How to Write a Cleaner Cover Letter (With Tips and Examples)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published June 17, 2022

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For many employers, a cover letter may be the first document they see that introduces them to a potential employee. It's essential that your cover letter be compelling and well-written. Knowing how to write a cover letter for a cleaner position can make it more likely that you may move forward in the hiring process. In this article, we show you how to write a cleaner cover letter, offer some additional tips on writing cover letters, and provide you with an example of an effective cover letter.

How to write a cleaner cover letter

Listed below are steps you can follow to write a cleaner cover letter:

1. List your personal information

Having your personal information at the top of your cover letter is important for many reasons. It allows the hiring team to see whose cover letter they're reading without having to read the letter, and how they can further contact them. You can include personal information like your name, the city and province you live in, your phone number, and your e-mail address. This core info provides the potential employer with multiple ways to contact you and an approximate location in relation to their office.

2. Address the letter to a specific individual

When crafting your cover letter, it can be useful to try to address the letter to a specific individual at the company. This can be a hiring manager or the head of HR. Including this address can make your cover letter more personal and direct. To find out this information, you can do research on the company website or check the job posting.

If you can't find a name to include, you may address your letter to a specific department. When you're putting their name on your cover letter, you can also include their job title, the company name, and the company's address.

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3. Tell them who you are and why you deserve the job

In the opening of your letter, it's important to let your potential employer know why you deserve the job. This can include highlighting your best qualifications, your previous jobs, or any additional certificates. While you want to avoid sounding like you're bragging, it's essential that you put the full extent of your skills on display.

For example, you can open your cover letter by stating, My name is Ruth Jenkins and I am an experienced cleaner with a reputation for being detail-oriented and efficient with my cleaning. This is a strong opening sentence that introduces yourself and displays some of your best qualities.

4. Expand on your qualifications

After touching on your qualifications in the opening, it's important to expand upon them in the body of the letter. For example, if you mention in the opening that you're detail-oriented, you can give some context to that statement by talking about a previous job where you went above and beyond with the cleaning requirements. You can also explain what small details you clean that others may not. Expanding upon your experience and qualifications can help to elevate your cover letter and make you a more competitive applicant.

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5. Show interest in their company

Toward the end of your letter, you can express interest in the company. This can include talking about their mission statement or values. This shows that you're already invested in the company and looking to learn more about them and their beliefs as a business. Many businesses want to hire candidates who are interested in working with them because they believe in the company. Expressing that you took an interest in the company can help to increase your chances of being hired.

6. Promote further engagement

At the end of the cover letter, you can encourage the hiring team to engage with you further. Whether through an e-mail or phone call, any engagement with the hiring team can be a positive experience. You may use simple phrases that encourage them to reach out to you. For example, you can say to call or e-mail you if they have any further questions. This may provide you with additional opportunities to display your skills and improve your chances of getting the job.

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Tips for writing a cover letter

Below is a list of tips that can help you create a better cover letter:

Research the company

Knowing about the company you're applying to can be very helpful. Spend some time researching the company. Find out about their values, their mission statement, and more about what they do. This can help you determine if you can fit in at the company and it can provide you with some keywords and phrases that you can incorporate into your cover letter.

The more you know about the company, the easier it may be to make your cover letter stand out. If you know some of the buzzwords that a hiring manager may want to see, it can help to make your cover letter more unique.

Read the job description

The job description can offer you a significant amount of information. It can give you a better understanding of what a business might look for in a cleaner and what duties you can expect to perform. Reading the job description can help you narrow your focus and engage the hiring team on topics they're interested in. For example, if the job description for a cleaning position says they want someone who is task-oriented and focused on customer satisfaction, you can write your cover letter with those two skills in mind, allowing you to craft a more focused application.

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Market your skills

The purpose of a cover letter is to make a strong first impression and highlight some of your best skills. It's important to market your skills throughout your cover letter. This shows that you're trying to convince a company why your skill set makes you an exceptionally qualified candidate. While there are many chances to do this in the hiring process, the cover letter is the first opportunity. It's important to remain humble in your presentation of yourself while still communicating all your most impressive skills to the hiring team.

Focus on qualifications that relate to being a cleaner

A cover letter works best when it has a specific focus. In this instance, the focus is to demonstrate why you may make a valuable addition to a company as a cleaner. This means that you may want to ensure that all the qualifications you highlight in your letter are specific to being a cleaner.

For example, talking about how you find satisfaction in cleaning and maintain an organized space is more relevant to the topic than mentioning that you previously worked as a cashier. While there may be some valuable skills you learned as a cashier, your passion for organization and cleaning is more important.

Example of a cleaner cover letter

The example below can help guide you when crafting your own cleaner cover letter:

Tom Jenkins
Ottawa, Ontario

Patti McFarland
HR Manager
Cavanagh Spotless Cleaners
37 Huron Street
Ottawa, Ontario, K2J 1X6

Dear Patti McFarland,

My name is Tom Jenkins and I am looking to join your wonderful team at Cavanagh Cleaners as a full-time cleaner. I have several years of experience cleaning in a professional environment, including cleaning private residences and commercial spaces. I truly have a passion for seeing a space organized and well-maintained. I believe this passion shines through in my work and I may be a real asset to your cleaning team.

Cleaning is more than just vacuuming and mopping. It's about helping people to organize and de-clutter their space so that they can be more comfortable. In my previous jobs, I worked tirelessly to meet clients' expectations. I am very detail-oriented, which is essential to making sure that I gave each space proper care. Before cleaning an area for the first time, I spoke to the client about their expectations to make sure that they are getting what they want from the cleaning service. I believe this added level of customer care can really help to maintain clients.

"A clean space leads to a happier life" is the mission statement of Cavanagh Cleaners. This is a statement I subscribe to both personally and professionally. I believe that I can make a great addition to your staff and that I can fit in perfectly with your corporate culture. I look forward to hearing more from you and discussing this opportunity further.

Tom Jenkins

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