how to de-escalate complex situations.


Bachelor of Arts in Management
Montreal School of Communications
Graduation date: June 2013
GPA: 4.0


  • Bilingual (English, French)

  • Ability to identify target demographics

  • Knowledge of customer relationship management (CRM) software

Functional resume example

Here is a functional resume example:

Bill Bryans
Montreal, Quebec

Resume summary

Looking for a position as a customer service representative with National Bureau Industries. Reliable customer service representative with 10+ years of experience developing strong relationships with customers by using communication and interpersonal skills.

Relevant skills

Communication skills

  • Developed strong relationships with customers through telephone and email.

  • Implemented various communication platforms to ensure all departments communicated efficiently.

  • Collaborated with professionals from all departments to streamline processes.

Reporting skills

  • Developed reports that include consumer data to demonstrate the productivity and efficiency within the customer service department.

  • Managed reports for customer service interactions and kept notes for future use.

  • Wrote reports about employee satisfaction following customer service interventions, which were then presented to upper management.

Research skills

  • Conducted research about the best customer service processes.

  • Researched consumer profiles to develop intervention strategies

  • Researched the best ways to improve customer experience and wellness.

Work history

  • Customer service representative, The Montreal Fine Prints Institute, March 2018—September 2021

  • Sales associate, Dollar Bean Store, January 2017—March 2018

  • Customer service representative, Montreal consumer company, June 2015—January 2017

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