How to Write a Community Development Officer Resume

Updated August 21, 2023

Becoming a community development officer can be a very rewarding job that can lead to a significant amount of job satisfaction. The position focuses on helping improve the lives of others by helping people who are enduring hard times. Understanding how to create a resume for this role can increase your chances of getting the position. In this article, we examine how to write a community development officer resume, offer some tips for crafting your resume, and show you a template and example of a well-formatted resume.

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How to write a community development officer resume

Below are the steps to follow when writing a community development officer resume:

1. List your contact information

At the beginning of your resume, it can be helpful to list your important contact information. This makes it easy to identify who the resume belongs to and ensures the employer can find your information if they want to call you for an interview. Some of the contact information that you can include are your name, the city and province you live in, your phone number, and your e-mail address. These vital pieces of information can help to improve your chances of getting a call back by making your information more accessible.

2. Create a professional summary

A professional summary is one to two sentences that quickly outline your best qualification and your passion for the job. This statement can help to set the tone of your resume and allows for a potential employer to identify if you may fit in with their company and if your resume may interest them further.

An example of a summary might be I'm a person who is passionate about helping their community with extensive volunteer experience and employment at various community services. This statement highlights that you love working with your community and that you have the necessary skills and experience through volunteer work and paid work.

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3. List your employment history

Your employment history can be one of the most important aspects of your resume. Many employers want the people they hire to have had a certain amount of experience within their field, or a related one. The employment history can show what experience you have, and what skills you may have developed from those jobs.

When discussing your previous employment, you may want to list your job title, your start date and end date, the company you worked for, and a short list of your duties. This information can help to provide a short, yet comprehensive, look at your experience and abilities.

4. Include educational history

Many community development officer positions may require you to have a certain level of education. On your resume, it's essential that you include a section that highlights your formal education. When listing your education, you may want to include the degree or diploma you received, where you attended school, and the year that you graduated. This helps provide an employer with the basic information that they require to know to decide if you have the correct educational background for the position.

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5. List any other qualifications or special skills

If you have any more certifications or special skills, then it's important that you list these in a separate section of your resume. These skills or certifications can help to make you a more competitive candidate when in competition for a position. It's important to only include skills that are relevant to being a community service officer. If you are qualified to sell insurance, that can be helpful, but may not be relevant to this particular job. By including only relevant qualifications, you can help to make your resume more tailored to a specific job.

Tips for writing your resume

Listed below are a few tips that can help guide you while creating your resume:

Read the job description

When applying to a position, make sure to read through the job description complete. The job description contains a considerable amount of information that can help you to create a more specific and tailored resume for the job. Making your resume specific and relevant can be crucial, so exploring the job description can help you discover what skills they may value, or which of your experiences are more important than others. If the job description specifically mentions having volunteer work, then it's essential that you highlight that on a resume.

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Keep it simple

Many employers receive an overwhelming amount of resumes and applications for a job. It can be difficult for them to give each resume a significant amount of time. This makes it important that you keep your resume simple and short. When your resume is short and simple, it can make it more likely that the employer can absorb all the important information, even if they only can spend a short time with your resume.

Try to use bullet points when possible and avoid overexplaining your job duties or additional qualifications. It's essential that you highlight the crucial information without overloading the resume with details.

Be honest

When trying to get a job, one of the most crucial things you can do is to be honest. When adding qualifications or experiences to your resume, make sure that you're always honest about what you did and the scope of your duties. Many employers may call past employers for references, but if your resume is honest, then using a past employer as a reference can benefit your application process.

Many employers want ethical employers, and that starts from the moment you submit your resume. Making sure you are honest and ethical can help to make you a better candidate for the position.

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Proofread your resume

A resume is one of the ways that you can make a first impression on a potential employer. Some employers can gain a lot of insight from a person's resume, which can greatly influence their decisions. Because of this, it's crucial that you carefully proofread your resume before you submit it to an employer.

Proofreading can help to ensure that the resume is concise, well-formatted, and free of any errors. It also provides you with an opportunity to make sure that you are happy with the content of the resume and that you believe that it's specific and relevant to the job.

Template of a resume

Below is a template you can use to help make your own resume:

[City, Province or territory]
[Phone number]

Professional summary

[One to two sentences highlighting your passion for the position and what your best qualification is.]

Work experience

[Job title] [Start date-end date]

[Company name] [location]


  • [Duty while working]

  • [Duty while working]

  • [Duty while working]

Education history

[Name of degree or diploma]
[Name of college or university] [year of graduation]

Certifications and skills

  • [Relevant skill]

  • [Certification name] [date of certification]

  • [Relevant skill]

  • [Certification name] [date of certification]

Example of a community development officer resume

Below is an example of a community development officer resume that you can use to guide you:

Tom Jones
Ottawa, Ontario

Professional summary

I'm a person who is passionate about helping their community with extensive volunteer experience and employment at various community services.

Work experience

Child protection worker, May 2018-Current
Children's Aid Society of Ottawa, Ottawa, Ontario

  • Support families caring for children

  • Asses risks to children in family settings

  • Investigating claims of child endangerment

  • Facilitating family counselling and other parenting-related courses

Community safety worker, Oct 2016-May 2018
Ottawa Community Housing, Ottawa, Ontario

  • Patrolling areas to maintain safety for residents

  • Conducting physical hazard inspections

  • Assisting residents with room access

  • Respond to emergency situations to assist residents

Education history

Bachelor of early learning and community development
West Ottawa College, 2016

Qualifications and skills

  • Volunteering with the Ottawa Food Bank from June 2015-current

  • Compassionate for people in need

  • First aid certification, May 2015

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