How to Write a Cover Letter for a Linux System Administrator

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Published November 28, 2022

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A Linux system administrator manages the functionality of Linux operating systems to maximize their performance. If you're applying to become one, you may need a professional cover letter to demonstrate your expertise to potential employers. Learning how to write a compelling Linux system administrator cover letter can help you get your desired job. In this article, we explain a cover letter for a Linux system administrator, describe how to write one, offer valuable tips, and provide a cover letter template and example.

What is a cover letter for a Linux system administrator?

A cover letter for a Linux system administrator is an application document describing your competencies, experience, and qualifications in detail. While your resume concisely highlights your skills, this cover letter can elaborate on your experience configuring Linux servers and systems. Because security is essential to a Linux system administration's role, hiring managers often want candidates who can maintain high-security levels when approving the installation of new software and enhancement features.

Aside from installing new systems, your responsibilities include updating systems after reboots or crashes, conducting root analyses, and reading error logs. You may also process user complaints, conduct maintenance checks and system backups, and train other administrators to use the system. An effective Linux system administrator cover letter showcases your ability to perform the above duties efficiently and improve the organization's operational efficiency.

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How to write a Linux system administrator cover letter

You can follow these steps to draft an effective cover letter for a Linux system administrator role:

1. Include your contact information

Create a header to include your contact details on your cover letter. A header is usually at the top of the letter and contains your full name, professional e-mail address, phone number, city, and province or territory. Ensure you provide accurate information in this section to allow hiring managers to contact you if they have further clarifications or intend to schedule an interview.

You can also add the date you're applying to assure the hiring manager your application is recent and valid. Below the date, mention the company name and location to confirm you're sending your application to the right organization.

2. Greet the recipient

You can use a professional greeting to address the recipient of the letter. In many cases, the recipient is the hiring manager who reviews the candidates applying to the company. Address them with a professional greeting, such as Dear, followed by their full name. Consider browsing the company website to get information on the hiring manager's name. If you can't find their full name, you can greet them with only their last name.

For example, Dear Ms. Stone or Dear Mr. Brown are standard greetings for a cover letter. If you can't find any information on who to address on your cover letter, consider using a generic greeting like Dear Hiring Manager.

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3. Write your opening paragraph

Next, introduce yourself by stating the Linux system administrator role you're applying for and the company's name. You can start your introduction paragraph by explaining your notable qualifications and strengths. This may be your years of experience or Linux certifications that can demonstrate your abilities. Consider making this paragraph captivating, as it can determine whether the hiring manager reviews the rest of your application. Explain why makes you an excellent candidate and how you can be a valuable addition to the organization's technical team.

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4. Explain your qualifications and experience

Your next paragraph can comprehensively explain your skills, credentials, and expertise in using Linux operating systems. Because there are different Linux systems for different industries, consider streamlining the experience you mention to those relevant to the hiring organization. You can also discuss your experience with network security and firewalls, data recovery, command lines, file system hierarchy, and Linux file systems.

Because Linux administrators often work with software developers and network engineers, hiring managers may want to see that you have the relevant soft skills required to excel in this role. Communication, organization, and teamwork skills can demonstrate your ability to collaborate effectively with these professionals.

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5. Include a call to action

After describing your relevant skills and qualifications, you can include a call to action (CTA) to encourage hiring managers to continue the hiring process with you. You can also reiterate your interest in the role and discuss how you can add to the organization. Examples of CTAs you can use in your cover letter include:

  • I look forward to hearing from you soon.

  • Please contact me if you have any questions regarding my application.

  • I hope to discuss my background and accomplishments further with you in an interview at your earliest convenience.

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6. End the letter

When concluding your cover letter, thank the hiring manager for considering your application. You may also invite them for a follow-up meeting to discuss your qualifications further. To end the letter, you can include a complimentary close, such as Sincerely, Respectfully, or Regards, accompanied by your full name.

7. Proofread your cover letter

You can proofread your letter multiple times after writing it to check for possible capitalization, spelling, or typographical errors. You may also check to ensure it contains all details that can enhance your application and make you a competitive candidate for the Linux system administrator role. Make all the necessary adjustments to ensure you're submitting an effective and error-free application document to increase your chances of success.

Consider asking a trusted colleague or mentor skilled in Linux operating procedures to review your resume and offer constructive feedback. You can incorporate their feedback on potential areas for improvement to draft a more comprehensive and efficient Linux system administrator cover letter.

Tips for creating a Linux system administrator cover letter

You can adopt these tips to create a compelling Linux system administrator cover letter:

  • Highlight your attention to detail. Because Linux requires specific coding and instructions, attention to detail is essential. Highlight this skill on your cover letter to showcase your ability to avoid errors and operate systems effectively.

  • Emphasize your problem-solving abilities. Linux administrators troubleshoot and report bugs to maintain the operating system's integrity. Emphasizing your problem-solving skills can increase the hiring manager's confidence in considering you for the role.

  • Customize the cover letter. Consider researching the company's goals and vision and the specific experience and skills they seek in a Linux system administrator. This can help you tailor your cover letter content to suit the company's needs and present yourself as an effective candidate.

  • Showcase your passion for technology. Successful Linux system administrators are usually passionate about technology. You can show this passion in your cover letter by discussing your experience using different technologies, attending technology seminars, or partaking in online discussions and forums.

Cover letter template for a Linux system administrator

Here's a cover letter template for a Linux system administrator you can review to draft yours:

[First name] [Last name], [Degree or certification if applicable]
[Phone number] | [E-mail address] | [City], [Province or territory]


[Company name]

Dear hiring manager,

[Express excitement for the position, including the role title and the company name]. [Introduce yourself by explaining why you're applying for the job and how the job aligns with your career goals, and what specifically draws you to the company].

[Explain your relevant experience and qualifications without repeating what's in your resume]. [Highlight one to two relevant achievements with facts and data when possible]. [Explain why you'd be a good fit for the company]. [Optional - address employment gap or career transition].

[Express gratitude]. [Summarize qualification]. [Restate interest in the role]. [Call to action + availability and preferred contact method].

[Complimentary close],


Example of a Linux system administrator cover letter

Here's an example of a Linux system administrator cover letter you can use as an inspiration when writing yours:

John Park

123-456-7890 | | Toronto, Ontario

September 27, 2022

Crimson Tech

Dear Michael Joe,

I'm excited to apply for the open Linux System Administrator role at Crimson Tech. With over six years of experience supporting and managing Linux systems in various industries, I'm confident I can be a valuable addition to this organization.

In my previous role at Hously Company, I gained extensive experience in system configuration, security, and network administration. I'm also proficient in using various command-line tools and scripting languages. As the company's Linux administrator, I installed new systems, configured and optimized systems for performance, troubleshot issues, and developed and implemented procedures and policies. I also collaborated frequently with network administrators to ensure the proper integration of systems into the overall network infrastructure. With my attention to detail and problem-solving abilities, I can effectively manage multiple tasks simultaneously while maintaining high levels of quality and accuracy.

Thank you for the time taken to read the letter and for considering me for this role. With my proven record of success, I'm confident I have the skills and expertise to exceed your expectations if hired. I look forward to an opportunity to discuss my qualifications in more detail and learn more about Crimson Tech.

Best regards

John Park

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